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  1. Compared to Michigan winters, Seattle will feel balmy. But for me, days on end in the 40's got into my bones. Coffee and chowder helped, not at the same time. When I first moved there in August '98, I was sitting on my 2nd cousin's houseboat's roof deck, drinking a beer, watching the planes land on Lake Union, and he told me, "remember days like this in February when you don't know whether to get out of bed or kill yourself."
  2. How does he feel about not seeing the sun for a month? My first February up there the sun came out 1 day. 28 days, and sun on one of them. I remember the day, too, because I woke up thinking I had left a light on in the other room. SAD is a real thing. Other than the high costs and shitty traffic and depressing winters, most of what you hear is not as bad as they say.
  3. WWJD? Ride the storm out with his friends, then walk on water to get back to higher ground.
  4. If this thread has taught us anything - and it hasn't - it's that hurricanes are incredibly difficult to predict, and that brisketexan is history's greatest monster.
  5. I prefer the all caps dulcet tones of Frankie/phd.
  6. If there are Venutians, I bet they are blind. Venutians, venetian, fuck you, it's an audial joke.
  7. Lewis robbed a guy of a salami in game 2. Dude can jump. This post would be better with a clip of that catch.
  8. The sea was angry that day, my friends.
  9. Well Shed, if it wasn't the leg then what was it?
  10. I can't imagine the Nobel committee receives a lot of nominations filled out in Sharpie/crayon.
  11. The rare South Austin's Mom Snake.
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