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  1. That's what the far right does: turn an innocuous, banal and mundane...thing into a DEFCON 1 scandal. Why else does anyone here think that Fox host used the phrase "terrorist fist jab?"
  2. Lol that little motherfucker's giving Mongo a look as if to say he's gonna fight him. His terrible judgment is not limited to calling balls and strikes.
  3. hpslugga


    That’s a question I’ve had as well. If you can’t even justify separating genders in the first place, banning transgender competitors just comes off as a dick thing to do for the mere sake of doing dick things. We don’t even need to go into the effects of hormone therapy on that one.
  4. Thing is, when you develop a very loud reputation of being “that guy” that stiffs his attorneys and asks them to do unethical shit to the point where it leads to their own disbarment, “interviewing attorneys” becomes Exhibit A of beggars being choosers.
  5. I assume there are people who worked for the NCAA at the time who could verify this. I mean it's easy to say things like this, but without some sort of verification, well...Hitchens' razor. Fine. Why is he still under this conservatorship at the age of 37 when his NFL career is long over? The thing is they were counting on the idea that he would never express that because he was, falsely, led to believe this conservatorship made him part of the family. Were they ever counting on the idea that one day he'd show up and say "I want out of the family?" "According to the legal filing, the movie paid the Tuohys and their two birth children each $225,000, plus 2.5% of the film's "defined net proceeds." So someone is lying and it's on Michael to demonstrate it either way. I'm sure if Mr. Tuohy is telling the truth, he'd have no trouble whatsoever with the demand that they produce an accounting. Ok, the book was published when Michael was a sophomore at Ole Miss, so how would this not be a violation of NCAA rules? Again, why keep Michael under a conservatorship when he's nearing 40? Would Mr. Tuohy say it's less upsetting than, as upsetting as, or more upsetting than Michael finding out after nearly 2 decades that they've been lying both to him and the public about being part of the family when he certainly was not?
  6. How could it be an NIL deal when the movie wasn’t even filmed, much less released, until after his eligibility was up?
  7. I expected this as well. It’s a trademark of rightist politics in general to pounce on the vaguest appearance of oppositional impropriety, run with it and scream about it until the end of fucking time. Clockwork.
  8. If you really think about it, what he actually said is even more narcissistic. What he said was “I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election...if I win."
  9. It's essentially the same thing as the criminal case he's dealing with in Florida. Yeah the description of the court says "Southern District of Florida," but it's still a federal case. Yep. Pure local misdemeanor crap is tried, at least in Georgia, by the Solicitor General. County Attorneys really only exist for civil matters concerning the government. In fact, the Camden County Attorney's website specifically says "The county attorney manages all county leases and county litigation issues, but does not handle any criminal matters."
  10. The State is going to indict him in Fulton County. https://pacga.org/about-pacga/ "The District Attorney is the chief prosecuting officer for the State of Georgia within each of the State’s 50 judicial circuits. Judicial circuits consist of one to eight counties and are generally named for a geographical feature within the Circuit."
  11. "There's a totally perfect african american in my ass right now. The very best african american. But I have to say, the food has gone to hell. When I was president, a Prisoner would get the very best food Anywhere. Totally "the" best. They thought Bobby Flay was working in There. They would tell Me that. But now thanks to the Biden Crime Family and the do-Nothing socialist Pinko communist "anarchist" fascist Leftist democrats, it doesn't "even" compare to a breakfast buffet from some fleabag Hotel in a Shithole country."
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