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  1. When I was a kid, we used to take our dogs to the park. After that, we'd go through the DQ drive-thru and get dip cones for us kids, and a cup of soft serve for the dogs. They loved that stuff.
  2. We need a Minister of Tackling.
  3. This post screwed us, although it could be argued that the coaches and players are to blame. At least we have ~3 years before we catch up to Houston.
  4. LHB director is not our standard.
  5. Any snow games today? Those are always fun.
  6. Here are this year's commercials, for reference: https://www.heb.com/static-page/spurs-commercials At the end of the pirate one, there's this exchange: "Are you out of your mind?" "Probably." That's pretty much the season for Spurs fans summed up right there.
  7. miguelito


    I haven't seen that one yet. I just watched the Greenland one. His Conan Without Borders shows are so good. He deserves an Emmy or Oscar or Nobel or something.
  8. ^You can also collect the stamps from each national park/monument/site. Ink stamps not postage stamps. You can get a bunch of them at that lodge below the Washington Monument. Kids and retired old people and my wife collect them anywhere we go.
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