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  1. He's never made a living getting pummeled in the head. He rightly walked away from high level amateur Taekwondo in his early twenties to avoid knockouts.
  2. It's the Barry Bonds diet under the T replacement. He lives an amazing life for his age, but I'm too vain. and fuck @kevwun
  3. Does he even speak well? (no racist)
  4. They've had fights canceled the day of.
  5. Right, but how many fighters and coaches have led to canceled fights? Too many to risk it. And then if he does end up testing positive, it’s just a bad look.
  6. Dana has gone full MAGA not wearing a mask for official weigh ins and now the fight.
  7. Cowboy’s stealing money at this point. Convince me I’m wrong.
  8. Just razz’n you. Nice pics, but she don’t fight with filters and makeup.
  9. I didn’t know you swung that way.
  10. Can you imagine the STD’s 200 years ago?!? No wonder why young virgins are fetishized.
  11. JohnnyRage

    The Reggae Thread

    Yeah, it probably is. But a sudden drop in a rudimentary barometer was about a 30 minute 'Oh Shit' warning to poor islanders before the intertrons.
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