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  1. Does this mean we cant fap in nsaa anymore ?
  2. Are you his cock boy or something ?
  3. Those that had pools built what type of financing and terms did you use?
  4. So all a superstar has to do to get traded is whine about it for a few months?
  5. Funny how they are lobbying to be #2, nobody gives a shit unless your #1
  6. Only bad thing about SWG is it stops making Chlorine when the temps drop below 50 or so
  7. Does the system function without monitoring ? My thought is the actual alarm going off would scare away most, but by the time they try to call you 3 times to verify you didn’t set off alarm , then send the cops it would be too late anyway.
  8. OP has fleas but wife doesn’t want to tell him
  9. I hear you can suck dicks for money
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