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  1. I’m going to guess she is ‘brown eyes’ from the early UKR morale propaganda featuring face covered female soldiers since she is a former Ms Ukraine contestant.
  2. One of the other things that I read on this is RU didn’t think to exempt the facilities guys in Donbass from forced mobilization and infrastructure shit is failing everywhere and there is no one to maintain it or fix it.
  3. Air Force guys saying it is a fake as the rear fin is way too thick for a HARM. Russia gearing up for mobilization or a cover story of losing to NATO? Just look at the pix on a computer and not my phone. Bad photoshop as the scrapes somehow did not go through the serial number.
  4. Or a fake, but a lot of RU radars have gone boom in the past week.
  5. If you read about that missile, either someone figured out how to fire one off a MIG or there is now a UKR pilot with a non-MIG sled.
  6. https://memegenerator.net/img/instances/65480674/theyre-dead-jim-theyre-all-dead.jpg
  7. I ain’t got no stinking TV and it took a foam topper to make the ‘bed’ acceptable. But with four solar panels and two lithium batteries the water capacity is usually my limiting factor for boondocking. I grew up backpacking and primitive camping and am getting too old for sleeping on the ground. There’s a whole new RV selector aimed at us aging backpackers, who now have some coin in our pockets, that still want to boondock. It is quite a baffling segment to the bring every home amenity camping crowd. Best part, that never occurred to me when buying it, is I haven’t set foot in a public bathroom since. My Glamper- Its an Airstream Base Camp 20X.
  8. If the reported strike on the Black Sea Fleet HQ in Sevastopol today, on Russian Navy Day, is true is that the announcement UKR now has ATACMS or is that in range of the announced, and possibly documented in use in UKR, 155mm guided smart shells? EDIT- just looked up air miles from Odessa to Sevastopol(188mi) making ATACMS, airstrike, or saboteurs pretty much the only choices. Which then brings up, if ATACMS, coincidental timing( Russian Navy Day) or flexing on China via RU during Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan? If the strike is true, and wasn’t sabotage, Russian air defense is total crap.
  9. Wish I could remember which writer penned ‘neo-feudalism’ to describe Russia’s makeup.
  10. What I’ve read is RU is now betting on the West support folding over energy costs plus famine/refugee issues long before the Russian people protest as Russians expect a shit life.
  11. There is a Yale history prof that wrote these incendiary media statements are the RU elites admission of failure in UKR, without going against Putin(ism), while jockeying for power/position in post Putin RU.
  12. Gathering from the internet of things that the Ukraine counterstrike on Kherson has begun.
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