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  1. This shit better be 100% option one, or your complicit in the destruction of this country.
  2. I'm glad you said something about the quality of that article - great piece, especially the very end.
  3. I can indeed vouch that B00M is not a serial killer. At least, not that I know of. In public. MOST of the time.
  4. I know something you don't know ... I am not left-handed.
  5. Clarifying - this isn't a shot at Bookman or JS1. I know it reads like one. It's a shot at the morons in middle America who can't stand to see their hard-earned minimum wage minimal taxes go to help their fellow man "because the libs."
  6. This is such a lazy take. Each of the top D candidates offer significant sanity and sensibility benefits over trump. In no way should core supports of one candidate suddenly view Trump as a better option if their candidate loses. Warren is polarizing, and she has a vagina. She's also extremely pro-education, anti-wall street, and pro-labor. These are deep blue causes. Bernie has the socialism anchor around his neck, put there by a very effective disinformation campaign run by the right. If you prefer Biden or Warren, but Bernie gets the nod, realize that he's trying to bring healtcare to the people, and offer a safety net so that our weakest and poorest don't flounder and literally die. Again, basically the definition of Blue. Biden has his shortcomings, and he's sort of the last 'professional politician" on the blue side. He's got skeletons in his closet, because he's been in politics long enough to have seen a massive evolution in the way Americans address major issues. He's also the most qualified public servant on the left side of the aisle right now (that's not a slight to Sens Warren or Sanders, who both have sheepskins in politics). Joe has seen and done it on the biggest stages, and can get shit done. His skeletons PALE in comparison to the ones on the right side of the aisle. Don't play the both sides game when it comes to this election. This isn't a "both sides" issue. Vote blue; vote common human decency.
  7. I'll back DDD too. And then I"ll back myself on the tennis court after.
  8. That's the power of the "~" symbol, you pedant.
  9. I dropped from a 2.6 to a 2.2. That's some legit bullshit ~18% change in 'cap. I'm living proof that low handicaps and hosel-tovs can co-exist. Ask several on this thread. Downrange and hard right is not a safe place to stand, esp when I'm first warming up.
  10. This is flat-out stunning ... I can't see that you'll ever tire of it.
  11. My apologies. Happy to have @immamac just add my post to the bottom of the other thread, and delete the rest of this drivel.
  12. a SnowDog sighting?!?
  13. It's true. No one likes that guy.
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