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  1. mdmost

    Uniform Pron

    The 2nd on the left looks like a Cub Scouts uniform.
  2. So it wasn't a "Last Supper" for the Musers? One thing on the ratings, did Whitt's numbers take into account the combined AM, FM, and stream numbers? On the screenshot threesheets had, I can only see KTCK-AM and the AM stream numbers. FM is missing. Was FM too low to be rated or was that left off or is that already combined into the AM ratings? Seems weird to not show AM and FM as two separate numbers. Or am I just missing it.
  3. Yeah, the whole morning of people acting like Gordo treats today like Christmas has been great.
  4. Whitt's a piece of shit so I'm good with any shots taken at him.
  5. A New Hope, Empire, Return of the Jedi, Rogue One. Eventually there will be an Obi Wan movie with Ewan McGregor so you could watch the prequels but they are entirely skippable.
  6. Testimony from people like Hill, Vindman, and Yovanovich make me thankful that there are intelligent, moral people who are working to ensure our country doesn't slip down into the fifth level of hell under the Asshole In Chief.
  7. If any of you are viewers of Fleabag, Hill looks like an older version of the sister from that show.
  8. Mo and Andy were back in training today. Not sure what that means for Palace.
  9. https://twitter.com/getFANDOM/status/1197255485314830336?s=20
  10. Ha ha. Okay. Enjoy your other shows then.
  11. December 7th is the date of our show.
  12. North London Derby will be must watch again.
  13. I can already spot something a lot will have a big problem with so let's go ahead and get it out of the way.
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