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  1. Rick Miller (R) of Sugar Land isn't seeking reelection in the TX House 26th district following comments on his primary opponents largely seen as racist. Yes, this was in the Republican Party thread, but it belongs here, because this will be a very competitive district in 2020 and one that the Dems really ought to flip if they are going to take control of the State House. https://www.texastribune.org/2019/12/03/greg-abbott-rescinds-endorsement-texas-republican-rick-miller/ Miller was a very strong candidate so his exit is a real blow to the Texas GOP. He mopped the floor with his Dem opponent, Sarah Demerchant, by 15 points in 2016 but won by less than 5 points in their 2018 rematch. Demerchant is running again but is likely going to get beat in the Dem primary by Rish Oberoi, who is killing it in fundraising and a better fit for the district (he's of South Asian descent, ahem). He'll gladly take your $20 if you want to flip the House next year.
  2. Just to make another analogy, this reminds me of the Belotti to Kelly transfer at Oregon a decade ago. Belotti was pretty good in his own right but encountered a few rough seasons near the end before promoting an up-and-comer. I recall he also took an administrative role in the AD for a few years.
  3. Yeah, two whole decades. Most Cal fans don't even bother asking anymore. At least UCLA at the university level is receptive toward a winning football program. It will happen again eventually.
  4. Woah, a win down in So Cal. Hook that up to my veins. God knows they don't happen every year.
  5. I think you're on the right track. The MA groups will hydrolyze in the body raising the polarity of the polymer overall. This helps make it more biocompatible, minimizing adverse reaction by the immune system. Also, as the polymer slowly breaks down, the fragments will be soluble, allowing it to be cleared more effectively.
  6. If file sharing didn't kill the music industry then they should be able to shrug this off easily.
  7. Only one of those points leads, even indirectly, to Texas winning games, and that point is pure speculation.
  8. Some stories rumors about Chip leaving Westwood at season's end to be a coordinator in the NFL. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/chip-kelly-ucla-parting-ways-tony-pauline/
  9. I couldn't do it myself. I would have had to write her info down or flag it in the block walking app, then remember to notify HQ when I got back. People forget it is more convenient for one to remove themselves from a mailing or call list than have someone else do it.
  10. District elections were held Sunday in Hong Kong and the pro-democracy parties handed the pro-Beijing party its ass on a platter. The Dems won 90% of races, tripling their seats amid record-breaking turnout. What's funny is that the CCP didn't see it coming. https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/11/25/hong-kong-election-beijing-media-delusions-victory/
  11. I walked for two campaigns in 2018. I was never threatened with anything approaching violence. My interactions with Republicans was usually polite and short. Here are some of the more interesting things I heard. "My wife and I are big Cruz supporters but both of our daughters are Democrats and are probably doing the same thing you are. That's cool. Good luck!" "We're both Republican but I'm voting Beto because I don't like Cruz. My wife is asleep right now and I don't want her to hear this, so you best be on your way. No, don't take my phone number." "I'm a Republican but enough is enough. Blue wave, baby!" The most shit I got was from a frazzled Democrat who was pissed that Beto seemed to be going easy on Ted and not flooding the tubes with attack ads. She told me I was wasting my time and wanted me to take her off all mailing and call lists. I didn't.
  12. I agree. Trump's appearances really do have a net positive outcome for Republicans, but all it amounts to is just a partial negation of the heavy Dem lean. Replace Trump with some other Republican and there wouldn't be a post-rally R voter spike, but there also wouldn't be the need to hold rallies in the first place. Republicans should be thankful he at least has the self awareness to try to clean up his own goddamn mess.
  13. At Texas? Aim higher. Wilcox still has lots to prove at Cal, such as if he is capable of recruiting at an average level. The team has no depth. The drop-off between the starters and their backups is massive. This has historically been the case. Wilcox will be the next victim unless he can consistently improve recruiting.
  14. Nice quarter, Garbers. See you next season...
  15. I haven't had much (good) cajun food, I'll admit, but what I've had was waaaaay too salty.
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