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  1. Maybe that’s his house in the background and his wife is watching through a scope.
  2. Just keep watching. You have to remember that interviews after the fact are taking the outcome into account.
  3. I might have had a lot of trouble pulling that trigger with her on all fours in front of me.
  4. Well, he was a good fit for the no points offense, too.
  5. Surly Wives Spring Cruise 2020, sounds like something we should organize quickly.
  6. That house seems to have a really nice view.
  7. Oh shit, zombies? We’re so fucked. Game over man.
  8. Obligatory, wait until (insert winning bid’s S&C coach) gets ahold of him.
  9. I get it, you’re saying he’d be the worst take in the recruiting class.
  10. Ahhh, that guy. Burton nailed that guy’s potential, too.
  11. Parasailing in a country with no regulations, guaranteed money maker. If something bad happens just keep on motoring to the next one.
  12. Too late, they’re all whores already.
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