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  1. And it's an important point, because I don't think Tech has any liability for anything that hasn't been definitely proved to have happened and if it did, happened at some other institution. The integrity of the university and athletic dept. is at stake, though, and that's no small matter.
  2. Fair enough, but I'm talking about "common sense" proof, like Art's "those are some bad dudes" tweet. All we have from Wells so far is a public statement worded vaguely enough that it sounds like it was written at the behest of a legal adviser, along with some hazy dates, the waters of which have been muddied by a journalist who publicly admitted they stated something that was factually incorrect.
  3. Looks more like New Mexico than tOSU.
  4. Please note, the "two schools" in this case are Baylor and Utah State, not Texas Tech.
  5. Chris Beard is a fucking motherfucker of a recruiter.
  6. I think this sort of thing probably goes on at a lot of places, where they make the process of reporting these things very opaque and inefficient, so it never reaches the HC and he's effectively shielded from it. Of course, it could be that, like Briles, Wells was complicit, and if so, he should be fired immediately. There needs to be some proof in Wells's case, though, and if there is, it hasn't yet come to light.
  7. I think WVU blew their (meager) load in Waco last week.
  8. From August 2018: Utah State University employees failed to report what they knew about football player’s alleged sexual misconduct, internal investigation found "Multiple employees at Utah State University who were required to report when they learned of possible sexual misconduct instead failed to act, according to a 2016 internal investigation launched after several female students said they were sexually assaulted by the same football player. USU attorney Mica McKinney was tasked with learning what the university had known about allegations against linebacker Torrey Green and how the school handled the information. She found there was confusion across campus about which offices were responsible for responding to reports of sexual misconduct, a problem compounded by the school’s “siloed” approach — which meant employees had poor or irregular communication when it came to how to investigate reports, discipline students or provide advocacy for victims. The release of her findings on Thursday was the first time USU has disclosed what specific shortcomings led to changes in how it handles reports of sexual misconduct. The release was part of a settlement in a lawsuit that USU filed against The Salt Lake Tribune last year seeking to block the release of records. ... McKinney also found that there was poor communication between local law enforcement agencies and the university, which led to the school failing to learn about reported assaults involving its students. Now, campus police are on the same case management system as other area police agencies, according to the report. The university’s new police chief and captain have also worked to “build strong relationships” with local law enforcement. Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen said USU police taking part in this shared network — which also includes information from police dispatchers and jail records — leads to a better ability to help victims. Multiple women, including USU students, had reported to Logan police in 2015 that Green had assaulted them. But asked in a records request for any communication from the department to school officials about Green, the agency said none existed."
  9. "Texas Tech released a response from Coach Wells on Friday afternoon: 'While at Utah State, I was asked to attend a meeting with the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Torrey Green in January 2016 regarding an allegation. It is important to note that Torrey had already finished his senior season in 2015. I am well aware that I have a responsibility to report any possible Title IX issues. It is the Title IX Office’s responsibility to investigate an allegation, so it would have been completely wrong for me to have done so. While I followed all Utah State procedures, I am deeply saddened for the hurt suffered by these women.'" Lawsuit accuses Matt Wells of not acting on sexual assault cases while at Utah State
  10. They aren't going to pay him the money they owe him. He knows that; we all know that. That's the point.
  11. I'm sure they did. I googled this, and there are plenty of stories about it, dating back a couple of years.
  12. 4 star guard Micah Peavy from Duncanville commits to Tech
  13. This. And fuck their rich kid students.
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