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  1. Lmao, gonna be hard to spin that one when it comes straight from the recruit.
  2. Plenty of people on this board shit on Omiere before and after he committed to us, calling him too slow. But every report has been raving about him since he got here.
  3. I don’t know what’s up with Ezra, but we are fully in “let’s hope we land some sleepers” mode with the OL. None of these guys are going to have impressive offer lists. Lengyel, the new offer, only has 1 other P5 offer at the moment.
  4. Roach is so useless. No one will even care if he gets it wrong on Myslinski and he’s still scared to put in a pick either way.
  5. To be fair they had a WR playing quarterback for the Tennessee and Arkansas games.
  6. Yeah, Spiegelman has Turner going to Bama, so the Iwunnah pick makes sense given that context.
  7. He could play any of the interior spots. There are tackles and there are interior lineman that’s the only real distinction that matters in recruiting. Neither Kerstetter nor Ghirmai were listed as centers coming out of high school.
  8. My original point was that we don’t have the luxury to be picky about Byrd, because yeah, we do need tackles.
  9. I do think James is massively overrated because of his brother.
  10. Obviously. Taking Myslinski in July is a general sign of how bad OL recruiting is going. But also Connor has positional flexibility, back when this board thought we were landing errbody, the idea was that Connor could move inside. If we landed two big time tackles he could become a far superior interior take, but we didn’t land shit. And now we’re taking Myslinski.
  11. I’d honestly love to know why you keep repeating this. If we are already down to taking Myslinski, I assure you we are not being picky about Byrd, we do not have that luxury. If he wanted in, he’d be in, he just doesn’t want in.
  12. With or without Turner, DL recruiting is still doing better than almost every other position group. DB is the only other group with an argument.
  13. The head coach should be in on pretty much every 5 star recruitment. It’s not like there are that many of them. Drayton’s problem is that he doesn’t really recruit outside of his position, which is something RB coaches usually do.
  14. Yeah, Aucoin was brought in strictly as a blocking TE. Even if they think Helm isn’t good, he’s still not remotely a similar prospect.
  15. Given how OL recruiting is going, there’s no way I want to take 5 in this class.
  16. Some of y’all are just looking for shit to be worried out.
  17. They did it with Devon Achane last cycle. Most schools wanted him as as a slot WR, aggy took him as a RB. They also took Vernon Jackson as a RB, when pretty much everyone else was recruiting him as a DL. He never played though because of a career ending injury and then he got arrested for choking his ex-girlfriend.
  18. I like Regis a lot more than Burris. Negative perception will definitely be there for fans and media, but I’m not sure how much two Fort Worth private school OL kids move the needle with other recruits.
  19. I agree with this in general, I was just responding to the idea in the quoted post. I guess. I feel like Ash won a championship the same way Juwan Howard did. I mean, he was there. Fickell was the co-DC. Fair enough, but man, if the case is no one can escape the Herman stink, then we’re just fucked.
  20. You think Ash’s name carries that kind of weight? Nobody on this board even wanted him at the time he was hired. Why would Ash be able to sell his past “success”, and Yurcich wouldnt? Yurcich probably has the better resume.
  21. He could’ve moved on. This excuse could be made for almost every assistant, but for whatever reason, it’s not.
  22. This is a mischaracterization. Duncanville needed help at DL and Byrd was best available, he took one for the team. Duncanville does have two other good OTs, but I’m not sure either one of them is as good as Byrd on offense, and I know neither one of them are as good as him on defense, which is why Byrd was the one who made the switch
  23. I’m over the Brocks, it’s the lack of movement outside of them that is frustrating me about Hand. If we offer Oyetade in the next two days right after the Brocks commit, I’m gonna lose it.
  24. I feel like this board picks and chooses which assistants to shit on based on if they just like them personally or not. Hand has objectively done a poor job this cycle so far, It’s okay to point that out. You don’t have to go off the deep end about it, but OL recruiting is a mess right now even outside of the Brocks and Hand shouldn’t get a pass on that, it’s his position group.
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