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  1. That flight wasn't on there when I checked 90 minutes ago.
  2. Good chance since he played at USC while Sark was there.
  3. I'm actually surprised there aren't more Bud Foster/Brent Venables types with modern coordinator pay. Getting what was HC money 10 years ago with no HC headaches seems like a damn good gig.
  4. So, an NFLer whose season ended over the weekend?
  5. The last ones to do so have books of the bible in their name.
  6. Get counseling and find a support group that can relate to pain and what it takes to move forward. Get your younger girl counseling as well. Prayers sent.
  7. Pretty sure that plane was near Urban on the West Coast during Urbanmania.
  8. Advanced Window Products. https://www.awpwindows.com Stay far away from Gulf Coast Windows as they have to recover all those ad dollars.
  9. The Austin Hyatt on Town Lake is arguably where fajitas jumped into gringo cuisine in the late ‘70s- early ‘80s. Every politician/lobbyist took the Hyatt version back home.
  10. I can Doxx Swam. I haven’t for karma. I may do it if I see his name among the arrested. Swam is in his 50s now.
  11. I'm gonna guess who ever videoed it was in on the plan as well, as they took all those turns before the officer did, and deserves some recognition(hopeful not public this time).
  12. Most of the military rebuild Reagan gets credit for was Carter's doing after Nixon destroyed militia moral and readiness.
  13. Amazing that the so claimed majority has only won the Presidential popular vote once in the last 30 years.
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