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  1. If this is HQ+Zith I'm gonna lose my mind.
  2. capnamerca

    Tool Talk

    This. I will say the new FlexVolt gear seems to be pretty badass. Can run 60V in things like the circsaw, but only 20v elsewhere. I found a bundle with the Circ Saw that included two 60/20v batteries and a charger, I bought another 60/20V, and already had a charger previous. Also have the impact driver, hammer drill, jigsaw and an extra drill-driver. Will soon add the dremel, work light, and sawzall (I have corded versions of all three, but I just don't see the need for my lightweight household tasks). I'll also say that DeWalt isn't what it used to be. For general household use, I really think any of the house-brand brushless 20V+ sets will do you right. GottaB's collection looks awesome. Basically, pick one, and buy all the tools and buy good batteries.
  3. capnamerca

    House concerts

    Apologies if I missed a similar thread ... Guy and Jeska Forsyth on right now, Facebook live - Go watch! Post others! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Alright, that was fucking funny ...
  5. Honest question - why not leave Oklahoma? Lol, kidding. Appreciate the insight.
  6. Honest question ... why not just keep the 3w, and NOT carry a driver? You said that the 3w warmup / baseline swings were ~98mpg club speed, ~148 ball speed. The G410 is, at best, about a 1.5-3% improvement. Why not add another wedge instead?
  7. Thanks for posting this. I didn't realize that Andrew Jones, Ramey, Liddell, K. Jones and Hepa were that highly rated in their classes. Just makes our performance over the last three years that much more disappointing.
  8. This is absolutely stunning. Well fucking done.
  9. For research purposes ... who's the blonde?
  10. I may have shot 70 on the Red three years ago to win the GCAmtour event out there. Fucking amazing track.
  11. Absolutely torched last week. Lost about $850, only witnessed one good roll and it missed me completely (he hit probably 10 points, but nothing else).
  12. This shit better be 100% option one, or your complicit in the destruction of this country.
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