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  1. Sadly, your cunt ass was saved from Covid by doctors.
  2. Ha at least we’re not Michigan and stuck with a guy that can’t beat their rival and loses to historically lesser teams. Oh wait
  3. mdmost

    Fire Tom Herman

    Enjoy the win because we’re going to lose next week.
  4. The whole board would’ve scored with your mother at the end.
  5. Holy shit. Jota/Mane/Salah/Firmino! Alisson back already. I hope it's not too quickly for him.
  6. Alisson is on the bench! Saw they're targeting West Ham next week for his return. Well that was wrong.
  7. Ohio State looking rusty. 7-0 Nebraska.
  8. What will be wonderful after he loses is he'll spend the rest of his days tweeting about how unfair everyone was to him during his time as President. Hopefully that's not a long period of time.
  9. I don't think they'll make this Bond movie another pay $30 sort of deal. This is all about getting signups. If it were about just pure cash, they'd throw it on iTunes like the other movies were done in March and April (Trolls 2). This is more to get people subbed into their service like the Tom Hanks WW2 was supposed to do.
  10. Let's just say that those are the terms it's being thought in by just about everybody.
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