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  1. Can anyone recommend a good spot in Portland/Corpus Christy? I came down for an event that got canceled, so I’m going to utilize my time to use some of my new gear. Don’t have a boat, but will travel to wherever they’re biting.
  2. Good friend of mine, Texas grad, and huge Trumpkin to the point that I've had to pull the reins back on hanging out with him due to the fact that all I'm subjected to are videos and bullshit right wing fucktardedness. His stance on the Babbitt situation was, "They lifted her up and into the window, and then changed their clothes".
  3. Is that a Texas Black Rat Snek?
  4. I’ll quote this comment because it’s absolutely true. The posted pic during the incident by the car has him (and his friend, the custom AK-47) in a low-ready position. Absolutely, positively, 100% different than the position in the photo Gourmand posted. He (probably) walked towards the vehicle in the position in Gourmand’s pic, and when he was able to part the crowd because he was the dude with the firearm, switched to low ready. Again, I will say that I’m not cool with him dying. But a soldier, behind the windshield of a vehicle already being pounded on, sees people moving aside, for a man walking towards him traversing his weapon into low-ready, I’m afraid that all bets are off for AK guy. It’s extremely hard to explain, but there are many on here that know what I’m talking about. Still shots mean jack shit in this case. Put a go pro on both of their heads and watch it in real time. Then ask yourself what you would’ve done.
  5. Looks like a checkered garter. Good snek.
  6. Foster shouldn’t have been walking around with a tactically modified AK-47 in Downtown Austin. I’m not saying he deserved to die, but anyone walking around in a potentially hostile environment, at night, with a loaded tactical long rifle is a fucking idiot.
  7. Bull snek. Had one for almost 4 years. Typically pretty ornery, but the one I found was wounded, probably about a year old. He ended up growing to almost 6ft long, and was one of the most docile sneks I’d ever been around. RIP Billy Jack.
  8. Bonus points for the (well fed) gecko hanging out on the underside of the water meter cover.
  9. Growing up in Kerrville, summertime camp counselors from the cities were, and always will be, my favorite pastime.
  10. That movie was extremely hard for me (and harder for my ex-wife) to watch because I'd recognize places and call them out. That movie was fantastic.
  11. I did the original route (Starting in Southern France through northern Spain) in 2003. It took me 36 days. Would've taken me less time, but I was 23yrs old, and was really enjoying the (cough) scenery at the time. So I'd stay in a town for a few days to "let me feet heal up". Arguably the greatest thing I'd ever done for myself, and by myself up until that point of my life. And I'm going to do it again.
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