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  1. Totally agree. That could become a new classic climb of the Tour. Dramatic, steep, and beautiful. I loved those false flats where they could recover a bit before the road pitched up again. About Kuss, hopefully someone will ask him about that. I’m sure he’ll be diplomatic and defer to the strength of Lopez, though. What a great stage.
  2. Probably so, but tomorrow is no joke. Three Cat 1s and and HC. They’re gonna feel that after the steepness of the Loze today.
  3. I wasn’t quite sure because they showed him yesterday on the way up the Cote de Revel riding alongside the team car, and he was laughing and shooting the shit with them, even smiled at camera on the moto. He’s young, we’ll see him again. I really hope Pogacar attacks in earnest today. I’m itching to see the two Slovenians in an all out fight to see who cracks. Roglic obviously has the stronger team, but I’m starting to get the feeling that Pogacar might be able to gap or even drop Roglic in a sustained attack with some distance of at least a km.
  4. On the NBC feed they were speculating that Bernal May have intentionally lost time today. Ineos knows they are out of the GC race and now need to at least salvage stage wins. With Bernal close to 20 minutes out of the GC, the peloton may allow him to go out in breakaway to try for a stage win. That’s possible. It’s also possible that he’s just cooked.
  5. I saw a lot of great shows at Laff Stop/Cap City, but it’s not a great venue or particularly vibrant scene. Still hated to hear about another Austin institution closing. The thing about Rogan’s move to Austin that interests me is the potential impact to local live comedy. I’ve heard enough of his and other LA comics podcasts to know that a major factor in keeping him and some others in LA was the turnaround of the scene around The Comedy Store. A lot of notable people have expressed that Rogan was a big part of what that scene is these days. I don’t think someone who loves doing stand up and enjoys the hang with other comics the way he seems to would move here without some confidence in being able to have or grow a comedy scene that will attract good comics and become a base for up and coming comedians. Or it could be a big bust, who knows. It will be interesting to see if others follow and what moves get made to expand live comedy in Austin.
  6. When Porte was riding 4th wheel behind the Jumbo boys, I kept waiting for him to jump. Tadej moves up to that spot and I thought maybe Richie was cracking and then he did go. Would have loved to see him get a win there. His crashes are nightmare fuel. It’s awesome to have something resembling a real GC fight going into the last week.
  7. van Aert is an absolute beast. Fascinating to watch him destroy like a terminator.
  8. Yeah, I had a lot of moments like that in different countries over there where what I heard growing up didn’t match the experience I had.
  9. Holy shit, Bernal. The struggle is real. Let’s see what Pogacar does...
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