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  1. It was initially inked to be an Irish Pub/Beer Garden. The (original) tenant made a name for himself over in the UK as a pub guru. Developer was stoked about this idea because of the potential tenant’s street cred over in the UK, so he was onboard. Fast forward to Lease execution; Plans are drawn, lawyers are cozy with each other, rent is agreed upon, and contingencies are waived. Then, at zero hour (literally at lease execution), the tenant informed the owner that he’s gonna do a completely different concept. Developer was livid, but had already spent so much on the tenant’s build out, TI allowance, and permitting that he was ready to just get the fucking thing signed (plus, the tenant’s credit is immaculate and his payment history with his UK stores check out). I might have been the first one that property owner/developer called when the tenant called no-joy after a whopping 4-5 months of operation. I love the location, but the parking is a joke, and I’m pretty sure the property has a grandfather clause that allows all of the six “street parking spaces” to count as coded parking for the square footage of the actual improved property (which is jack shit). TLDR; developer thought he was getting an authentic Irish Pub from a proven operator, but instead, the Irish operator went all hands on deck and committed conceptual suicide.
  2. Damn, that wolf attack was hard to watch.
  3. If Kiffin needs a go-to list of trim to bang in Oxford, I can more than accommodate him by providing a lengthy dossier of some of my post-college triumphs. Hell, I’ll even categorize them by age. This is encouraging. If becoming Eskimo brothers with our new coach is my call to duty, then so be it. It’s been almost twenty years since I graduated, and I finally get to contribute to the success of my alma mater’s football program. Where do I sign?
  4. Sounded more like he was making fun of the parents. The kid just ended up being the unfortunate victim of terrible parenting.
  5. You sound like you’re a hoot at parties.
  6. So, what’s the problem again?
  7. And to be quite honest, I’m okay with that.
  8. Crickets after almost a day. She’s probably checked her post fifty times. So I decided to pry.
  9. I just realized that our AD played basketball for Ole Miss while I was playing baseball. Is there a pause button on life? Because I’m beginning to feel old as shit.
  10. Man that’s a decent little injection of nostalgia right in the hip.
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