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  1. Zero chance that we weren’t going to jack up a 3 there
  2. Have a mutual friend with Medellin and have met him a couple of times of the past few years. Seems like a good dude. Normal compared to many of the tier 3 guys who are not relatable.
  3. SMU spent all their energy fist pumping during the first 3 games of the first set.
  4. They turned up midway through the first sets and all won.
  5. They look flat today. SMU is fired up. We’ll probably win 5-2 or 4-3
  6. Got “VIP tickets” through a coworker that’s an SMU donor for Saturday’s match. Excited to see Ito and the freshmen play.
  7. Wow, big win. So only our top two (who happen to be two of the top players in the nation) are back from last years squad?
  8. Will a loss to a 7-7 team in front of hundreds do the trick?
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