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  1. He's consistent. You have to give him that. We should take bets on which poster thinks Biden is worse than Trump first, him or bad teammate? Nah, that's not fair. It will definitely be bt. Under/over is set at 60 days.
  2. Our early June 2020 trip to San Diego and DLR that had to be cancelled would've been in that window where all passholders were blocked. The crowd levels on the tracking sites were 1-4 most days which is ridiculously low. Now I have no idea when we'll return and how much of an s-show it will eventually be. Hell, I even wonder if DLR will open this year with how bad California has been handling Covid. So maybe summer 2022? DLR will take a while to slowly roll out even allowing people back in beyond Orange County. I think cancelling the AP program was a smart idea. That place gets way too crowded
  3. So they apparently cheated a whole lot to only top out with an 8-5 season one year, sandwiched between two losing seasons?
  4. Seriously, if he pardons any of the Capitol insurrectionists, the FBI and DOJ need to go after every member of his family.
  5. Given how rudderless we've been, that's not the worst result in the world with two mids back in defense.
  6. Nice shot by Thiago. More of that.
  7. FIFY as you know she'll be the main focal point for the right.
  8. He's so incredibly off. Why do they wait so f'ing long?
  9. Shaq is making the most of his time. Great to see.
  10. I'm steeling myself for a United penalty.
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