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  1. I don't know about Venezuelans, but it's not baffling at all that Cubans vote Republican, particularly older ones . Cubans historically have been able to just wash up onto US territory (literally in some cases) and claim amnesty. They can bypass the majority of the immigration process that most of the rest of the world, and all other LA citizens are subjected. They have been anointed the chosen people for political reasons and many tend to vote just like their entitled white brethren. Obama nixing the amnesty program not long before leaving office probably turned even more of them off of the Democrats. Cubans should be treated as their own category (or considered whites) in political polls and surveys and not lumped into the broader Hispanic/Latinx grouping.
  2. I fully expect Cal will follow suit. They also have a large number of sports programs that they can barely support on a good year. Attempts at even minor cuts have prompted backlash from alums in the past but not anymore. Expect smaller cuts elsewhere if only because everyone else had already downsized.
  3. I was curious to see what kind of impact donations would have in this race. Two questions I had was how much has each candidate raised and how expensive it is to campaign in Alaska. It's easy enough to find information to answer the first question. Sullivan has $4.5M on-hand as of March. He raised 8 million in 2014 when he was last up. Gross has $2M on-hand. Online ad expenditure is almost even between the candidates and not that high to date. That's all there is on opensecrets, so I have no answer to the second question. https://www.opensecrets.org/races/candidates?cycle=2020&id=AKS1&spec=N In any case, $2 million isn't nothing, so I think Gross should set up to be funded well enough already to get his name out there.
  4. PPP is a Democratic pollster, but they're legit. Accounting for the few points bias to the left, this race still looks like a Dem lean. 39% is awful for an incumbent.
  5. This X 1000.If Biden is elected, H.R. 1 needs a vote in the Senate in his first 100 days. Corruption is the root cause or a major contributing factor in essentially everything wrong with America today. It would frankly be a waste of time to pass any far-reaching legislation without first addressing the systemic causes of unequal representation and political dysfunction. I hope it doesn't get lost in what would surely be a chaotic transition of power.
  6. Case? As in one case? Big deal. Plague in China should be no surprise. The Central Asian rodent population is where the disease originates. Rodents in the western United States are a plague reservoir leftover from the pandemic that started in the late 1800's. Cases in the US alone can reach double digits per year
  7. For the first time ever, mask usage at HEB in Sugar Land was basically 100% when I went this afternoon. I think people get it. Finally.
  8. For the first time there was a paper backup system going at my polling place yesterday in Fort Bend County. A paper receipt was printed by the machine, which I handed in to the poll worker after I left the booth. How widespread is this within Texas? Will the general election be run this way or was this a runoff one-off?
  9. I agree, but his advisors all have their heads up his ass. Yes-men are all that remains in the WH and his campaign. That Politico piece was full of quotes from the tone deaf. I don't think his advisors were telling him not to have the Tulsa rally. They don't seem to see any differences between 2016 and now, despite Covid and the protest movement and just the raw numbers. He'd be much better off listening to Republican senators and governors, who are going to run away from him if this keeps up. Good.
  10. Ha. Yeah, it's strange. "Covid toes" is a real thing, apparently, but this is on my fingers. I know lots of viruses cause rashes. Here's a paper about Covid and urinary symptoms. ~12% of cases in their very small sample size. Anyway, I wonder what else is going around right now considering that some of the usual vectors should be suppressed. What's really going on with the 90% of tests being negative? Some combination of hypochondriacs, getting tested too late, or some other bug.
  11. Can Covid give you a UTI, cause frostbite in summer, and leave without a trace? Today I got my negative test result after nearly three weeks of the weirdest symptoms. It started with burning while taking a leak. Urologist saw blood in my urine but no white blood cells but put me on antibiotics anyway. Around that time I was unusually tired, like worn-the-fuck-out-just-ran-a-marathon tired after days at work, which lasted almost a week. About one week in, I had a low grade fever for only a couple of evenings and the start of widespread body aches that are still kind of with me now. About a week ago the pee pee symptoms and tiredness resolved but I developed a strange rash on my fingers, like frostbite, that actually have worsened. Also around then, my wife and two kids got fevers, with my wife complaining about soreness and food tasting weird. That made me finally go in and get tested, that and reading about unusual Covid symptoms that seem eerily like my own. I've felt a little sticky in the back of my throat the past few days. Otherwise neither I nor any other family members have had respiratory symptoms. I'm thinking about checking for antibodies but I don't really care. I figure I'll just assume no immunity, keep masking up, and staying away from people.
  12. Wasn't there a similar release a year ago in that general area? I thought it led to speculation about a failed top secret weapons test, more specifically a nuclear powered cruise missle. https://thediplomat.com/2019/02/russia-conducts-test-of-nuclear-powered-cruise-missile/
  13. More on Hickenlooper's latest issues. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/21/john-hickenlooper-colorado-senate-stumble-330755
  14. Convincing Trump to step down is impossible. Besides, it would be like excising a tumor but leaving the malignancy. No. What's needed are several rounds of chemo in the form of a mauling at the hands of American voters.
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