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  1. (214) 526-3243 It's a place called Perky Poodle and it's located on West Mockingbird at the Lemmon intersection (shopping center where Fuzzy's Tacos and LA Fitness is also located).
  2. Speaking of, here's my pet: 4-year old American Pit Bull Terrier, named Brea, adopted from Operation Kindness in December 2022. Brea was a fatty then but she's gotten the weight down thanks to a controlled, low-protein diet. She's also completely deaf and fairly nearsighted, at least enough to where she only plays fetch indoors (always thinks I'm gonna throw the ball too far in the park). She's also affectionate as hell, playful, and very well behaved. Anyways, those stupid Karens on the pit bull thread are about as clueless and ignorant as it is possible to be.
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    Oh no, they're the only legit hard working people in the country while those lazy coloreds get all the breaks 🙄 I grew up around all that shit and heard every tedious variation of that argument. It's an absolute crock. This is about as accurate of an illustration of that whole dynamic as it can possibly get: But hey, dittoheads gonna dittohead.
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    Hell, Mr. America was a better kept secret. Vince McMahon: "Shhhhh. That's not Hulk Hogan. Shhhhhhhh"
  5. Exactly. They're going to make claims like those either way. They've become the Westboro Baptist Church of politics. "There are only two types of people who aren't us: fags pedophiles and fag pedophile enablers."
  6. Regarding the second one, the “blame the D’s” argument only makes sense if you’re one of those mindless fools who’s bucking for a “more moderate” GOP. The GOP has been crazy for decades. Better they be full-on-display crazy rather than all that make believe horseshit they were spewing from 1981-c. 2008 to make them look like the cool calm and considerate types they’ve always pretended to be. We don’t need a more tempered GOP; we need the GOP to die.
  7. Beat me to it. Next guy who begins a post on this thread with “upon further review” or “breaking news” gets two in the balls.
  8. Hell, merge the teams together, call them the Roughnecks and re-birth the Denver Gold.
  9. The mere idea of an interview being given to him by any network other than his mouthpieces is absurd. If any interviewer would actually fact-check him on the spot (and many are capable), he wouldn't be able to get past 3 actual statements in 20 minutes. Catching a Trump lie and correcting it in real time is like...
  10. I have the same view of the 7:00 P.M. kick as King Jaffe Joffer had of tying shoes: it is an overrated experience. Bottom line, if you need an enhancement for the TX-OU game to make it more exciting, you're fucking doing it wrong.
  11. We’re gonna hear that on every ruling that does not include a directed verdict of not guilty on grounds of woke communism.
  12. The backwards hookem? Earl has been known to do it that way as well, you gonna send him a sternly worded letter? Lol I would love to see such a letter. "Dear Mr. Campbell, You have absolutely no idea how to do the Hook 'Em Horns properly. I am offended by the way you do it. Signed, A deeply disturbed Karen/Kevin"
  13. And when you’re too far right wing for the Israeli Supreme Court, you’re pretty far fucking right wing.
  14. To be fair I don’t really think it’s about them becoming more progressive. They see a market for medical tourism and had enough about them to not let their silly little religious nonsense stand in the way of it. Maybe they’ll use the money to pay for Trump’s wall like he promised!!!
  15. That's what the far right does: turn an innocuous, banal and mundane...thing into a DEFCON 1 scandal. Why else does anyone here think that Fox host used the phrase "terrorist fist jab?"
  16. The Trump you saw sitting in the box at the New Jersey Generals' games was probably 215. Maybe 215.
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