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  1. Could have been 'Sympathy For The Devil or 'Get Up Stand Up' or... But bold choice,
  2. 1966, think about that. And never appreciated. Lou Reed learned 'Loaded' was put out for release after breaking up while record shopping, or so the story goes. To distract from defending, I'll find a top ten.
  3. Don't really know what's going on here, but SIAP
  4. I'm just not a musician and when family and age get involved, I'm just not hip enough to know. I also forgot to add that the film really captures Paul's inability to let go of the top of the pops of 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' but also of 'Let It Be'. And I think we can all agree there's merit to both sides there.
  5. Instant Karma was during 'The Beatles' and it was John (not Yoko) that left first. But if it wasn't for Paul's savvy (somebody correct me if I'm wrong there) they would not have been able to go their separate ways but stay on Apple. And you left off 'Maybe I'm Amazed', which easily touches those other two. But in general I agree, I don't know that much or care about Paul's post Beatles. But they all struggled with writing, bullshit, and addiction.
  6. I LOVE The Stones. I too have at times chosen the Stones. But one those group wrote some of the sickest songs ever, the other group wrote even more of those songs but also changed the game forever. I don't even know what we are discussing here. Paul's proclivity isn't even up for discussion. But with no John, there is no Paul. Without 4 sets a night in Hamburg and other places, there is no Beatles. For a short window of time they were melded into one unit, and when that window of unity ended they made even better albums. With the help of many other musicians and technicians they morphed the recorded of music onto analog tape so much farther along that they couldn't even replicate it live anymore at the time. And George eventually he wasn't that far behind. He was able to help nurture John along during his bouts of insecure writing blockages. And there is no 'The Beatles' without Ringo's backwards kit and backwards attitude of getting out of the way. But more importantly, what episode is @G650 on? Because it's 8 hours of most of the footage available. There was no agenda other than Love.
  7. If that is your opinion, then you might be a fucktard. And I don't mean that in an overly negative sense, I just mean that if you have children then they probably should not look to you for advice. Renton and Genreral Grievous are able the only actors with a force strong enough to fight the green screen.
  8. Shheeeeeet, doesn't episode two start with the secret recording flowers? John's a defensive in-pain asshole, but the sweetest of the bunch. Paul is best intention-ed, but overplays the director, George is a wannabe guru, but passive aggressive (his documentary may be the best). And Ringo is the forgiving glue, but is an undiagnosed alcoholic/addict. And it's all beautiful.
  9. @sidis Nicole slavas Ukraine, :hookem: And early this morning I happened to get a lot of super glue in mouth, so I definitely identify with your second as well. Thanks for the contribution.
  10. Man, there's one SD song that is my #1 sobriety song.
  11. I don't know. 12 years, no problems, no upgrades other than a solid state boot drive a long time ago, old apps can run on it without updates. One of my best purchases ever. I've had a new backup computer still sitting in a box for about a year.
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