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  1. It's really not the full reaction I'm having which is when he flies off in the anger and wants to spin the world backwards so he can go back in time.
  2. I don't know if a neutral site is a bigger headache than one team having to add an extra travel date adding 3-4 additional hours to their normal 3 hour trip. I could see both schools digging in their heels on who has to travel for the game as that puts an additional headache on one of the programs and they're then playing at a disadvantage. You could have a bubble type situation created at a place like the Omni downtown where both teams get sequestered. Don't the players normally travel in on Thursday, do their walk through on Friday, game on Saturday, and then back home right after the game? I'd imagine the walk through in general gets eliminated this year. Overall, my thought is delay the season till spring. Safest way to deal with another wave. If there's a winter wave, no season.
  3. That's not what you said. You said if there's football, we'll need a new site. If there's football, our AD and OU's already said their plan is to play at the Cotton Bowl. Sure, it could change but until that moment, all this talk of playing Austin, Norman, or JerryWorld is pointless.
  4. There's a Fletcher's food truck that goes around Dallas. Might need to schedule that to come around on October 10th.
  5. Why is JerryWorld a better alternative to the place that's completely open and will have no one in or around the area? Again people, the Cotton Bowl game was played in that stadium, without the State Fair around it, for decades. You can play a one off game at Fair Park without the State Fair as long as Dallas is still willing to allow it and pay for it. Assuming the contract is locked in, Dallas will have to pay unless they tell the teams the game can't go on. I highly doubt they do that.
  6. Stephen Miller deserves the Mussolini treatment. He's that fucking evil.
  7. It would be no different than when Fair Park holds an event at the Cotton Bowl like the old Cotton Bowl bowl game. There just wouldn't be anything else around the stadium except for maybe a few vendors. But don't hold your breath on live football with fans this year anyway.
  8. Kind of a big deal here in Dallas. No State Fair this year.
  9. If they really want a great commercial, have Bubba pull up to the track with a ton of rednecks waving the confederate flag and screaming all lives matter. Then Bubba puts on his Beats and I'm the Man by Aloe Blacc starts playing.
  10. No, you're conflating two different things. They already did their march and made their voices heard on BLM. Now they want to change icons to racism at UT like statues, building names, and debatably, the Eyes. Just because they don't speak about every young black man or woman killed over a given weekend doesn't mean their message is inconsistent. They are using their voices after becoming active based on George Floyd's murder. This trying to catch them as being inconsistent so you can write off what they're wanting is disingenuous at best. Just like all the other ridiculous slippery slope arguments made on here.
  11. Yeah but if you let the corporations, err SJWs, win on this one, they'll next want other franchises to change their names. Think of all that slipperiness.
  12. If they did, would you actually give a shit about what they want changed? Somehow I doubt it. They don't have to tweet about every young minority murdered over the weekend. They are wanting specific changes from the university they attend and play for.
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