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  1. So Zalatoris and Rose pairing up again?
  2. I like that the kid could steal the spot from Rose.
  3. Zalatoris would be paired with Hideki if he makes this.
  4. Rose is really trying to make his life difficult.
  5. If he can pick up a birdie here, he's only 5 back. Good shot to the green.
  6. Jordan's going to have a huge hole to climb out of.
  7. Jordan with an awesome birdie chip in on 10!
  8. At least Jordan got that in before they blew the horn.
  9. What a great recovery by Jordan. Bogey to birdie with that great shot out of the pine straw.
  10. Jordan's over by the azaleas. He's skidding all over the place.
  11. Jordan just went into the sand on his 3rd shot. Would need to chip in to save par.
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