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  1. Godammit we fucking sucked.
  2. Some trying to rally late. AITX made a strong turnaround. XMET tried to sneak back above a dollar. TSNP might be stuck below $1 for a bit :(. I wouldn't mind a little pre-close bump from AMYZF.
  3. Yeah, it's now my biggest holding by $$ amount.
  4. Tripled down on AMYZF (cost basis up to 1.08). Fully out of PFMS, broke even on that one. Considering a double down on AITX (current cost basis .1788), but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I cannot tell where support is for FPVD. I'm in at a very good price, so it's all still in the green, but I wouldn't mind adding some more. Is this a dip, or a consolidation?
  5. Someone find me the number for the office of the US treasury, STAT.
  6. These seem like (forgive my use of the word here) relatively reasonable tradition positions? Does this indicate new support at these post-run-up levels? I wouldn't mind a few relatively calm days.
  7. I've got some hopefully-long positions in some pennies now, based on this thread/stonks thread. I'm going to probably ratchet back the stonking, and probably take a fair bit of profit in one of my other long positions soon (Q2 of this year my biggest position trips over into LT). BUT ... I just discovered that I've got a ROTH IRA with $6k in it from a million years ago. I thought I'd rolled it into general funds with my financial guy, but apparently we just left it in a ROTH vehicle. I'm considering seeing how far I can take that $6k, as an experiment - trying to confirm if I can day trade in
  8. TSNP showing really nice support. I'm fully onto free shares of SNVP. Thanks to RCR for the pre-100% gain notification last night. Anyone have the Amazon Wishlist link? I owe :).
  9. Right? And naturally, as I read RCRs post, my buy order filled. Now I have an open sell order ... hoping to catch a slight bounce at .012 so I don't hit wash sale rules if I try and buy back in.
  10. DAMMIT. SNVP just spent several minutes as low as .008, but my limit order at .011 didn't fill, even partially. I wonder if I've run afoul of some etrade procedural thing ...
  11. Tried to buy another grip of SNVP at .011. The price hit at least .0105, but my all-or-none order didn't process. Crazy day.
  12. SNVP volatility through the roof today. TSNP showing some serious support around $1.40, $1.45. Nice to see.
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