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  1. Good shit. Already saw Klopp might give back some salary to help cover the costs of the staff. I'd expect the players may follow suit.
  2. I hope they planted Encore Azaleas.
  3. Well this is f'ing awful. RIP.
  4. Enjoyed the twist. Finally hit me tonight where I've seen Connells before. He was the guy in Braveheart whose wife was taken by the English lord which he later killed with a mace.
  5. Again, a tweet for everything. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/506196759300038656
  6. So basically, his stand in for the rallies he can no longer have.
  7. Why do I get the feeling Boris Johnson is now not only going to live through this but will be the catalyst for a miracle cure based on his antibodies?
  8. "Everyone's talking about this Coronavirus. I have a Smith Corona typewriter. Does that mean I'm going to catch the Coronavirus too? Would my particular strain of the virus be called the Smith-Coronavirus? Who is this Corona person anyway? Did they also discover the beer that's now manufactured south of the border? Maybe drinking that beer will help keep me from getting the virus since I'll have already ingested some of the virus into my body, like you do when they give you a vaccine."
  9. This 60 Minutes on the impacts of this to the people in NYC is incredibly tough but also has a lot of heartwarming stories. Stories of people now out of work that can't get through to the unemployment office to get benefits started, a company that went from laying off 30 to hiring 100 when they retooled to make shields and masks, employees volunteering to split hours with others so everyone can get paid, and someone buying meals from a local restaurant to support them but also give Mt Sinai staff something good to eat. If you have a chance to catch the replay, it's worth it.
  10. A tiger in the NBA got it, so they're shutting the league down.
  11. Some of those that work forces, are the same that attach lights to crosses.
  12. As the death toll mounts, his poll numbers will drop. His crowing about H1N1 killing more than this is going to haunt him. His idiot base will still vote for him. But as people lose jobs, loved ones, friends, and money, they'll find somebody to blame. That's not Joe Biden.
  13. Oh hell, I don't know anymore. Season 2 was such a mess.
  14. Lots of terrible karma in this thread. A person dying, even an idiot, still had a family or people who cared for them. They probably now have someone stuck with a really large medical bill that will be difficult to repay. Not sure why spiking the football on the idiot is great but if that's how you get your jollies, enjoy. It's pretty vacant though.
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