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  1. I've been looking at building RV Parks as well. Especially on the outskirts of big cities for possible long term rentals. A lot of commercial construction guys will live in an RV and pocket a substantial amount of their daily per diem. I already have all of the utility guys and concrete contractors to get it done. CHIEF
  2. I've got 6 acres, in our neighborhood, that is not in the HOA. I can build almost anything on it. My mother and I purchased it, with the idea of building an assisted living facility, but it is on septic instead of sewer. I am about to build a large storage/work shop on the property, and later this year, probably a home for my Mom, but I will have at least 4 acres to do something else. I'm going to keep working in Real Estate, but I have been trying to figure out what to do with the extra acreage. So far, I have looked at growing gourmet mushrooms, or gourmet garlic. I'm always open to others idea's and willing to invest and have investors on any way to use it. CHIEF
  3. I noticed the Lesbians around here chase the girls with the biggest fingers. CHIEF
  4. I looked into a prairie dog hunt last year. Most of the prairie dog towns have been leased by outfitters, and are a hot commodity. Rates run from about $450 per day without food and lodging, up to about $3200 for a group of 6-8 with food and lodging. It ain't cheap. CHIEF
  5. CHIEF


    Watched "It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" last night HAF laying in the recliner. Highly recommend. CHIEF
  6. CHIEF


    My granddad, same as the one above, used to have a rock in his pocket and would ask you to kiss it for good luck, then tell you he used it to push in his "piles". Of course, none of us knew what piles were until we asked. CHIEF
  7. Does that mean Whittington is staying at running back? Young would be going from a thin position to another thin position. One would think that one of the big safeties with the frame to put on 20 lbs. would be a better option. I still think Tyler Owens would absolutely kill it there. CHIEF
  8. Collins is staying home. Awesome. CHIEF
  9. CHIEF


    If you asked my granddad "what?" he would ask you if you thought you were a GD light bulb. CHIEF
  10. I have Jacob de Cordova's hand written ledger of his land speculation contracts in my air conditioned gun safe. They occurred between 1845 and 1861. I have been torn between keeping it myself, or donating it to The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Other than that, I have my Dad's 1961 Browning Superposed with the round pommel, and my wedding ring, that has been in Mrs. CHIEF's family since it was made in Germany in 1803. We also have formal china, her great-great grandparents brought it over, by boat, in the 1880's. CHIEF
  11. Never new David St. Hubbins was such a dog fan. CHIEF
  12. Yep, a great dude. His two favorite teams where #1 Texas and #2 LSU. Would have loved to have seen this year. CHIEF
  13. Headed to NO with the wife for a sales conference, so I'll get to stumble around during the day, while she is in meetings. One of our former tailgate members was from NO, and when we went with him, it was all old school. Pascal Manale's for oysters, bbq shrimp, and turtle soup, then off to Galatoire's. His brother was a waiter there, so we would sit in his section. CHIEF
  14. Growing up, we had about 1/4 mile of Brazos River frontage above Lake Whitney. My Dad always kept a trotline out. We had a small 8 foot jonboat, and I remember him catching one so big, that he had to get in the water with it, rope the tail, and handed me the rope. When we pulled it in, it was as long as the boat, I estimate that that gar weighed right around 200 lbs. Biggest freshwater fish I have ever seen in person to this day. CHIEF
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