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  1. I'm in San Antonio, so I use KSAT's weather page or twitter. Sometimes I have to go to WOAI's page. I don't know what the original source is. It used to be Dr Ratner, but he died. https://twitter.com/ksatweather?lang=en But KSAT has my favorite meteorologists.
  2. More stats, because I know you like them. The last 5 days have all been above 23,000. The 5-day total is over 136,000. Yearly totals the last few years have been between 170,000 and 212,000. We are at 166,600 for the year so far, with 2-3 weeks to go. Here's a graph of this year's count, projected to the end of the season:
  3. Man, this is the truth right here. If only the allergy drugs were that good. "Acts immediately!! Long-lasting!!!" 3rd day in a row of over 20,000.
  4. I think we'd rebound nicely in the Rodman administration.
  5. Don't forget sandpaper on the inside of your eyelids.
  6. 24,100 today. 2nd highest count in the last 5 years.
  7. Did your mom take those pictures, too? My mom would have murdered everyone in a 2 mile radius, then carpet bombed a 5 mile radius.
  8. Little Kim's mom's car had Nebraska license plates, so I think Little Kim is actually Gene.
  9. How did that guy get on the roof in the first place?
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