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  1. Are we still believing there will be a football season? I haven’t kept up with the board sentiment. I have my doubts.
  2. I’ve seen the pics, plenty of people have been on and in and Hope Solo.
  3. British man, in the US, telling anyone else to go back to their country is outstanding irony. Oh, and Solid8 sounds like a Tinder profile name.
  4. Did some murder @RCRanger03 over this stonk?
  5. Uh, how many decades have you been quarantined?
  6. Trust me, the number of times I’ve been out in public over the past few months would make @GreenspointTexas look tough. These are needs due to an upcoming relocation. I avoided people out in public like... the plague.
  7. It’s interesting, I went furniture shopping this weekend and there’s virtually no inventory, on anything. Stores were fairly packed with people begging to spend money, many unable to get what they wanted.
  8. I’m trying to figure out what an increase prostitution work hours has to do with defending teachers’ work ethic.
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