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  1. HIMARS? Logistics trucks? Showing off to RU and China that we can do way more than the fastest airlift of heavy arms ever? All of those?
  2. The flip side to this is how many hand me down MIGs, and associated weapons, are out there? Yes, sending F platform planes to countries already transitioning to that platform and thus allowing those countries to send the MIGs onto UKR is the quickest way to improve UKR airpower presently but in the long run UKR has to transition to the F platform as they will not be getting any new MIGs from RU. The sooner that process starts the better.
  3. This. Plus, it is easier to sell being defeated by the evil west’s technology instead of ‘little brother’ kicking their ass on the battlefield
  4. Ukraine is going to have billion$ pumped into the economy via a Marshall Plan type aid for the rebuilding. Russia? Not so much.
  5. Just get it to your contacts in Poland and they will make sure it goes to good use.
  6. What are they firing at? Wasn't it an artillery/drone attack?
  7. Poland on being threaten has so many meme/gif possibilities. https://c.tenor.com/C55U_Sm_T-gAAAAC/masato-tanaka-mike-awesome.gif
  8. Driving north on 1-30 in Arkansas. Shit ton of combat bridging stuff headed south. Is Barksdale the closest AFB to Hot Springs?
  9. Apparently, if they can get missile systems there they deny all of the NW Black Sea.
  10. There is a reservoir on the North side of that blank area. But, yeah come around the East end of the reservoir and cut the road to Kherson is likely on leadership's whiteboard.
  11. They just put a new pix of the one on the right in a new outfit claiming it is his daughter. I still think both are fake. Why would we have seen the one on the left before?
  12. Don't look terribly aggrieved. Going with social media models/actresses getting paid to carry a sign for some dude she's never met.
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