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  1. Quagmire

    Gym Pet Peeves

    Don’t get the mask people at gyms. If You are that scared you probably shouldn’t be at the gym in the first place touching everything
  2. Drop you balls in the tank , when he bites em just run outside and helicopter him off
  3. Stick your finger up your butt and smell it, if it smells like alcohol you’re a drunk
  4. Cousins ex wife was murdered in murder suicide by new husband few years back in San antionio. He had just picked up his kids from their house and missed the guy by a few minutes . Cousin was killed in a bar fight in early 90s. Hit in back of the head with brass knuckles outside the lizard lounge in Dallas .
  5. I’ve had one on my covered patio for 10 years, had to replace it about 2 years ago . That was only do to a crazy storm where rain was blowing sideways. Actually bought a cover for it this time so I should be good now.
  6. Quagmire

    Gym Pet Peeves

    Next they are gonna ban handjobs in the sauna !!
  7. Quagmire

    Gym Pet Peeves

    I don’t get why why showers are shutdown . I can touch every piece of equipment but that’s where they draw the line ? At least the showers are stalls and isolated from everyone
  8. Ah oh gotcha . I left my heat pump on 24/7 for a week about a month ago and guessing that the bill jumped 50 bucks from last year . Had it been gas it probably would have been 800-1000
  9. My pool has a pentair heat pump (no cooling though) . They are nice as they don’t cost as much to operate as gas but don’t heat as fast. Gas heater would probably cost 100 a day to operate. I barely notice a change in my electric bill when I run it for a few days. I’m kinda surprised they would give you a heat pump with a spa . They won’t heat unless air temp is above 50 degrees , which when it’s really cold that’s when you want to use hot tub. I don’t have a hot tub so it’s not a big deal on my setup . Mine takes around 24 hours to warm my pool around 20 degrees when it’s cool out. I just turn it on , the fan kicks in and it does a 5 minute count down before compressor kicks in and starts heating .
  10. Yep, got the form all filled out for that transfer done
  11. So I purchased a used jetski and trailer . Have the title of the trailer signed over to me. Is there an online transfer option for the title and registration ? Looks like I need to fill out form 130-U and mail it in, but wondering if there’s an easier way . DMV website is confusing as hell.
  12. Federal pound me in the ass prison
  13. Only took them 13 years to catch you. Ken Paxton is awesome
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