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  1. If you ever need a gun, you've got about 10 seconds.
  2. The Chalet’s are separately booked from the lottery, and probably book up earlier. You can ride horses up to the rebuilt Sperry Chalet. If they also would haul your gear that would make Sperry to anywhere so easy, even for olds and kids.
  3. Holy F a direct flight from DFW to Jackson Hole, Wyoming was $810. It was cheaper to fly out of Austin and stop in DFW. Flight is on Alabama gameday. The lottery for Glacier National Park Wilderness permits will be taking place in March. I cannot recommend it enough. I posted about it last year in the wrong-ish forum looking for help. An annual September trip kind of warps my weather perception of places, but I would consider retiring there and day hiking for health. https://www.nps.gov/glac/planyourvisit/backcountry-reservations.htm https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/topic/24459-glacier-national-park-what-state-is-it-in/#comment-4959935
  4. Damn, is that arena already empty? Those people are already partying.
  5. That was a very strong hip to take him down so easily. Would've have been hilarious for him to call out in animated bad English "...Chimaev".
  6. That was some fucked up commentary. Openly raising their voices aimed at the referee to stop the fight. That crosses some major lines. While brutally ugly, Murphy is obviously intelligently defending herself, albeit terribly. She wasn't knocked down once, or out on her feet. It's just her facial appearance. Leave it up to the ref. Leave it up to the corner. Leave it up to the fighter. That was crossing a line.
  7. Moreno's wife was a bit man-ish, but smoke. Don't blame me for computer aidz, http://www.wizistream.xyz/p/khab.html
  8. My guesses, I'll go with all of the left side of the lineup card Glover Figueiredo Burns Murphy Craig
  9. So do you guys think Jiří Procházka ‘retired’/vacated the belt to get out of the USADA testing while healing an injury?
  10. Not related, but I was surprised to learn that Jiu Jitsu competition allows performance enhancing drugs like steroids. Is this more or less true? Should it matter? UFC on the other hand has become a highly restrictive competition space with USADA testing. There's some insane story about Jiří Procházka being tested 64 times in 2022. Next highest was Paulo Costa at 20. And I assume they are tested post fight still.
  11. My twitter usage consists of what y'all link to here on Surly. So keep them coming.
  12. Me too, 250 to 91 is in the realm of clearance closeout possibilities, but I didn't browse the website. I only looked at their mission statement and return policy. (1st clue, the back end wouldn't process without out a few attempts and no order number. Fortunately received a junk email order from a company by another name with a .xyz domain. Credit card had another named company in Hong Kong. When I went to move the order email to my inbox I noticed the real address had a .RU domain.) All in all wasted 30 minutes of my morning, and I've been meaning to get a new card and card number for a while now. Valuable lesson learned.
  13. Get fucked, I would never ever buy a rooftop tent.
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