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  1. Yeah, a medium aged old timer who occasionally rubs me the wrong way brought up the analogy of going to the grocery store and buying two loafs of bread. He compared that we don't go home and make a sandwich and then uncontrollably eat the rest of the bread. But some people do. I gave up candy and ice cream for the month of July. I've run through three boxes of Snyder's Hard Sourdough Pretzels. I can do a whole box in an evening and I have very little control. I often eat out of boredom and loneliness. There is a food/sugar dopamine response that can become addictive. There are other obsessive pleasure behaviors that came before my alcoholism. And for me, the around the clock active addiction took some years of training. But I think they are all tied together. I worry about this younger generation with their video games and cell phones.
  2. And there is no reason for Page to go anywhere, she takes up more posts in this thread than any other fighter. That translates to dollars and eyeballs, and that is all this is.
  3. If Masvidal had had the gas tank for it, I would have enjoyed it. He did not. He actually did a stellar job of defending take downs, getting back up, and not taking damage. What he didn't have was the stamina to stop being pressed up against the cage and to unleash hell in the later rounds upon separation. A full camp could help with that. Hell, the worst damage he received was from two accidental-ish head butts.
  4. I don't believe that he had to lose 22lbs, but it sounds nice.
  5. The math doesn't add up for a draw. Could the refs use a 10-10 round score?
  6. No way he was the better fighter tonight. But I'm still perfect for the night.
  7. The leg kicks to the left leg are starting to add up.
  8. Just observations from watching youtube videos. His nose, and I thought I had seen a hand wrap or soft cast. But I could be wrong about that.
  9. He also used to weigh like 230lbs while playing rugby.
  10. Volkanovsky comes into this fight a little banged up from training.
  11. For a while there though he would respond at just the right time to keep the fight going, but not for about the 40 seconds.
  12. http://buffstream.live/watch/ufc-251-usman-vs-masvidal-live-streams.html
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