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  1. Try putting your penis in the jets. Pretty fun .
  2. Second episode was pretty badass, it’s about fucking time they made some decent shit, only been 30+ years
  3. Cum he must! The question is, is his cum green?
  4. Just put some knifes next to shitter and cut up your own shit
  5. Then follow it up with a fair catch when nobody was within 20 yards
  6. What the fuck was that penalty
  7. Dtv now price going up again, signed up when they started for their forever price of 25 bucks, now it’s going up to 60. Cunts
  8. VideoSecu Adjustable Ceiling... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001KPILLE?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share This is what I have, swivels 360 so it can face patio or pool. Mounted to joists in my patio . Have a 50 inch LG that was 300 bucks . My last patio tv lasted 6 years till a crazy storm that blew rain sideways got it wet . As long as they don’t get wet they are fine, temps don’t seem to mess things up
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