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  1. You’ll have to remind me of which political party is getting anything done these days. Your fake country boy routine is tired and the played out.
  2. The young girl they are interviewing for the doc are the type that fuck up jury rooms. “I think he’s guilty because of his emotional reaction to being accused”.....well guess what, that’s not evidence of guilt. Another scary thing is jurors don’t like being there and it sure sounded like some people in that room gave in to go home. A young kids life is on the line basically but people can’t be put out for one more night? There are certainly bullies/organizers in those rooms. Takes some courage to stand your ground but that’s your job. What a nightmare scenario to be in.
  3. Is it hard to type that first sentence?
  4. It’s funny that there’s others on payment plans like this. Bruce Sutter has been on one since the mid-80s I think.
  5. There’s actual data answering your question.
  6. I married into 230 acres around Davilla. I don’t call it a ranch, I just say “the country”.
  7. So you want Zach Johnson?
  8. This doesn’t make sense to me. They are cheap as hell, it’s a metal building that’s insulated inside and might be rocked outside. Pretty cheap alternative to a house if you like a square. They are framed inside, I don’t see an issue for country living
  9. You’re such a bitch at every turn. Do you know how many white people these same fans tell to get bent. Including a former racist center? Fight the good fight, don’t be a goddamn whiny bitch about everything. I get that you’re young but suck it up
  10. Ummm, the top 5 players in the world can all bomb it. I don’t know that I’d classify any of them as incredible putters. It’s certainly not the first thing that stands out about their games.
  11. There weren’t many guys splitting fairways today. Fun to see classic courses hold up a little
  12. 7 iron at 13 was about as good as iron play gets
  13. Spieth with another bomb, back to -12, he’s going to need a lot more.
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