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  1. I mean it's certainly not due to intellectual considerations over policy differences between Trump and Clinton/Biden. It's mere tribal loyalty, and one would be fooling themselves if they think that those in Kingwood, Woodlands, Collin County, et al have a keener political sense than those in Sherman County. That's all a giant ruse now. Regardless of what any of those 74.2 million people's reasons were, They. Voted. For. Trump. Trump and Trumpism isn't a controversial subject. It's a clear and present evil, and a vote for it is a conscious endorsement of that evil. All this other shit that's b
  2. Fucking this. They get far too caught up in this rhetoric about "reconciliation" whenever they take power. They're the party that in certain election cycles both wins the war AND sues for peace. It's fucking ridiculous. And for those who don't agree: Where was this rhetoric about unity and reconciliation when Trump was inaugurated? Where was this rhetoric about unity and reconciliation when the D's took back the House in 2018? Hell, where was this rhetoric about unity and reconciliation when the R's took the Senate in 2014? Well to the very last question, the answer's very intere
  3. Given the source, one would be a fool to assume this.
  4. Tallest building in Plains, GA
  5. It’s in multiple parts: 1. As I’ve mentioned before, he is of that uber-corporate capitalist mentality that is only able to look at things in the short term. Long term thinking? That’s for pansy pinko liberal socialist communist Democrats. Real Americans only think about today...tomorrow...and the fiscal quarter. Not even really the fiscal year. That’s for fags. Could be corporate fags, but fags nonetheless. Anyways, the thought of various shutdowns made guys like this so squeamish, so Trump resorted to his greatest asset: the ability to, with a straight face, look at a clearly existing p
  6. Not to mention that we can unequivocally assert that the bottom line of the BLM protests were aimed at achieving a moral and noble goal. The terrorism that occurred at the capitol was aimed at overthrowing the elected government of the US and replacing it with an illegitimate, fascist, totalitarian dictator. There is nothing good about what those people were trying to achieve even if you completely ignore all the terroristy stuff that they did to accomplish it. I've seen a lot of dishonesty in my day, and I can say with 100% certainty that the assertion that what happened several months a
  7. Hell they won’t even bother impeaching Biden even if the worst things they say are true about his son and that Joe participated in the worst fucking way. They sure as shit do not want President Harris, and they would have precisely 0 people in the line of succession from their own party.
  8. “Josh Hawley - a man whose soul is dipped in dogshit” Objection: assumes facts not in evidence
  9. Hell he told more lies that week than Carter did in his entire life.
  10. You presume he possesses testicles and a heart. Very...presumptuous of you.
  11. That, just like the images from the capitol, will be bells that can never be unrung. The democrats will have the easiest pitch of all time in 2022 and 2024: “They admitted that they were lying, yet they continued lying anyways. Vote for [insert Republican candidate name] and this is in your future.”
  12. Yes and fuck him and fuck everyone who ever pos repped him for that. Those are useless individuals who were, and still are, incapable of contributing anything worth a shit to society.
  13. There’s actually footage of Lin Wood on a call with Matze about the whole situation
  14. Beat me to it. I think the electors have to sign like 5-6 different documents certifying their votes, which would be easily accessible by Pence and the Congress. What they attempted is analogous to if some aggy stole one of the UT footballs on the final drive of the 2011 game and their fans claimed the game was over since that particular ball couldn’t be used by the team. Such is the mind of the citizens of The Fairy Land of Make Believe and Pretend.
  15. His understanding of what the 1st Amendment says is as accurate as it would be if I said “the 2nd Amendment gives me the right to shoot Josh Hawley in the face.” Except that’s not his actual understanding. He knows that, which means he knows he’s lying.
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