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  1. Did someone specifically target your group? Or did they just hear about this over social media?
  2. I recently learned from a speaker in a how to chair person workshop that even in an open meeting in his experience it’s not appropriate to call on to share that is an observer or someone that does not identify as alcoholic or that does not have a desire to stop drinking, including addicts (he added the caveat he’s only ever met one addict that was also not alcoholic). I recently had encounters with someone that was strange about her identification as an alcoholic, and she asked really newbie questions for someone that had her amount of sobriety. I subsequently learned from a friend that was asked to be her sponsor that this person confided in her that she did not have a problem with drinking. It was probably more of a problem with self image, social anxiety, and loneliness. So my friend had to let her go as a Sponsee. Her reply was one of comfort and that it was OK because she had another sponsor at a different group.
  3. 10:30 mark through the end may help explain some
  4. I think a lot of his ticks are a reflection of his anxieties and alcoholism.
  5. That and he always skips leg days.
  6. Me too. Did you ever meet old man Sam before he passed on? If I had known what I was doing or had the guts my first go around, I would have asked him to be my sponsor. In a weird way he was kind of like my first sponsor.
  7. If the liquor stores are open, we're open. People trying to take polls, make decisions, call emergency GC's on social media.
  8. AA groups fall into essential service mental health care and are exempt here in a Dallas and Rockwall. It caused discord in my home group but was handled appropriately at Group Conscience with a coinciding Zoom piped in.
  9. Terribly hasty list, and I need more Santana in my life The Beatles - Rubber Soul The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) Led Zeppelin - II Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon The Harder They Come Soundtrack Deluxe Edition The Old 97's - Too Far To Care Weezer - Weezer (The Blue Album) Rage Against The Machine - RATM Neil Young - Harvest The Velvet Underground - Loaded (fully loaded edition)
  10. He hasn't looked top notch when fighting for a while, only 32. He also probably hasn't taken that much damage, but who knows what CTE effects, anxiety or depression he might be self-medicating.
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