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  1. You left out her previous work as a 'Sugar Baby' escort (has this been proven?), fleeing the scene of a side-by-side accident, leaving behind an injured family member, in order to not catch a DUI, ruining a completely safe Republican district and carpetbagging to another, and feeling that it's appropriate to shout out during the State Of The Union of one of the greatest (and fucked up) countries in human history.
  2. Monologue better upon second viewing just because I listen to MSSP. It's funny to see him bomb, and know what subtle touches he could have added. It's also funny to see the progressive female rhythm guitarist not want to give up anything, but fight a smile. And the black bassist up front pretty much dying the whole time at someone who is supposedly a racist. I missed all the sketches, until they are uploaded.
  3. Pretty great about the moment you stop becoming best friend's with you mom
  4. Huge Shane Gillis fan, but that was pretty bad. Could have added context about quitting West Point football. Gonna be a huge backlash about leaning heavily on retard jokes (this is some of his best material about the volunteer work he does). And his story about being canceled was the appropriate low hanging fruit, just ignored it.
  5. Someone who's feelers are hurt because they feel like their previous privilege is being prejudiced against by progress and being usurped by others.
  6. This might be my worst bump of all time. I'm going to attempt to neg myself. Doesn't work.
  7. It is the Idaho Wilderness in the Sawtooth Mountains again. It has been spoken, so it shall be written. Let it be so.
  8. Thanks. There's a 6:15 A.M. 1 Stop that lands at 10:15 M.T. in Boise that I may have to take instead, but worth it! And cheaper. Beating Alabama while in Jackson, WY last year was fucking awesome.
  9. Anyone have educated guesses on the Michigan kickoff time? I probably won't be able to land before 12:15 Mountain Time.
  10. I think a Director with a passion that was willing to keep the family (Kevin) at arms length helped more than hurt. A bigger budget might have given their fame the scope it deserved. But a family that has clung to the legacy for possibly too long, that hand picks a director to make sure the story is told in a sanitized way, may be the downfall of others, i.e. 'One Love'. We'll see.
  11. Youtube clip has over 4 million views in 24 hours.
  12. If you pay less than three bucks for a dozen eggs, you've never owned chickens.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but back then you did not vote for the president. You voted for a citizen that was running to be a member of that electoral college. That person would have pledged that he would vote for a specific candidate. This potential electorate would stump and also be advertised in the local newspapers as well as be on that paper's pre-printed out ballot slate that a voter could submit. There were no potential electoral college candidates that were willing to pledge their vote to Lincoln because of the culture, lack of political machinery, no newspaper support, and the real threat of violence. So there were no options of electoral college candidates for Lincoln. The same thing happened in the North.
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