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  1. 1. Let Kyrie walk 2. Trade KD to OKC for 6-7 picks (OKC has the cap to just take him) 3. Trade Simmons to Sac for Mitchell and a few picks. 4. Cap is cleared. Picks recovered. 5. Profit?
  2. Monday morning there should be a bill presented called something fuzzy like “save the children” or “every child matters” In the bill it should have: Free pre-natal care 6 weeks of paid time off for parents Free hospital costs for birth Free health care until 18 Free dental until 18 Expansion of foster care Streamlining of adoption services But the dems are too pussy to do shit, but sit and take it deep. Make them vote and explain why every child does not matter.
  3. These people need to read their history. This time about 90 years ago Ernst Rohm went to sleep, happy that his guy was in power. He and a lot of others never woke up again. It doesn’t really matter if Cruz, Coryn or Graham are Trump’s Rohm - history will be the same for them.
  4. My company gives us a hoodie every year to celebrate the anniversary of the studio. It’s pretty much all anyone wears to work. And this is Singapore where it is hot as fuck 24x7.
  5. Per 36 2021-22 Player A 18.3/5.4a/4.4r/.9s/1.8t - .549 eFG Player B 16.4/5.0a/4.2r/1s/1.8t - .501 eFG Player A is obviously slightly better. Player A also played with Luca and Player B is Kemba fucking Walker…
  6. You may not have noticed but voting has been restricted and gerrymandered to hell. It won’t make a shit how many people get out to vote. It’s all fucked
  7. Knicks GM tonight, “everyone get a good sleep tonight. We have a big day tomorrow when the NBA Draft starts…” “Ummm boss, the Draft was today.” “Fuck! I shouldn’t have drank that handle of JD for breakfast”
  8. But instead they will all be re-elected… America is fucked and I’m not even sure why…
  9. Hardy has a bad ass Johnny Cash outfit.
  10. Jovic is my new favorite from this class.
  11. Why would OKC do that unless they have a deal for 12 also?
  12. Ivey is the man. Detroit basketball will be back soon. If they get Ayton then it’s on…
  13. The Blazers basically gave up nothing. This is the Mavs trade for Wood. If the Pistons end up with Ayton, then they win. If they end up holding their dicks it’s a win for the Blazers.
  14. Do they really need him to win 35 games a year? I would pass, find a sucker team to give me some assets in a sign and trade.
  15. fun fact, the 13th amendment was passed in the house by a 119-56 vote, so not exactly a overwhelming majority. It also took 5 years to be ratified in Texas. But at least we aren't Mississippi, which ratified it in 1995 and certified it 9 years ago... but the US isn't racist...tell me that story again
  16. wasn't there someone on here with an HVAC company? I am in need also for some guidance for my condo in Austin.
  17. I like the PRS. It actually feels really good for my hand size/shape, but I prefer a real silver sky
  18. Dort + #12 for #4. Would Sac say no?
  19. Trading up with the Rockets to select him would be more Kings-like.
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