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  1. I’m not suggesting anything other than he’s trending towards contending. With the way he putts there, if the rest of his game is halfway decent he’s among the favorites.
  2. Ha Rose makes a 9 and quits citing a back issue.
  3. If you’re going to act like a dumbass about this, just keep it moving. Find a better record by a player there since he’s been on tour. 2,1,2,11,3,21,46 are his finishes. Avg. Finish is 12th the last 7 years. So yeah, he’s fond of the place.
  4. Golf is about feel, that’s his place. If he has confidence going to that week, I wouldn’t pick against him
  5. Ha turn on tv, Spieth Ace first live shot
  6. The 2011 team wasn’t very deep, we got consistent play because we depended on the same group night in and night out to carry the load. Our bench was Wangmene, Hill, Brown and Lucas essentially. Our starting 5 with Brown off the bench was a fantastic group though.
  7. Arizona was abusing us and the Ricktator from what I remember. Weren’t we down big at the half and Rick pulled his just give it to J’Covan to save us strategy? It was a crushing loss, no doubt. Between the ref and the NCAA committee, we were fucked all the way around.
  8. Our buddy could be trending towards another green jacket
  9. JCB is a good comparison. He doesn’t have the vision of Brown and Brown has a little more game but overall Ramey reminds me of him as well.
  10. Ramey is fearless, it’s easy to root for those guys. It’s also easy to shake your head at some of the decision making.
  11. Ramey’s only real issue is he dribbles too much. That’s when he gets in trouble. Yes his shot selection could improve but that’s pretty much every player in a Shaka offense.
  12. Win tonight and likely finish 4th in the league?
  13. Everyone has the right to be offended. Doesn’t make your opinion right nor do you get to control how anyone reacts to you being offended. Everyone thinks their thing is the worst. Leave the field if you want, I don’t care. The song should stay. Racist alumni should fuck off.
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