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  1. Yes, Ike built the Interstate system through the Department of Defense. It's designed to take the load of a fully loaded B-52. The Russians would nuke every airforce base meaning strategic bombers would have to use the Interstates to land. CHIEF
  2. Ours doesn't. You have to have a mobile notary, or have a distant buyer go to a local title company to close. CHIEF
  3. Had a fellow hunter's son do the same thing. His nickname was "Stinky" the rest of the time we hunted with them. 10 years later, if I see him, he is still referenced as "Stinky". The worst ever was CHIEF Jr. was about 9-10 years old, and we were moving stands and feeders from Throckmorton to Aspermont. We shut a gate and he climbs out needing to shit. So he is doing the Pole Dancer off the front of the gooseneck. He has laid up a pile that looks like a whale rope. I get the bright idea to joke about all of the other hunters and their kids pulling up while he is shitting. He gets antsy and ends up stepping right in the middle. I bet you can guess who got to clean his boots. CHIEF
  4. The sex tent must be incredible. CHIEF
  5. Paid cash for the lot. It was just to give her her 1/2 interest in what was community property that she was entitled. Sorry for the bad advice. Yes, contact your lender and do what they require. This was before DocuSign was available. CHIEF
  6. I bought the lot my house sits on without Mrs. CHIEF, but we were married. She just wasn't here to sign. I did a Quit Claim Deed and added her. It was one page, easy, and you can find templates, and examples online. We were twelve years in, not recommended for Sugar Babies. CHIEF
  7. I had to stay home, this weekend, and take Mrs. CHIEF out on the boat for her two best friend's birthdays. CHIEF Jr. told his buddy that if he helped him set up hog panels around the feeders, and put up cameras, he would put him on a nice Aoudad. I warned him that he better not shoot my big one. He put him on one alright. This was the third biggest ram in the herd, and still huge. CHIEF
  8. That's a good question. In years of real estate I've never come across anyone that I've known to be behind on their mortgage. It's been either people in good standing, or a post-foreclosure. As a kid, when both of my parents were agents/brokers. I remember bankers calling and saying so-and-so was behind on a piece of property, and needs to sell it. Could you help them out? I'm not sure how it works with mortgage companies. I would assume they would want to work something out, add the payments to the end like they did during COVID when people couldn't work. This is a good question for Phil. CHIEF
  9. I don't see foreclosures going up, or going into the market. Who is upside down on a mortgage? If you get in trouble on payments just put your house on the market, rake in a profit, and buy something you can afford. CHIEF
  10. I converted all of my P365 mags. No problems so far. CHIEF
  11. We leave for Cozumel next Thursday. You gonna be around? CHIEF
  12. I'm sure you could at our rural HEB. My wife and I took the J&J, because it is a viral vector vaccine. Not sold on mRNAs at this time. I just don't know enough about them. If I had COVID, it was asymptomatic. Wife was down for about 4 days. If the symptoms are less severe, we are willing to take the chance on reinfection. CHIEF
  13. Funny story from the last time we were in Cozumel. Mrs. CHIEF and I decided to take a day off from diving. CHIEF Jr. and his buddy were the only two with the Divemaster and Captain that day. Since they are young and in shape they went to Stingray Wall on the north end of the island, the currents are really strong there, and Mrs. CHIEF would not have enjoyed it. About 40 minutes into the dive, Gato, the Captain gives them the signal to begin their decent early. They can see he is circling around, seems pretty nervous. As soon as they surface, he is there grabbing BCs and tanks, dragging them aboard. In a big rush. When Dario comes up, Gato shouts "meil de abeja" (honey bee). They are a half mile offshore, and it had come from the direction of the mainland. That means there is a swarm not too far behind the scout. Apparently, if they reach the boat before reaching shore, they swarm the boat and will fuck you up. CHIEF Jr. said he had never seen a dive boat ran wide open until that day. They ran straight to the beach and Gato took the bee and put him on a tree limb so the bees would go to the limb and not the boat. I'm guessing that has happened before. He said that he never saw anyone so nervous about one solitary bee. CHIEF
  14. It would probably benefit him to have a tank. It's a two hour turn around for him to go into Ft. Worth and get one presently. He has a buddy, here in town that could fill it. We have a badass crystal clear dive lake about 20 minutes in the opposite direction. It's covered up on the weekend with Ft. Worth dive shop classes. But is empty during the week. A tank and regulator would have been a better use of the money. I imagine he will purchase those in August. CHIEF
  15. Uncontained reloading supplies. My guess. CHIEF
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