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  1. You are a fucking prince and you can’t get legit pussy? I see why they are booting him out.
  2. Not that there is anything wrong with that
  3. What he said is technically not bullshit. There is a chance to get and spread in both cases, however it is like playing Russian roulette with a 100 round gun with 1 bullet loaded or 99. If I have to play l, I’ll take the 1 bullet version…
  4. If Mahomes retired after this year, he is in the HOF?
  5. Why? He would have been an awesome safety.
  6. Fastest dude I have ever seen on a field
  7. Andrelton Simmons was better than both.
  8. Allen seems like he doesn’t suck
  9. Both Diggs and Earl get injured right before new contract. Hmmm
  10. Jesus is already scheduled to fight Jake Paul on Easter Sunday. Should be wild.
  11. Fastbreak

    Fried Chicken

    i just told her above medium, but not making me cry crazy.
  12. herbert is 40 yards away from 5k on the season
  13. in bounds catch. game over
  14. i thought he repented at trial. Can the judge give him a harsher sentence for continuing this bullshit?
  15. Fastbreak

    Fried Chicken

    This week I’ve had T22 and Gus’s. Both were solid and in the top 5 of FC I have ever had, but I preferred T22 for overall flavor. Notes: 1. I haven’t been back in Austin for the last 3 years 2. T22 was eat in, Gus’s was delivery.
  16. Fox has 5 years left on deal. One of the worst contracts in the league.
  17. The scales have changed. Current gen couldn’t handle real scores or grades.
  18. Wow. The ref needs to be fined and suspended.
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