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  1. Let Yuli play 3rd and Tucker 1st? (ducks)
  2. Hahahaha it's literally the first fucking result on google. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/referee-says-he-told-rep-jim-jordan-ohio-state-doctor-n1078476 Pretty sure that qualifies as "systematic abuse of students or minors," which is verbatim Trashmaster's post, that Fudge Nuggets was commenting on. The fact that Jim Jordan spends his days with Trumps cock shoved so far down his throat that he can't form a coherent sentence is politics. And so I won't say that here.
  3. Get boots that fit. Wear thin socks. Smooth out creases from the sock before you put the boot on. Keep your core warm. Walla. No cold feet.
  4. As individual respondents here in this thread, are we supposed to be 'voting' on the spread of our interests in the candidates (i.e. I like warren some, wouldn't object to bernie or mayor pete, so let's do 4-2-2 or whatever), or are we voting like we're electing one of them (in which case it's Warren 5).
  5. I need this watch - absolutely perfect birthday gift for my dad. It's not on the CoOp website, it's not on Stowa's website ... anyone have any insight? The googlez are no help either.
  6. Does Chirinos often/always catch Verlander? The catcher platoon as seemed weird to me, but I don't follow the 'stros on a nightly basis either. Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
  7. I'm centralizing on Unifi gear, so this never got installed. Priced to move - reviews are really good, recording kept on-site (no requirement for cloud), PoE cameras included. Everything you need for a whole-house system. System is in Austin, cash only, can meet to exchange. https://austin.craigslist.org/ele/d/austin-reolink-rlk8-420d4-5mp-outdoor/7003281489.html
  8. You know, I watch a lot of football. Have for a very long time. I'm an athlete, and watch a ton of sports. And there are times when I realize I don't know a goddamnmed thing about the game of football at a technical level. I know all the words in the above post, but I've never seen them put in this particular order, and I have no idea what you're talking about :). Thanks for bringing the heat ... maybe I can learn something.
  9. Did you negrep me too?
  10. To be clear, Dr. Beeper is talking about closetojumping. CTJ is smart, incredibly football-savvy, and connected to this program in ways that 99.9% of us are not. However, he was 100% dead-ass fucking wrong about Sam, and he hasn't said shit about it.
  11. I'm taking the younger kiddo (5), so I'd like to be decently close so that the walk when we leave isn't brutal (because I'll certainly be carrying her). LBJ Library lot would be baller. I can meet you during the day Saturday basically any time. No idea what the market value is for this?
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