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  1. Please keep the bluebonnet stories coming. I have a serious soft spot for that place. Sometime around 2000, buddy and I signed up for one of their BBQ tournaments, a 2-man best ball (not a scramble) on a Sunday. We spent Saturday night drinking our weight in whatever we could get our hands on. It was winter, maybe January during our college break. We dragged our raggedy asses out of bed at 8 to make the 9am first pitch. We had four hard ciders that we put in the trunk where they'd stay cold. Shotgunned one each at the turn, and had one in the cart. He shot 73 on his own ball, and I contributed on two holes all day; a random birdie somewhere on the front, and an eagle 3 on 12 hitting 5i from the left fairway bunker to two feet. The other 16 holes I might as well have been in my pocket. Great fucking times. They ran that course the way I want a local muni to run. Keep the greens nice, grow a little grass on the range, and keep the pace of play up. Do that, and you'll never want for play.
  2. You say this with such authority, that I want to believe you. Casita Jorge's was religion in my family growing up. Dad would play softball on Fridays at Pleasant Valley Sportsplex, and we'd go eat Jorge's after the early games and before the late games. I can still walk thru that place in my head, with the "smoking section" in the back, and the four-game arcade in front on your left as you entered. Even driving by the building these days kicks up the nostalgia dust into my eyes.
  3. Kids and I headed to Choke Canyon third week in July - renting a 25' rig to get us away for a few days. Fishing, hiking, fires, and late bedtimes. Wife is staying home (work) but the in laws are joining us. Whole family is going to Red River in August to get out of the heat. Renting about a 34' rig (and borrowing a buddy's F-250 to pull it), really looking forward to small mountain town stuff.
  4. Go get one of the Napas ... go old school.
  5. Love the idea of playing w/o a glove. Calluses and blisters will show you right quick if you're gripping too tight. I've gone back and forth my whole life on gloves, and still prefer to chip and pitch without one. Glad to see your grinding paying off ... keep it up!
  6. Last pic - moc? jagged pattern, and heavier brow ridge? (I;m trying to learn to ID).
  7. Massive +1 to this. I'm still comfortable buying from individuals and not just companies, but there's one golden rule - if the deal seems too good to be true, it is. That's it. Don't expect to "steal" something off of ebay, just pay fair market value for used clubs and you'll be fine. The goal on ebay is to let someone else handle the "new clubs" depreciation, and not you. Last years clubs at ~70ish pct of retail is what I normally shoot for.
  8. This is the shit I straight up rebel against. The guy at CC fit me into an iron shaft that was definitely better than the DGs I'm playing now, but it wasn't $90 per shaft, extra, better. Combine that with them recommending a house iron that they were clearly getting kickbacks on at ~$200/head, and it's loony tunes. I'm a recreational golfer, and a damn good one, and there's no value equation in the world where I need ~$1000 in SHAFTS ALONE, just for my irons, and topping $300 a club. If you aren't trying to win money playing this game, find a head and stock shaft combination that you like, and just go play. You aren't handicapping yourself because you don't have tour-issue KBS Tour 130s, or whatever. Spend that money on lessons. Get fit for driver and fairway woods, and then buy the damn shafts on eBay. PgaTour superstore can change the shaft adapters for you for ~$40. Oh, PUREing shafts is absolute bunk as well. Edit - this sounds a little more angry than I'd intended. I thoroughly enjoyed the fitting process. But I looked at it as making sure I wasn't missing some major technological leap, not trying to eke out 5 more yards on the 7i. What I learned is that the irons I had fit me really well, and I could get new irons with similar loft/lie specs on ebay for ~$750, which is what I did. The guy was super nice, and didn't pressure me to buy, but you have to know they're going to try and make it VERY easy for you to drop $2k with them before you leave your fitting. Just know that going in - they don't make much money fitting clubs for $250 / 3hours. They make money selling clubs, especially premium shafts; that's the motivation. FWIW, I have confirmation direct from a club engineer at a top-5 club mfr that the "Tour Issue" DGS400 shafts that I play aren't special. They literally roll Dynamic Gold steel shafts off the manufacturing line, and the heavier ones get slapped with the S400 shaft label. Because they're at the high end of the weight spectrum, they tend to cluster closer together in weight; thus, they're advertised as "tighter quality control." But that's a result of the physics, not some special mfg process. Other shafts are the same, I have to assume.
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