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  1. If you're white and the spitter is black, yes, this is fine. It's fine even if they don't spit on you.
  2. I'd assume he mostly just coaches himself. It ain't easy to be MAGA as fuck.
  3. Well, and don't forget, Jim Jordan knows his way around a prostate.
  4. After a quick google search, I can confirm this is the most flattering photo of her that can possibly exist.
  5. The difference is the GOP gets away with it, with no blame from any Republican voters and not much from Dem voters, while the Dems don't get away with it and all Republicans and a lot of Dems voters criticize them for the attempt.
  6. Fortunately, Tech seems to have stopped trotting out the ugly unis. I don't recall anything other than the throwbacks or normal look unis since Kliff's 2nd year as HC
  7. It's JHawk's specialty.
  8. Yeah, he fills a big hole.
  9. Seems to me the Cardinals are another team that could use a throwback oriented update to their look. If I knew how to post pictures here, I would give an example of what I'm talking about.
  11. This is a fair illustration, but I'd like to specify that I'm *not* Tim Allen in this scenario.
  12. My next door neighbor manages one of the stores here in the Austin area. We had a chat about all this last Friday (at a safe distance). I think he's aware of the risks (which includes living in the same house with his elderly father, who I think has COPD), but he also seemed proud to be contributing so much to our community at this time, and rightly so.
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