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  1. Your family is not already sitting around like this?
  2. At least you didn’t say “hours ago”.
  3. It’s because it’s hypothetical and intended discussion for what could happen. The message spreads like a fact wildfire because people only see what they were looking for in the first place.
  4. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  5. These are literally the arguments I have with my kids when we’re all bored as hell.
  6. Just try and imagine GreenspointTexas being the person to intubate you as you fight for your life against COVID-19. You’re laying there gasping for air while he chastises you for all the things you likely did to put yourself in this position and reminds you of the low percentage of patients who make it off the ventilator alive. As you begin to drift out of consciousness he whispers in your ear, “ballgame”.
  7. If that tiger story is true, expect tomorrow’s headline to read, “All Big Cat Rescue’s Tigers and Owner’s Husband Disappear Overnight”. Carol Baskin will be quoted as saying, “All I know is, he was leaving early, early, early in the morning. I guess he decided to take the cats with him.”
  8. Can we just say this kid probably won’t stay at the first, or maybe even second, school he signs with?
  9. I wonder what Oral Roberts would have said about this?
  10. Punishment involves being sent straight to the dungeon.
  11. Sorry, phone got me on the split-spit. I don’t type for shit on here and often fail to proofread. I’ll do better, I promise. Or not... Regarding your second accusation, how dare you assume high fives only occur during the act.
  12. South Austin’s mom is only having 10 visitors at a time and the only acceptable group position is split roast. It’s not quite meeting the 6 feet apart rule but high fives are discouraged.
  13. People whose lives revolve around politics feel it’s their purpose in life to force their opinions on other people, and drive away anyone with an opposing viewpoint. There’s no middle ground , or anything other than extreme. They are eventually left unsatisfied, left ranting to one another about shit they all agree on. So, they must seek out others in order to feel the rush and have a sense of purpose. View them as abusive drug addicts and it becomes easier to understand. Politics is their drug but they still need someone to abuse.
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