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  1. If you get a USB mic, you won't have to worry about analog signal path questions. And do you need to move around a lot that would necessitate having a lapel/lav mic? I use one of those snowball mic's on a tripod on the desk and turn the gain up.
  2. They filmed a lot of season 2 in Lockhart, I think I remember a scene at McKinney Falls too.
  3. It's a slow burn but gets really good by the end of season 1. Each season has a pretty different feel iirc. Max Richter did the score which is very heavy and beautiful. It did feel like they got too far off the path a few times, but it was a good show and stayed interesting until the end.
  4. I can't get that damn Eric Clapton song out of my head now.
  5. Yeah that was hilarious and amazing.
  6. Using synergy as suggested above or Mouse without borders will make it so you don't have to move the dongle back and forth. If I had a larger desk, I would run 4 monitors, 2 for work and 2 for home and use synergy to mouse across all 4.
  7. I wish Kevin could have pivoted once he realized the concept was doomed given the time constraints. He essentially had the two best, most technical chefs in the competition just muscling through side dishes to fulfill the southern feast concept. It sucks, but he stuck with a concept that didn't allow any of them to really show out in those courses except for him with the chicken and the dessert. And he didn't execute either very well. He definitely lost that challenge.
  8. I remember him being an absolute trainwreck the first time he was on the show when and the bosun were fighting over Malia. Then the second time, it was like he suddenly matured and was actually one of the more reasonable crew members. Then this time, he looks like a complete asshole again. Might be related to a girl being involved both times, maybe just a coincidence though.
  9. Jesus Christ, Norla. Even though you're not better than this, you're better than this.
  10. Petrified chicken fetus, banana slug on rice, cocktail wieners, with a side geometric shapes.
  11. I haven't been to TJ since before the lockdown. I couldn't find a delivery service that went there, and they don't have a drive-up or pick-up option. For those who have gone in the store, are there fewer people shopping than before? I have no desire to walk around in there with the amount of people that were typically shopping there prior to quarantine. I normally go to the one on Bee Cave rd.
  12. My dad has a vac master and it's amazing. They sometimes do group buys on sous vide Facebook groups which brings the cost down some.
  13. Is this the thread for pirates who aspire to be butchers?
  14. How violent/graphic is this show? My son is about to turn 5 and he is way into light sabers and shit but has never seen a star wars movie or show. I'd like to watch something like this with him but not if there is much killing and whatnot. He's pretty sensitive to visual stuff.
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