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  1. Bo is a good recruiter when he has money to do the recruiting for him.
  2. “We can’t afford to enter the market of buying players. We miss the days of small bags of cash under the table.”
  3. What does this have to do with basketball?
  4. Listen, that’s not all my big words. I have one more.
  5. Did you put a monumental amount of effort into making this ridiculously stupid post or did it just naturally flow onto the screen?
  6. Now you’ve done it, asshole. Prepare for the secondary to be lit up all four games.
  7. Japanese restaurants would constantly turn this guy away.
  8. No surprise, offering yourself to siblings is customary in Oklahoma.
  9. This year’s draft has to be a real punch in the nuts.
  10. Your mom’s a fucking deep wide receiver.
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