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  1. If you’re in cover 2, you’re wanting both CB’s to re-route the X and Z to the inside, safeties are more or less splitting the diff between where either WR on their sides could wind up. You’d also want your MLB dropping deep to discourage any notions of the slots breaking off their routes into skinnies into the middle void, and for the OLB’s you’d want them trailing the slots so the QB doesn’t get cute and try to hit a quick one before the safety can get there. Essentially all that is supposed to leave is the RB running some sort of check release and as a defense, you live with that. Sure that may be a 6-8 yard gain, but they were going for the home run ball. And of course if your pass rush is worth a shit, that QB ends up sampling fieldturf because the RB is obviously the 5th option.
  2. I've neglected to post much on topics like these in recent years largely because Texas' general decline in football has brought out the absolute worst quality of discourse. Nonetheless, this is a more general topic not specific to the Horns, so here it goes: 1. As has been already stated, the first 15 play script serves two purposes: it eliminates the guesswork, and all baggage that comes with guesswork, by the offensive players and allows them to run plays with which they're most familiar AND it also gives the HC and OC an idea about how the opposition is going to defend certain plays. So let's say that the offense runs the much maligned bubble screen to a slot receiver out of a trips set. Let's also say that this is on the first play of the game and the playside CB shoots the screen right off the snap. Ok, they've clearly been coached to do that...probably because the offense has shown nothing to counter that, at least not from that particular formation. An OC can dial up something a bit later in the game: call the bubble again, but this time have both the X and the other blocking slot WR fake like they're gonna block on the first 2-3 steps and then shoot up the field. Well the CB isn't gonna be able to defend the X because he's been told to flatly ignore him. The other slot can run a seam/post and it serves no purpose other than to occupy the playside safety (although if that safety is stupid enough to over-rotate to defend the X running a fly pattern, obviously that slot is very likely to be open downfield in the middle). 2. I agree with CTJ's characterization of the baseball analogy. 3. The script has contingencies. Have you seen those play calling charts that the play caller holds in front of his face so as to conceal his lips from the camera? Yeah, they're the same size up in the booth. Furthermore, the script on that chart constitutes a very limited fraction of its space. There are other spaces that list contingent play calls that take other factors into consideration that normal scripts do not. So, for example, it'll say what to do if the defense isn't showing the kinds of looks they've been known to show. Maybe they're blitzing on first down. Maybe they're using a 4-man front even though they're usually a 3-man front defense. Maybe they're using a single high safety instead of a cover 2. Maybe they're showing zone when they usually play an aggressive press. The contingency plays also allow for the OC to bail on the script because the offense has found itself in a predicament where the next play call wouldn't be helpful. So like maybe it's 3rd and 7 on the 5th play of the drive and you've got a power dive called for that one. Just bail on it. Duh. They've got scripts, but they're not abject slaves to them. In other words, if you took every coaches' scripts and you read through them and matched them on the film (and this all assumes you understand the names of the plays compared to what's being run), you will very often find yourself saying "hey, you didn't run the play that was in the script on that one! You're a great big phony!" 5. As to the defense having scripts, it's already been said. It's a much more reactive concept and a script can't help with that. So say you're a 4-3 defense and you trot out your regular personnel even though the offense is coming out in a 5-wide set. You're already at a disadvantage. And let's say you're doing an all-out blitz. Ok, now you're pretty much fucked unless the other team just sucks that bad. Offenses are the ones with the scripts because they're the ones with the ball.
  3. They're not, but that's not stopping the LIV and its players from playing this little game of Make Believe and Pretend in trying to foist that image on the public, hence DeChambeau's flowery and asinine comments yesterday.
  4. In terms of corporate business fucks tolerating it in order to profit? Yeah. Greg Norman isn’t the only one that refers to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi as “a mistake.” But in terms of what the public tolerates? Not a chance. https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2020/1/6/21050019/saudi-arabia-poll-unpopular And that’s what my point was: it’s just pure confusion to speak of this “tour” as if it were the USFL of pro golf. It isn’t. This is not some admirable story about some upstart, underdog sports organization fighting uphill against the evil forces of the PGA Tour. But they certainly love to project that image. Gee, I wonder why.
  5. That’s really all that needs to be said about it. All this flowery talk about “fair competition” and “getting together” is background noise. The LIV is just another Saudi endeavor at sportswashing. That’s all this is. It’s no different than when they forayed into WWE (John Oliver had a great piece on that) or when Qatar and Russia hosted the last two World Cups or when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union hosted summer olympiads. This happens all the time, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this “tour” is both using Donald Trump courses and trying to portray itself as the proverbial USFL of golf. What does surprise me is how easily some people fall for this shit.
  6. He does not either. It’s hard to understand one’s own hatred of an issue when they don’t even understand the issue.
  7. This. I mean I don’t watch cable news just as a matter of sanity and sound decision making practices, but I know enough about it to know that they who watched Fox for decades consider CNN to be the “Communist News Network.” They were not looking to jump leftwards to CNN when Fox fell apart with this lawsuit. They just want equally nutbaggish networks that don’t owe three quarters of a billion dollars in defamation suits (at least for the moment). Motherfuckers who watch Fox News don’t watch it to be informed. They watch it to have their pre-existing opinions validated. CNN ain’t doin that.
  8. And I almost forgot to add, those prepubescent losers got the #1 pick 4 times in a span of 27 years ('76, '83, '84, and '02). The last 3 were over a span of 20 years and included Ralph Sampson, Akeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming; all HOF'ers. Who the fuck do they think they're kidding?
  9. 3 times in 35 years. Cleveland had four #1 overalls in 12 fucking seasons. But sure, let's all talk about how fucking rigged it is for the Spurs to land it at a clip of once every dozen fucking years. Once again, stupid motherfuckers with their ideas of a smart thing to say.
  10. As I’ve often said even before the Mueller Report was released, even if the very worst of the allegations about Trump re: Russia were 100% true, they barely constitute a blip on the radar in terms of the shittiest things he’s done since 2015. I do love seeing all his sycophantic followers gushing over this news as if it changes everything…or even anything. Reminds me of…
  11. I mean...that should not surprise anyone with a modicum of honesty and/or a conscience. This is what these people do: they take, at least what they view as, the most outrageous element of some service provider and morph it into an entirety with their little chickenshit emotional appeal gimmick. Planned Parenthood's abortion services accounts for somewhere between 3-12% of what they do, which means at least 88% of what they do is exactly not that. Third trimester abortions constitute less than 1% of total abortions, and virtually all of those are triggered by some sort of medical complication that arose late while the rest have to do with restricted access... ...but the same people you're describing would have us (and themselves) believe that all Planned Parenthood does is perform partial birth abortions on women who just suddenly changed their mind about the whole having-a-child thing because they suddenly realized it interfered with some trip to Cabo. They're easily the most dishonest people you'll encounter in terms of political discourse, so it shouldn't surprise you at all that douchebags like Paxton are doing this type of horseshit either. This is just more of the same: the so-called "party of small/limited government" taking a huge interest in what other people do with their peepee parts.
  12. So what was Bryan’s problem?
  13. They’re a de facto platform for a bizarre collection of social media personalities and the “political party” for whom they carry the water have adopted that same principle as an electoral strategy. Let’s all just sit back and let them continue because they’re on their asses and from said asses do they absolutely love to tell everyone willing to listen to their feeble effluvia that they “own the libs.” Nothing guarantees consistency in failure better than when said failures are absolutely convinced of their own success.
  14. He has always been in control of creative. Even when he took that brief hiatus, there’s no doubt he was constantly in Steph and HHH’s ears about it.
  15. Hell the Supreme Court had to be asked whether or not they could intervene on behalf of a federal judge who had been convicted and sent to fucking prison and still wanted to be a judge from the inside of his cell. The House voted to impeach, Senate voted unanimously to remove, and this motherfucker actually wanted the SCOTUS to overrule the removal. But the point is it took acts from both chambers of congress to stop that freak from being a federal judge inside a goddamn prison cell since there is no explicit rule against it. So of course a criminal conviction doesn’t preclude Trump’s run. And personally, I don’t want it to. I want Trump to be their nominee. He has no chance to win, and the more damage to the GQP his lingering in the mainstream of it, all the better. As to Trump having a jury rule against him today…
  16. It’s because he says the right words in the right tones. The people who are attracted to him are insanely superficial. Seriously that’s all that needs to be said about it.
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