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  1. They wouldn’t even consider Harrell unless they were contemplating some sort of shift/fusion.
  2. Not only that, it possesses precisely zero upside that could anywhere near offset said deep corruption, and only a token few of the most extreme barking lunatics would even try to argue that they have.
  3. https://www.democracynow.org/2019/11/25/headlines/chilean_photojournalist_albertina_martinez_burgos_killed_in_santiago "In Chile, photojournalist Albertina Martínez Burgos was found stabbed and beaten to death Thursday at her home in the capital Santiago. The 38-year-old journalist was documenting repression against anti-government protesters at the time of her death, particularly violence against women. It’s reported that her recent photographs of the ongoing massive demonstrations against Chilean President Sebastián Piñera have also been stolen."
  4. Oh there's far more buzz about that game than even the biggest MSU game that there's ever been. I wish I could go to this one.
  5. No, and that town is going to be fucking lit for that. I coached at Old High in 2009, the year that both teams showed up at the game with 2-7 records. Judging by the town, the crowd size, and the crowd noise, you'd have thought both teams were 9-0. And this is a playoff game? I'd advise any WF resident who will not be going to the game to stay the fuck off of Southwest Parkway the entire day and not to dine at any of the Pioneer/Fatty McBride establishments any time after 12:00.
  6. He’s probably going to get nailed. This announcement came just days after the US formally announced it was reversing its position on the illegal settlements. Sounds like Bibi knew he was on the way out (for good this time) and wanted to guarantee his legacy as land thief number 1 among Israeli PM’s in addition to being arguably the most vile terrorist among same.
  7. Exactly this, and I am so hoping this one goes the mother fucking distance.
  8. See it’d be one thing to overwrite a constitutional provision that imposes term limits in favor of unlimited attempts to run for election, but the accusation is that he was becoming authoritarian and “leader for life” like he was Xi and actually implementing indefinite rule, and that just doesn’t hold water. It’s not authoritarian or “leader for life” to make oneself eligible for election whereas they previously wouldn’t be under previous constructs. I’ve very often invoked the Hernandez example in Honduras, but it’s not even the mere fact that he bypassed the constitution by boldly inserting himself in the 2017 election; it was the utterly embarrassing 2-faced reaction in the US. When Zelaya called for a non-binding referendum asking the population if they would favor a constitutional rewrite, the right wing in the west couldn’t wait to accuse him of the same kind of “leader for life” nonsense thats been replayed here. It was ok when Hernandez boldly defied the constitution by just inserting himself in an election his government forbade him to run in, but it wasn’t ok when Zelaya tried to accomplish that in a clean and legit process. He was willing to risk being turned down by the population straight up on the proposed referendum, he was willing to be turned down via the population not supporting that particular provision and he was willing to be turned down via the population voting against him even if he was put on the ballot legally, and yet so many American retards and idiots interpreted that as “authoritarian.” Hernandez completely bypassed that entire process, and those same sexually repressed and emotionally arrested screamers couldn’t be bothered to offer comment 1 about it. That’s...handy. It’s the same here. Look, I can understand if people have reservations about pulling back term limits, but putting yourself in a position to potentially be voted out isn’t authoritarian. It certainly isn’t nearly as authoritarian as Hosni Mubārak or Xi or Augusto Pinochet or Suharto or a host of other actual Presidents-For-Life. Figureheads in the West proudly proclaim it without using “lol.”
  9. Can’t help but suspect that it’s those observing the Bolivia thread with such excitement. Disturbing.
  10. Seriously, Pinochet is a poster child for exactly what not to do as a so-called “leader,” so I haven’t the foggiest clue why even a double digit IQ moron like Piñera would want to get into that.
  11. Not surprised at all that the post count of this thread compared to Bolivia and Venezuela.
  12. Well for one, I use the term “whip” more objectively. Whether they were to acknowledge such a hypothetical asswhipping isn’t relevant: the asswhipping occurred regardless of what their little feelings tell them to believe. But that’s not even the point. The point is that they do not possess the skill, nor I (merely an average person) the vulnerability, to ever be even remotely driven to the point where I question my own sanity after engaging those idiots.
  13. Trump reacts to numbers the same way Kent Hovind does: absolutely zero awareness, no functional relationship with or appreciation for reality, zero comprehension for any comparison. Seriously, just flash the number 54,000 to him and say it's related to anything and he'll be absolutely amazed. "Hey Donald, the Earth is 54,000 years old" "Omg, that's amazing, most people probably don't know it's THAT MANY!"
  14. It's been my experience that Americans who support these actions don't really care about the so-called "sanctity" of constitutions, let alone when it comes to term limits, unless it suits their own ideological purposes. I mean maybe you're some sort of special exception, but that would have to be a hell of an exception.
  15. He didn’t just lose to the Citadel, he lost 10-3 to them and with a new offensive coordinator named Greg Davis. That whole situation spoke poorly not only of Crowe, but of the athletic department in general because they not only tolerated the hire, not only did Davis survive after Crowe’s dismissal for a full season, they not only opted to keep him on for another one, they did whatever they could to prevent Joe Kines from beating him to death with his bare hands. Now perhaps Frank Broyles was a soothsayer who kept Davis breathing because he knew he’d end up at Texas one day and he wanted to stick it to UT as a final revenge, but the point is Crowe is the one who started the whole bloody mess!!! As to Chandler, I’ve always liked the kid. If anything I’d say as a negative is that he can be a bit careless with the ball, but I like the combination of his template, his accuracy and his wheels. If I had to rank the HP QB’s during Randy Allen’s tenure, I’d place him in seconds ahead of JSJ but behind Stanford. I’m pretty sure his dad’s firing will steer him away from Arkansas, but I don’t know if Chad will have a gig by signing day. I’m pretty sure he won’t have an HC job. Perhaps he’ll go back to being an OC, but I just don’t see that for 2020, thus Chandler will need to consider only his own future when deciding.
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