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  1. Sounds like the gays are up to no good spreading disease again. First AIDS and now corona
  2. Your mom is known as The Noble County Meat Plant
  3. Looks like we’ll have a threesome story out of this whole quarantine time
  4. Possibly my final update, things are looking bad here in the basement. The warmer weather has not been setting well with my strain of corona. My beanbag has been sticking to my leg quite a bit due to the heat and poor ventilation. So it sticks to my leg, usually the right, and then when I sit and prop my leg up, it will come crashing down and they clank together. I assume this means my condition isn’t getting any better, I’ve read somewhere that it’s an early sign of pneumonia. I’ve called the pedo a few times and recently the local law enforcement has shown up and asked me to leave him alone. I guess he must be shutdown for being non-essential. Any ways, I’m trying to get approved for the antibody testing, but I keep getting rejected for what they’ve only vaguely described as “gross and vulgar misconduct.” I need to restock on some basic goods so I bought some PPE online, but apparently that has more than one meaning. I will post pictures when I figure out how to put it on or in, however it works
  5. I’ve had this exact same things happen a few times, I always just mixed up a 60 lb bag of concrete and pour it over the whole thing. No more flexing or spreading
  6. This has happened to me a few times, I find it you just flip it upside down it works perfectly
  7. It’s an antelope horn. The purple flower sounds like Indian Breadroot
  8. The point of this question is how things have changed. Uncle Gary’s lifestyle remains unphased
  9. No shit. My wife is taking a vacuum in for repair today. Essential and such. That sounds like code for your wife has been blowing a lot of different dudes
  10. I continue to cup my own farts and smell them daily, as my own self testing It should be noted that I have been self testing since I was 9
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