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  1. I hope you are not referring to blowing his broken nose.
  2. Here's how I see Diego Sanchez taking the pussy way out. He's earned it. Most importantly he doubles his purse in one of his final fights. And he is not a loser in front of a home crowd, sort of.
  3. In for this one, don't know if my son will let me watch the headliner.
  4. A takedown will always be > an escape. How fast or dramatic an escape should close the margin. The champ was really pressing those last two rounds and scoring. Reyes is the only one to blame for his cardio.
  5. I knew it was over when Reyes' coach told him that he 'loved him'. Nothing wrong with that, but he hadn't said much else emphatically. He should have spelled out the situation and emphasized every struggle that he has been through in life, then explained that the next five minutes will define your lion heart. There is no quit, there is no tomorrowland, there is no pain from no man that will end your desire to be champion. ...and then tell him that you love him.
  6. You're not going to take away the belt of a grand champion losing the final two rounds. It is what it is. I was messing with streams during that first round, but the numbers looked obvious.
  7. I should have been at St. Pierre vs. Johnny Hendrix II, but got belligerent.
  8. Holy fuck you have a nice barn.
  9. SIAP, A principal in WA put on leave over a private Facebook comment. https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/06/us/principal-kobe-facebook-trnd/index.html
  10. 42? Sheeeeeeet If I were you I'd go to AA just for the laughs, social events, and the women (not the 13th step, but healthy women)
  11. Don't mean to be Captain Obvious, but try to find grace and gratitude in your mother in law, that your mom is still alive and that there is still hope, in the innocence of your children, and I hope in that she did not pass on the disease of addiction. At least that is what us Alcoholics have to strive towards.
  12. Is Connor fighting tonight? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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