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  1. The safest interpretation of any Russian announcement is the opposite of what was stated. American delivery of MLRS makes no difference on the battlefield = we are deathly afraid of them. We have plenty of weapons = we are critically short of weapons.
  2. Russian officers clearly aren’t required to adhere to any physical fitness standards. Most unimpressive group I’ve ever seen.
  3. My understanding is that UKR had ~180,000 active duty troops before the invasion. The current mobilization has the goal of increasing that to 1 million. Even with the exodus / displacement of nearly 7 million people, they still have a population in country of nearly 40 million. As long as they maintain the will to fight and we continue supplying them with weapons, they won’t lose due to lack of fighters.
  4. Aside from murdering civilians and stealing washing machines, is the Russian military actually good at anything?
  5. 9.95 articles featuring promising reports on freshman OL make me wonder if I’m in the wrong forum.
  6. Elon has now announced that he has a “super bad” feeling about the economy, all hiring is paused worldwide, and Tesla headcount needs to be reduced by 10%.
  7. No way man, that’s some conspiracy theory stuff. A company would never deliberately create a culture centered around the idea that work and social life are one in the same in order to exploit their employees.
  8. I don’t have a commute, but thanks.
  9. Why should middle to upper management be paid more? Equality?? Perhaps the qualifications and job roles are very different. I don’t know though. I have it on good authority that “real” work can only be done after you commute 1 hour each way to and from your McMansion.
  10. So the only advantage to having US-based employees is their ability to physically show up in an office? Indian contractors are otherwise equal - is that right?
  11. Boomers clamoring for a return to the office worried that they won’t be able to sexually harass college grads and get forced laughs from middle management to their stupid jokes. Face it - no one cares about your vast experience. You can embrace WFH now or you can lose your best employees and then the company will move to WFH once you get forced into retirement in 3 years.
  12. Belarus GDP: $60.26 billion Coming in slightly behind world economic powerhouse Rhode Island ($61.08 billion). A master strategist indeed.
  13. Card needs to prove that he can handle pressure and not self-sack before the conversation around his willingness to take risks even matter. I hope that he developed that poise during the off-season but we won’t know until we see him out there. I have a feeling both QBs are going to play early season no matter what.
  14. Re: Azovstal surrenders Clearly surrendering to Russian captivity is one of the worst fates you could have. My only guess is that those who surrendered were so badly injured that they were almost guaranteed to die if they didn’t. The only thing that have going for them is that the Ukrainian military knows who was there and therefore should be expected to be alive. However, I’m sure the Russians will say that many of them “did not survive their injuries”. This is based on the idea that the “healthy” defenders are still holed up in the bunkers, which I think is the case.
  15. This guy seems to be the one sane person on Russian TV.
  16. This was such a shitty strategic decision by Putin. All-time bad.
  17. When is someone on the Russian side gonna get the courage to tell Putin that they need to stop or they literally won’t have an army in 4 months.
  18. These “Luhansk People’s Republic” traitors are learning the hard way that Russia never gave a fuck about them. Useful idiots.
  19. Russia is spending a lot of time and effort renaming streets and schools and opening banks in occupied territory. I guess it’s a coping mechanism.
  20. Finland and Sweden “home to many terrorist organizations”? What the fuck is this guy talking about.
  21. No hearing protection. Guy doesn’t give a fuck.
  22. Re: Belarusian tanks Seems like an obvious bluff to try to keep Ukrainians from further concentrating their forces in the East/South, right? They couldn’t be stupid enough to launch an attack, right?
  23. Best update is from the Institute for the Study of War on twitter. Basically, Russia is making little to no advances and are losing ground around Kharkiv in the northeast. If Ukraine can successfully take this area, Russian troops in the Donbas will be largely cut off from resupply. Kherson is also being actively contested. The “all out offensive” by Russia is failing, to no one’s surprise.
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