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  1. Yeah but think about how good it will be when the inevitable aggy crash happens.
  2. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    The Scots tie it up
  3. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    Man U is thankful to Southgate for continually resting Sancho.
  4. I'm hoping this is just white noise to mask a current angle they're taking but seeing multiple stories that we're not buying anyone else this window and not replacing Gini. This smacks of the same mistake that was made in not getting more cover for the backfield last offseason. That's a lot of wishful hoping on a bunch of injury plagued midfielders.
  5. Maybe you've massively changed how you do things in the last couple of years and we're not recognizing it.
  6. A famous Polish broadcaster who may have a bit of a gambling problem was once famously quoted as saying this nugget of truth about people, "we just like to bitch".
  7. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    That's goal of the tournament. Split 4 Russians and the keeper.
  8. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    Russia going down in flames.
  9. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    Ref got taken on that one.
  10. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    The keeper is going to Siberia when he gets back to Russia.
  11. mdmost

    Euro 2020/2021

    That Netherlands away shirt is pretty nice.
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