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  1. Yeah, my buddy's place in Frisco is selling margaritas by the gallon if anyone is in that area (Eldorado and the Tollway): http://www.crushtaco.com/
  2. And the cult. Crank this shit- you're welcome.
  3. The current ratings leader of DFW morning drive.
  4. Holy shit @irishtexan. I just realized I forgot to put japs on the nachos. Fucking hell. Can't focus on important shit when I'm on a perpetual goddamned conference call.
  5. Just got an email from Rudy's. Applies to all DFW locs. Not bad:
  6. Chicken fajita naoch with leftover Torchy's chips and some chicken I grilled up the other day. No idea how the flamingo plate got into my house but I hope you like it,
  7. I'm good. Go ahead and believe him though @futureman. I want you to be happy 😁
  8. I've known Robert a long time and love him on the radio, but I don't think him and Mike as a permanent pairing would have done well over any significant period of time.
  9. Breakfast Club doc on Reelz right now.
  10. So she's a whore then. That might ring a bell I guess. So many people on this site talking about what they did to so and so's mom last night that I guess it never registered.
  11. Well that's not any fun. What's the South Austin reference?
  12. Someone apparently does. Here's more round earth bullshit for you @Dr. Beeper. https://www.si.com/nfl/cowboys/news/whitts-end-new-dfw-radio-ratings-cowboys-coronavirus-plans-no-stick-to-sports-right-now
  13. You know those moments where you remember that a certain player once played for the Mavs and it blows your mind? https://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/DAL/players.html
  14. Yep. D1P1 Player Hating mf'er is what I am.
  15. Here's the simplest way to look at it, and hopefully a way that will piss off the fanbois the least. The Fan has nearly twice the cume reach of the Ticket. In a given week, the Ticket may reach a little under 300k listeners per week, while the Fan reaches a little over 500k listeners. Good thing for the Ticket in its history, the most biggest ratings driver is TSL (time spent listening). So even though the Fan reaches way more people, the Ticket has always led because people turn it on in the morning and leave it on all day, while Fan listeners have traditionally bounced around (including to the Ticket). All the Fan had to do was get a few more people every month to listen a little longer. And I also believe that when a person is new to the area, they gravitate toward the more "sportsy" shit when looking for a sports radio station. It's not so hard to believe. And there's no "at times" about it these days @Drew. They've been consistently winning for 5-6 months now. No idea if that will continue (the Fan has had a shakeup as well), but it is currently a fact. And I didn't say they fired Rhynes in order to put Bob in his spot. But I bet there's more to that story than has been told. Even if it's only that he left because he saw the writing on the wall.
  16. Going to 4 minute breaks and reminding the listener of that going into breaks Breaking up a show after a 20 year run and moving the arguably the station's best host to afternoon drive Running promo spots calling out the "Cowboys' flagship station" who they've pretty much never acknowledged and how they kowtow to Jerry Starting a "Power Hour" in afternoon drive with minimal breaks in order to hold on to listeners All that, combined with the fact that pretty one on this thread bitches non-stop about every show, with you being one of the most prolific bitchers So many signs of stability. And winning. I admit it- I made it all up.
  17. I'll kill your whole family. "Too much" of something huh. Self-awareness is definitely not your strong suit.
  18. Given we're going to have a shortage of shit to talk about here for a while, thought I'd indulge myself by posting (part of) a road trip report. Went to the Mavs last road game of the season on Tuesday night in San Antonio- took the fam to spend a couple of days over the kids' spring break. Long and short of it- yeah, the ATT Center is a dirty old barn, but I'm jealous of it. It's a rivalry sure, but we're talking about a team that's going to miss the playoffs and that arena was louder than I've ever heard the AAC at a regular season game. There's really no one there to "be seen" - they're there to cheer their asses off. Which is weird considering all the titles they've won. But our fans are the ones that act spoiled. And everyone was super nice (all four of us were wearing Mavs gear), so I don't really have anything bad to say about the people either. Sorry- don't neg me bros. I'm still pissed about that second half. Had a bomb ass torta (made to order) and they have a legit full size Whataburger restaurant in the concourse, so obviously the kids ate that. Ran into this dude walking around downtown the morning before the game though- made the whole trip worth while.
  19. It was nuts. Felt like Rick just said fuck it, lemme see if I can beat them with KP and the bottom of my bench.
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