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  1. This looks more like don't lose by 2. Bite the big one, Diego.
  2. Yeah Liverpool have never been down before in a CL match. I'll be fine. I know it's tough to always have to live vicariously in Champions League.
  3. TAA and Andy haven't been great in helping the offense find more opportunities. TAA in general seems really off today. Just go for the draw and then shut them down at Anfield. Seems Origi is coming in for Mane.
  4. Lolz at the Toffee talking shit. Which channel is your team on that's getting beaten by Liverpool's U20 today?
  5. This stadium looks familiar. Time for a similar result as the last time they were there.
  6. So Dan got Proudboy Nitkowski in the divorce.
  7. Yeah but thankfully we have VAR to keep us 25 points clear of City.
  8. 10 years ago already since he last played for Texas. Christ, we've suck for 10 years.
  9. Oh you'll be fine. City's getting their CL selection stripped so you guys can finish 5th and still get in.
  10. Hearing an ad for Bloomberg where it's got Obama giving a speech talking up Bloomberg when he was mayor of NYC. Treating it like it's an endorsement today. Lots of balls on this billionaire.
  11. Kinda like Southampton supporters should focus on earning points, rather than whining about Liverpool and VAR, eh?
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