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  1. Not all traits are passed down . My grandfather was bald. 3-4 of my brothers all bald. You just got lucky
  2. They opened a new bowling / movie place next to where I live. Someone posted about how the food sucks. Then this guy posts this . I’m pro gun, but shit this seems to be an overly paranoid reason to not go there.
  3. Can we just ban this idiot from posting in this thread.
  4. That’s what’s you get for using a Sonicwall you got off eBay
  5. Watched the first one. I’m guessing they built the shit first , then went back and filmed it for tv. Can’t imagine all those people hung out there for 15 hours. Dude with overalls is fucking weird. Pretty amazing though what some of them can built from scratch . I can’t make shit without directions
  6. Same here, these drug trafficking shows always peak my interest . Plus hot sluts with titty and ass
  7. Did aggy win the title legitimately? Advantage aggy
  8. You don’t need a PR department to say we screwed up , sorry.
  9. You don’t need a PR department to see we screwed up , sorry.
  10. It’s not often you can apologize for something and make yourself look like more of a jackass, but their organization sure did it. They should force the Astros catchers to yell out the pitches each game this year and see how their opponents do against them since they believe it didn’t help them.
  11. Sure zipper merge is more efficient if everyone does the right thing, but that rarely happens . Either people don’t let anyone in or 5 cars in. Also the mergers are usually impatient and don’t wait their turn and go 3 cars at a time.
  12. Just don’t jerk off during the study , it will skew the results
  13. I kept thinking the wedding was gonna get ruined by the hotel staff busting Larry for stealing beans, just a bit off on that one
  14. Lol this shits getting ridiculous , people just makeup shit for attention
  15. Yeah it’s great to get your yard moved in under a minute
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