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  1. Wheeeee motherfucker wheeeee! (name that reference for one internet point)
  2. I was unclear ... if the workout is "do a bunch of pushups," that's not going to help. Upper body strength, in a balanced approach that prioritizes length, and especially elasticity, will absolutely help. But if you only had a few minutes and wanted to do something to improve your golf swing, "do a bunch of air squats and crunches" would be FAR more beneficial.
  3. All fair points, yep. Just wanted to point out that "moving your arms really fast" isn't going to translate to ball speed :).
  4. Said very respectfully, this is pretty much all wrong :). "Swinging hard" doesn't mean that you're at all putting energy from your body into the club in the most efficient manner. Doing pushups isn't the best way to increase golf speed, either. Golf is a rotational game, played from the ground up. Watch the guys that hit it a long way, especially ones who aren't huge - Justin Thomas, Rory, Rickie. They all end up on their tippy-toes at impact, because they're starting their swings from the ground up. They also all finish with their chest AND belt buckle facing the target itself, or even LEFT of the target, because they've rotated so far and so hard. Think about a spiral staircase - you're doing mostly a rotational thing to go up, but you still gotta push up on each stair. It's a pretty good picture for how you unwind from the top of a backswing to get the most power - push DOWN into the ground, then unwind going UP. Bryson's swing has some unique technical bits, so don't start there, but go find a slow-mo of JT or Rory's golf swing. Consider Rory to be the most technically sound driver swing for the modern era - copy it, and you'll do fine (of course, your wedge game will suck, but that's not what you asked). In terms of workouts, it's legs, legs, legs, core, more legs, back, legs, shoulders, core, and then more legs. Push ups, bench press, incline press, all gonna slow you down.
  5. 15 rattles, I think? Maybe 16. Jesus christ that's a big rattler.
  6. You wrong-way playing son of a bitch ... sarcasm aside, I hard-core miss vegas. Not going back until this thing is more stable, but I'm stoked to read some stories of people rolling again.
  7. My favorite quote of the trip was "I didn't take the muscle relaxers, so I'm taking extra alcohol relaxers."
  8. We didn't have a single person give us the side eye for personal liquor. We made several trips to the truck - granted, we also bought a bunch of liquor, so maybe they just gave us a pass.
  9. Neg me all you want, I'm not wrong. You played well for being a little gimpy.
  10. Yeah but you're playing at 2/3rds speed.
  11. Shit, I hit cut driver in the second round on Monday.
  12. Spent Monday and Tuesday out at Pine Dunes in Frankston, TX, with two surly-ites and one other guy. Played 36 monday (all from the tips, shot 79-87), and 18 Tuesday (blues, 84). What an amazing, incredible golf course. It's long, hard, fair, beautiful, tough, subtle, bold, big, pretty, quiet ... looks more than a little bit line Pinehurst in Texas. Quaint clubhouse and grill set in the middle of fucking nowhere, TX, with a world-class golf course. Even after three rounds I can't say I know the best way to play all the holes. All four of us hit several putts each that had perfect speed and still missed by five feet - the greens don't have huge break, but it was consistently hard to get the ball close. All the greens had areas to run the ball up, or at least a safe place to bail and chip from. Really tough visual sight lines off the tee - no blind tee shots, but lots of doglegs (lots of dogleg lefts), and a few shots that with forced carry that messed with your eyes. Liberal use of bunkers, with more than one in the fairway not as hazards but as aim points. The holes aren't narrow, per se, but with the pine trees and undergrowth so punishing, finding fairways is the key to avoiding big numbers. 4 and 17 are 460+ par 4s, and 6 is a par 3 that was playing 255 into the wind ... just sick. Top notch, all the way around, and a fucking STEAL at $89 (with $30 replays!). If you haven't gone yet, go. Make it a day trip if you have to - you won't regret it.
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