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  1. Well goddamn, that's what so fucking frustrating about this. It's frustrating because we have the necessary info to help at least severely mitigate this pandemic, and yet we have a disturbingly large contingent of the population that's so mentally weak that they're unteachable. They're incapable of learning anything and it's precisely because they don't think they need to learn anything. This is not just me speaking ill of the dead. For one, I'm also speaking ill of the living. But also, did anyone else consider that Herman Cain's tomfoolery just might have led to him infecting someone else? Did anyone think of that? Did anyone else think about the people who've unwittingly been in proximity of Louie GomerPyle or Paul Waldron or Bill Montgomery or Rand Paul or any of those other stupid fucks? Does anyone give a shit about them? Well those guys certainly didn't. All they did was spend the last few months playing Make Believe and Pretend. They pretended that and made belief in the idea that all this was either a hoax or not nearly as bad as the libtards said that it was, some of them are fucking dead because of it, and others may soon (or have) die(d) in their wake. The GOP certainly does not care one iota about this either. How do we know this? Their support for this orange retard, who couldn't be bothered to give a shit about COVID 19 even if someone told him that Ivanka's blowjobs were a vaccine, has not wavered in the slightest. They would literally rather die on that hill than admit that MAYBE Joe Biden isn't the communist threat they imagine him to be and perhaps he's the better of the two options. They absolutely are complicit and they will never be able to argue otherwise. And just to cut the head of the proverbial snake that is the GOP playing the false equivalence card against me, as they so often do, I absolutely detest Biden. I see him as nothing but a dangerous compromiser, but Trump just tweeted this morning that the election needs to be postponed. This man is an outright fucking authoritarian and it's literally costing thousands of American lives (and potentially others because who the fuck knows how many foreigners we've infected along the way). This is what intelligent people mean when they use the term "shit show."
  2. When Republicans say, as they so often do, that they'll die before ever conceding ANY political point to a democrat/liberal/leftist/socialist/etc, they're not kidding.
  3. Yeah so was that guy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  4. The spin will be fantastic when we find out he was on a full HCQ regimen and yet he still passed away. Even better if he was on a full regimen and that's what contributed to his demise.
  5. I mean he clearly was secretly murdered by the Clintons. I mean it practically writes itself, doesn't it?
  6. Personally I'd say that the DA just overcharged unnecessarily. They already had enough to pin him down for many years.
  7. Since when has that effeminate loser ever demonstrated that he knows how ANYTHING works in this country, or any other?
  8. I mean as a defensive coordinator, you’d tell your guys to stand there and do nothing too if the opposing offense kept taking snaps and running backwards through their own endzone.
  9. Heard it from whom? 9/11 Truth nuts? That’s hardly a valid representation of...well, anything. Oh and which claim was it? Because Bush being an evil genius or a puppet are two very different claims. One is not a lighter version than the other. One is the opposite of the other. Also, hardly anyone suggested idiocy of the entire administration. The idiocy claims were limited to Bush and maybe a handful of much lower level nitwits (Brownie, Gonzalez, Goodling and the rest of those idiots that went to Regent University), but no one serious said that about Cheney, Rummy, Powell, Bolton, et al. Did they have absolutely insane political views? Yes, but hardly an indictment of their education and/or overall intelligence.
  10. I should have elaborated. So earlier this week I encouraged the sane and moral people here to utter the words "DONALD TRUMP IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST." I was half right, and I say "half" because there's another important part to that which I omitted unintentionally: FOX NEWS/OAN SUPPORTS DOMESTIC TERRORISM
  11. Only if it's within the context of "RIP Sorry Bastard"
  12. I mean there were still a lot of problems economically with a great number of Americans under Obama, but Trump was the guy who invented additional problems in his own tiny mind and offered insane solutions that exacerbated the symptoms of the actual problems. It's like a heart surgeon who took a bunch of mushrooms and ripped a guy's balls out in a triple bypass operation, and when asked why he did it, he says "his balls were singing Layla, and I hate that shit because the very sound of it summons aliens to my fortress in Guatemala!"
  13. Liberals are fucking insane. They're the guy who's riding shotgun in a corvette that's traveling top speed towards a cliff that goes thousands of feet down, and when the driver realizes he has to slam on the brakes and turn the fucking car sharply to avoid an inevitable catastrophe, he says to the driver "don't stop that hard and don't turn that much!!! MODERATION FOR MODERATION'S SAKE!!!"
  14. It's funny you dragged Magneto into this because I was about to do the same thing after reading all these references to "they're just following orders."
  15. I saw the Mochrie name and read that post in his Whose Line voice when he did the 6 o’clock news. “Good evening, it’s time for the 6 o’clock news. I’m your anchor: Oswald Thatendswald.”
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