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  1. Dallas Methodist closed down a floor of the ICU, and now only has 12 patients in ICU. Came straight from an ICU nurse that works there. Texas has had only 18 new deaths each day since 4/2 according to: https://infection2020.com . Our positive results are rising, probably due to the fact that we are able to test more people, but that isn't showing up in the death count. CHIEF
  2. Cousin works at Dallas Methodist as an ICU nurse. He said it was so slow, that they have shut down one floor of ICU. They only have twelve patients currently. CHIEF
  3. I make one based off of the Jamaican episode of Bizarre Foods. Scotch Bonnets and Serranos with sliced onions. I make it in a pint rum bottle and give it to friends. You drink 3/4's of the rum, then add sugar, allspice, cloves, and garlic. I boil white vinegar and fill it to the top after adding the other ingredients to the bottle. You shake it up to dissolve the sugar, then, let it sit for a few weeks. Sweet, hot as fuck, and has a numbing effect. Great flavor, and pretty in the bottle for about a month. Makes for killer beans and cornbread. CHIEF
  4. Just wanted to pick your brains on what you think will happen to the US dollar. Can the US economy pay unemployment benefits on 30 million individuals? What do you think happens to unemployment benefits? If the US keeps stimulating the economy with trillions, do we experience hyper inflation (Weimar Republic), stagnation, deflation? Does the US dollar maintain its position as the the World's reserve currency? If the US government temporarily suspended all loan and utility payments, and all anyone would owe until economic situation were better is life sustaining (food, toiletries, fuel for work) would we be in a better economic situation than just printing more money? What will happen to unsecured debt? Would it be better to just erase what is on the books and start over? This is the worst thing to happen to our economy since the Great Depression. It's just in the beginning stages, and may end up worse. Sorry for all the questions, not expecting anyone to spend the time to answer them all. But...all we have is time. CHIEF
  5. My problem with all of the masks you can buy online, is that are made in China. I am assuming most of these masks have been made in the last few months, or, are being manufactured as we speak. I wouldn't trust the Chinese to not have CO-VID positive workers on the assembly line. It sure would suck to be virus free and end up getting it from a contaminated mask designed to protect you. CHIEF
  6. I've got a face for radio. CHIEF
  7. Are you, me in a Parallel Universe? CHIEF
  8. I know what the CHIEF Clan is having for dinner. CHIEF
  9. Shut them down, or we expel every Chinese National from every College and University, Tech firm, and allow no flights to and from China. We only accept Chinese products we can not manufacture at this time, until we can, and then we don't accept those items anymore. We need to go full Monroe Doctrine on their asses. CHIEF
  10. My first cousin (we are pretty tight) is an ICU nurse at Dallas Methodist, as well as his wife. He was just put in the Coronavirus wing, double masked, double gloved, and face shield. He has 3 patients on ventilators. Been choked up and praying since I found out. I imagine his chances of catching it has to be almost 100%. On a brighter note, we have stalled out on new cases in Hood County. So far about 45 people have been tested, only three confirmed cases, all, last week, and they were all travel related. All are at home in quarantine. Everyone is being really reasonable on SIP and maintaining social distance. It's a lot easier in sparsely populated areas. If you have a place to bug out, I feel it would decrease the likelihood of getting infected. CHIEF
  11. Apparently, China has not learned its lesson. Wet markets are reopening. We need to ramp up manufacturing and production till we don't need anything from them anymore. That would take years probably. They need to be given the North Korea treatment, isolate, and embargo. We can't be losing thousands of lives and shutting down the economy every year or two. https://www.newsweek.com/what-wet-market-amid-pandemic-crackdown-called-selling-live-animals-china-1495278 CHIEF
  12. That's "bodies in trees" bad. Ouch. Dad was a small operator in the 1980's when oil dropped from about $30/brl to single digits, wiped out everything we owned. It's a rough business, always boom or bust. CHIEF
  13. Life has been pretty good at the CHIEF Compound. Our whole subdivision is surrounded by a bend in the Brazos River, only two ways in/out. We have our own grocery store, doctor's clinic, liquor store, deli, pharmacy, and bistro. Lots of SIP being taken seriously by the Olds. We have myself, Mrs. CHIEF, CHIEF Jr., my niece, her boyfriend , and 3 dogs cooped up in the house (that's the only bad). As of this week, everyone knows how to play "42", and my backyard looks like a WWI battlefield after the rains, and 12 hour Bocce Ball tournaments. If the lake clears up in the next couple of days, we are going to start fishing at the marina at night. It's big enough to be able to social distance while still fishing under the lights. Niece and CHIEF Jr. are taking their University classes on line for about 3 hours per day. I think we have left the subdivision about 4-5 times in the last 2-3 weeks. Avoiding our HEB for 3 weeks has been the hardest, and just going to the smaller, local grocery store. CHIEF
  14. If I were negotiating leases right now, I would start putting in shut in clauses based on the price of oil. It would be easy to write, and after this crash, along with the virus issue, I would think Lessors would consider it. Something along the lines of " if, at any time, crude prices drop below a level to operate the lease wells at a "profit", including transportation, marketing, and other associated costs. The Lessor agrees to take $$$$ in fee simple, to allow a cease in production, and consider the wells as "shut-in". The Lessee agrees to maintain all equipment in a "ready for production" state, so that production can resume as soon as market price dictates. CHIEF
  15. I was chased out of the business in 2014-15, and went into Real Estate. As a landman, however, I can't remember ever writing up a contract that didn't allow you to pay a shut-in fee to the Lessors. It usually wasn't very significant. The idea being that the cheapest storage was to just leave the reserves in the ground.I would assume most contracts give this ability to the Operators. Does anyone know of any producers that don't have this clause? CHIEF
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