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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. God damn, for a minute I thought I was looking into a mirror until I saw the last line.
  2. I mean it's well known that Trump's been up to his knees in the prostitution racket for decades (despite what his idiot fanboys think about it). That doesn't necessarily mean he's enlisted the services of male prostitutes on his own behalf, but there's no doubt that he knows some (or at least knows of them) and is/was familiar with their clientele.
  3. Bill Maher’s been doing jokes about that for well over a decade.
  4. Exactly. Either this guy is completely full of shit or Lindsey Graham is one of the biggest fucking idiots on the planet.
  5. Objection to the form of thread title; speculation that the senator was ever on a higher level to begin with.
  6. I was 10 years old and saw this on a TV at Angelo's BBQ in Fort Worth just as Texas was about to go at it with TCU that night.
  7. Two juveniles running against each other in a presidential election.
  8. Not sure why you'd do that. It's like watching 250 monkeys trying to fuck a door knob and every single one of them missing the entry point.
  9. And those were just the more outlandish statements. The truth is that in between those sound-bytes lay vast oceans of hallucinations, baseless speculations, fantasies, distortions, contortions, and outright lies. As I said before, he had nothing useful to contribute, he was wrong about damn near everything, yet he and his idiot ditto heads seriously believe that he’s some sort of philosopher. This is the Dunning Kruger effect run amok.
  10. You really have to admire this loser’s use of capital letters on voter fraud as if it was even a real issue. This is just like when Bibi took to Israeli TV Land in one of his recent elections. He was imploring the Jews to get out and vote because the Arabs were voting in impressive numbers.
  11. They're also scared of the educated.
  12. The thing about foreign interference in US elections is that Russia’s participation in same, even if we believe the very worst of what was alleged in the impeachment proceedings, is pennies on the dollar compared to other states, none of which can really claim any sort of moral high ground on Russia (though they’ve plenty of apologists here that pretend otherwise).
  13. Oh for fuck’s sake. I made no such indication that I literally believe everyone is going to be taken by the COVID. You knew that full well, and you knew better than to post such falderal, which is why I accurately accused you of lying. When you knowingly assert as fact things that either are not evidently true, or are evidently not true, you’re fucking lying. The point in saying that an economy can’t exist without people in it isn’t to suggest that COVID is literally going to kill everyone. The point of that comment was that the “economy” requires human participation to exist. So does church. It’s a purely human creation. You knew that. Since that’s the case, it can’t be “destroyed.” When you say that, you’re literally implying that “the economy” is some sort of organic entity that occurs in nature. It’s not, you know it’s not, and the only way to “destroy” it is either a) everyone dies (which again I do not think is going to literally happen here, and you knew that so stop the act) or b) to convince everyone in the world that money is worthless and that the world is a common treasure for every man. The economy of the whole of Europe was devastated for years due to this thing called the Black Plague destroying 1/3 of the population, but it was not destroyed. The economy of the US was devastated for years due to this thing called the Great Depression, which turned the unemployment numbers to nearly a third, but it was not destroyed. The world’s collective economy will survive this if its participants aren’t reckless and stupid like you’re dying for them to be with this foolish nonsense you’re regurgitating. Shut downs and stay at home orders cannot “destroy” an economy. To believe otherwise is to reveal one’s impatience, not to mention arrogance. “Oh if the economy doesn’t recover in my lifetime, that means it’s destroyed!!!” That’s bullshit, and it’s also bullshit to imply a justification for rescinding stay home orders on grounds of, as you literally said, “maybe people are fucking tired of being scared inside thier home, and just don't give a fuck anymore.” When a 14-year old can convey the exact same sentiment in the exact same words, maybe it’s time for you to reconsider the horseshit that’s coming out of your mouth. Again, you’re just pretending to not understand so that you can proceed to straw man the shit out of everything I said, which is about as dishonest as it gets. It’s either that or your reading comprehension is absolutely dreadful. Either way, the guy you were responding to tried to give you an out. Don’t be a moron; take it and stop projecting. You’re sitting here pretending that I’m the one that’s being the Nervous Pervis when it’s really you who’s being dramatic as shit. “Oh no Democrats are going to kill the economy with stay home orders wah wah wah!!!” Step outside of your box once in a while and you might actually learn something.
  14. Thats just you being dishonest again. It’s as if you can’t help but just make shit up.
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