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  1. On a personal level, yes. I love all the time with my kids. They are 16, 13 and 10. Very self-sufficient and fun and generally awesome. I much prefer working from home too and hope I can do this more. On normal weekdays I spend about 2-3 hours in the car between school, work, and sports. While I miss the sports I do not miss the driving. And we are all eating healthier because I have time to actually cook nightly. On an existential level, no. There is a lot of of hurt and suffering out there right now and it's probably only going to get worse.
  2. Like lots of people right now we are making a little home gym in our garage. This is far from my area of expertise and it is being driven by my teenager who is very upset to lose his gym time, plus I have 2 younger boys so I am sure it's going to be used for a long time. (You know, just like that trampoline they insisted on last year.) We have equipment coming next week but I obviously want to get some protective flooring. I need to get rubber, not foam, right? Any recommendations? I am flying blind here.
  3. Thank you. My family all lives in Colorado. It's def hitting there harder than many places for some reason, or maybe it's the fact they seem to be testing a little more relative to other places. Glad you guys are ok.
  4. @honolulu horn are you in Hawaii, really? How do you think you got it? I am glad you guys are all ok now.
  5. Those with teenagers - Are your kids paying close attention? I am surprised by how much my teenager (almost 16) is following this and asking questions. He has been since last week. I realized this is that generation's first real experience with a national security threat/crisis. He and his friends are half-kidding and half-concerned about WW3 and the draft.
  6. Can someone who has been paying attention please post a summary of what's going on and why?
  7. My dad has never voted for a D in his life but he supported Hillary in 2016. I was shocked and pleased. He and my mom have gotten more liberal as they have gotten older probably because they moved out of our conservative hometown to a more liberal place. My sisters are both faith-based but the granola kind of Christians. Probably pro-life but it doesn't drive their votes. They are strongly pro-gun control. Needless to say my family all despises Trump and are disgusted by the current Republicans. I am truly proud of my family's reasonable and reality-based political views. I know I am very lucky. I am to the left of all of them but not too much. My exhusband and his family (with whom I get along pretty well because we put the kids first) are very, very conservative in all ways and think they truly think they will go to hell for ever voting for a D because of abortion. Some of them hate Trump but will stick with him because abortion. Others are full MAGA. My kids get exposed to all of this. Politics is a big deal on both sides of the family.
  8. I need some information please. We were booked to fly on Frontier (I know I know) and the flight out last week got canceled so we were rebooked on American. I parked in the Main Terminal garage. We fly back into the South Terminal on Frontier now, which I didn't realize at the time. So are there shuttles to the Main Terminal/Garage from the South Terminal? It will just be me and my 3 kids and I like to know exactly what to do ahead of time. What a pain in the ass. On another note I fly without kids on Delta later this week so looking forward to that lounge.
  9. I haven't cried in a long time but this did it. Out of nowhere too. Tiger is the same age as me so this hits close to home. But seriously, I remember 1997 and watching in my apt on West Campus. And after all he has been through and his flaws and humanity and injuries and really he just wanted to win for his family again today and he did. Jesus what an amazing accomplishment.
  10. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/03/mueller-report/585631/
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