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  1. Her problem will be no different than 99% of independents/3rd party candidates, not enough electoral space left. Both parties probably have a floor of at least 35%, which already means she is short. If Gallego runs, she will retire.
  2. That team only earned 4 points in group play, then got lucky playing El Tri in the Ro16. We'd all take that matchup now.
  3. berlinerbaer

    USMNT 2023

    I'm still bummed Klinsmann didn't work out. He checked a lot of your boxes circa 2011.
  4. https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/12/01/germany-world-cup-ozil-turkey-protest-dual-citizenship-reform-scholz/?tpcc=recirc_latest062921 Mesut Ozil’s Ghost Still Haunts Germany Proposed citizenship reform offers a chance at redemption. By Allison Meakem, an assistant editor at Foreign Policy.
  5. The redistricting commissions in California and other states were enacted by ballot measures, not the normal legislative process. Voters in those states would need to repeal them. It is highly unlikely that even Dem voters would do that. SCOTUS could rule them unconstitutional next spring. That is the only realistic way they can be undone.
  6. We would be talking about Representative-elect Jessica Cisneros if Nancy and the DCCC didn't roll out the cavalry to protect Henry Cuellar last spring. He knows where his allegiance lies.
  7. @Zonahorn How is the AZ state legislature looking so far?
  8. Do you forget these close electoral wins are in spite of unprecedented structural disadvantages? The people have spoken. This election is a much bigger mandate than 2020 was.
  9. and here I thought she was a reporter for ESPN
  10. Gotcha. The Bay Area is also more liberal than anywhere in So Cal so it would make sense they would have a deep Democratic bench. Out of curiosity, do you have any critiques of Padilla so far, or of his career at the state level?
  11. The Dem won the latest 13k ballot drop 52/48. I guess there are at least 100k ballots still out there, maybe 150k, but he needs to start doing better than that. He's down 12.7k (8%). Michelle Steel sucks and I hope she loses.
  12. I am a California native aware of the NorCal/SoCal social divide and I think this is a little nutso.
  13. I'm okay with this. She and her ilk are a drag on her party and will give R leadership fits the next 2 years.
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