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  1. That’s why she’s sleeping so well.
  2. Well, he is at the deer lease every weekend.
  3. This morning the wife complained about how well she's been sleeping lately. /Tommy Lee Jones newspaper meme.
  4. At this rate, how many white QBs are going to have OLs that don't block the blitz for them?
  5. Saw an article were an RV mechanic said the most over looked tool for an RV tool kit is a rivet gun. Nothing like being able to fix a busted hinge or loose exterior piece on the spot. Gun and rivet assortment is under $50. https://www.amazon.com/Arrow-Fastener-RHT300-Professional-Swivel/dp/B00004Z2JM/ref=sr_1_4?_encoding=UTF8&dchild=1&keywords=rivet+gun&linkCode=sl2&linkId=63174f4f0c56b29ab51ce2c34b738dd1&qid=1591275869&refinements=p_89%3AArrow+Fastener&rnid=2528832011&sprefix=rivet%2Caps%2C166&sr=8-4&tag=rvtravel04-20
  6. Sending you to the deer lease extra times? She's getting you out of the way for her backdoor man.
  7. ShaggyBevo RIP


    Y is supposed to have the same interior volume as the S from the more upright seating.
  8. ShaggyBevo RIP


    Small SUVs is the top selling segment in the US with about 50% more units per month than pickups. In 2019 there were ~5 million small SUV sold in the US. I can't think of any small SUVs with a third row option like the X has. How Motor Trend summed up their review- https://www.motortrend.com/cars/tesla/model-y/2020/2020-tesla-model-y-long-range-first-drive/ EDIT- From the beginning of Motor Trend's review-
  9. This. If every American kid grew up practicing, and playing, with highly aimed punting while running since elementary school the Aussies wouldn't standout the same. The Aussies are going, 'Wait what the guys trying to hit me start the play from 20-25' away? Sign me up.'
  10. ShaggyBevo RIP


    Auto critics are saying the Y is the best Tesla yet and are predicting it will kill off the X as there isn't enough difference for most consumers for the price difference.
  11. ^^^ With more thought the MoonShade is more of a versatile awning replacement than free standing shade tent replacement.
  12. If you don't need freestanding MoonShade is pretty cool. https://moonfab.co/shop/moonshade/
  13. I was planning on buying this year and now demand has skyrocketed. There will likely be a ton of lightly used trailers for sale 2-3 years from now.
  14. Those aren't string lights they are individual battery operated lights and you can move them, and clip them, easily with the carabiner style clips on them. It makes them very versatile. Hanging four of them under your awning takes a fraction of the time stringing lights does or let the kids move them all around the campsite or carry them like a flashlight.
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