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  1. Tin Top? Hamm's Creek? CHIEF
  2. Damn, even Stevie Wonder could shot her between the eyes, probably buys cheek rouge a gallon at a time. CHIEF
  3. I don't know, maybe because nowhere in the proposed, but vaguely worded, court order you cited recommended a psychiatric evaluation to determine the "crisis". Again, as most stated above, being for or against it would depend on the drafting of the legislation. CHIEF
  4. Who wants red flag laws where a vindictive spouse or family member, or police can petition to have your guns confiscated? That's utter bullshit. A psychiatrist should be the one that makes that determination. CHIEF
  5. Well, CHIEF Jr. towed his first Mastercraft with a busted block yesterday. He said it was a sight to behold. Water coming out everywhere. It took two 1500 gph bilge pumps to keep it afloat. How can someone neglect to winterize a $100k boat. CHIEF
  6. Thirded. Only luck I've ever had fishing the surf is on ice cream days when I could run out Pass Cavillo or the Big Jetties at Port O and fish the second or third gut. Even then it was sporadic. I've never been out in the surf with a guide. If I ever went again we would take CHIEF Jr.'s drone to SPINS and try to locate structure and bait balls. Other than that, it would just be a long wasted trip. It's far enough down there for me now, I probably won't ever go without doing a guided trip. CHIEF
  7. Both of those are solid. The chicken fried steak at Murn's in Archer City is the best one I've eaten. Also one of the only places I know of where you can get a Monte Cristo sandwich which also is bangin'. CHIEF
  8. If you are talking cash, I could see it. But if you have a house payment, I'm not sure if the interest plus principle would work out. $800k is a big nut, even $500k is a big nut for most Americans. Depends if you have a payment or not. CHIEF
  9. Hot tamales are the shit. Mrs. CHIEF brings me those, Sixlets, and Smarties home from the Dollar General outside the gate, then rations them out over the month. CHIEF
  10. We are getting empty nesters out of DFW, Californians, and those that have figured out they can work from home, and just drive the 45-90 minutes into DFW for meetings. So we are very much like Bertram/Liberty Hill. Our prices have jumped about 25-40% in the last four months. Here is a home that would have brought $335,000 in September of 2020, that we just sold for $425k, a full price offer. If clients are willing to sit for a couple of more weeks than the new normal, someone eventually comes along and offers a full cash price. This house currently holds the record high price for a basic 3/2/2
  11. There are a ton of resources on Youtube about reading surf structure, bait rigging, catching bait, and knowing how to handle certain fish and bait without getting injured. I've never been that good at reading surf structure (but haven't been since most of the videos were made). CHIEF
  12. God no. It is brined and cured, then smoked. Is beef jerky steak? What a fucking question. CHIEF
  13. It's not as much as no access to good wood. I live in a 4200 acre Pecan orchard. It's just that you don't find many packer briskets outside of Texas. They are made into other cuts, corned, or made into pastrami. I worked O&G in the Midwest for a short stint, you couldn't get a brisket in the stores, it was all ground into hamburger because it was worth more. CHIEF
  14. I'm the guy for our neighborhood. I would sell 18 preordered briskets in my subdivision once a month when my parents still owned their house with a big pit that would hold all 18. I'm gonna build one that holds 24 in the next few months, and probably step up to biweekly. We have shitty Que around here. At $50 profit on each one, that's $1200 , and just do it on a cash only basis. It makes for a nice little slush fund. CHIEF
  15. Most don't, since their brisket is ground into hamburger meat, and they don't have access to post oak and mesquite. It is only a recent phenomenon that briskets are getting as expensive as ground beef. Cheap brisket was/is a Texas centric cut of beef. You rarely see it outside the state borders. Texas grocers are just doing us a favor. CHIEF
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