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  1. I watched G/B/U last night on Grit. It had commercials and wasn't wide screen, but the music was still great.
  2. Someone with lots of free time should go back and look at Trump's tweets on the dates he talked to Putin, and maybe the day after.
  3. He'd love to turn his scores in, but they are being audited.
  4. "If I could beat, him I would.” With that comma, if you read it in Yoda's voice, it kind of becomes sexual.
  5. Don't mess with the tatonka. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/06/29/california-woman-gored-bison-yellowstone-national-park/3283467001/
  6. I got to see Edgar Poe on the field when I went to West Point in 2015. Army vs Bucknell. The game sucked, but it is one of my favorite game day experiences ever.
  7. Very much this. It's more difficult to make last minute reservations here, but the smaller crowds are worth it. The views are just as good, and there's plenty of hiking if you want to stretch your legs. After we spent a few days at the North Rim, we drove through the South Rim, and it was a damn zoo. You have to stand in line to get photos from the good spots, the tourists there are not friendly and will bump into you like it's nothing. I imagine that most of the people that fall into the canyon were either getting a selfie or bumped into someone taking a selfie.
  8. Mold is pretty high right now due to the rains a few days ago. I guess that should continue for a few more days now. So you're suffering from either mold, African dust, corona virus, or something South Austin's mom gave you.
  9. Seattle got creative with their iconic sign at Pike Place Market on Juneteenth:
  10. WW2 wasn't enough to convince you?
  11. I don't need anything, except this lamp, and this maga hat.
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