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  1. That was beautiful. Cumulus, the power of saving cash!
  2. The Big 12 has nothing to do with what Fox, ABC, or ESPN choose for time slots. 11am is a nationally televised time slot on both OTA networks.
  3. You don't want a late Texas OU kick to beat you twice. /Mack Brown
  4. oSu is probably a Big Noon game as Fox hasn't had us yet and you know Joel and Gus love to come to Austin. Plus, if we beat OU, the whole setup with their pregame comes to town.
  5. Careful guys or that one guy is going to get pissy that we're talking about what time a future game is going to be. Mark me down as liking the 11am kickoff as well. Get in, breakfast of championship, drink some more, go into the Cotton Bowl. F waiting around all day.
  6. Yeah, the game being on ESPN is a wildcard. Will be interesting to see if ESPN wants to test how Texas OU does head to head against the SEC CBS game which is Georgia-Auburn.
  7. You look at TCU over there and it's just all about the tradition of Gary Patterson's shirt being drenched in sweat even if it's 5 below outside.
  8. So Lonestar, you see evil will always triumph because good is dumb.
  9. WVU is so fucking stupid. Just held them to 4th down and then you facerape. You dumb dumb dildo.
  10. And this is the point in the game where WVU forgets how to play defense.
  11. What kinda throw was that shit?
  12. RT took 4 points off the board for WVU.
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