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  1. They set up Mino‘s first time speaking on air and then didn’t have audio of it.
  2. Pretty tough to listen to the station this week without the Musers and Dan & Jake. Those guys should ask for raises. Norm and D have surpassed the Hardline during sports quarantine. I’m hoping Bob returns to form when sports come back, but Corby and Danny have nothing to offer.
  3. Why is Koko banned? He brings more to the table than Corby and Danny
  4. Do we need to have that loop DJ on every week? I’m good for the rest of my life.
  5. Very solid little place. Stopped there as we were heading to the airport yesterday.
  6. They made a statue of Sully? Just about any trained pilot could have made that same landing.
  7. Hate to see it for The Fan sewer rats here
  8. Right or wrong, we’re continuing with our planned trip to Kiawah in a few weeks. We’re trying to be careful, but still want to venture into Charleston a couple of times during the week. Any recommendations on open restaurants with outdoor seating, rooftops, patios would be appreciated. Also any must try breweries?
  9. Picked up Zaap Laotian Kitchen tonight on Greenville. Solid for quick Asian food. Looks like they’re about to open a second location in Casa Linda.
  10. Finished the assassination of Gianni Versace. Liked it more as it went along. The guy who played Cunanan was excellent. Worthy of a watch if you’re burning through things in quarantine.
  11. Danny is just so out of place on this new show. It’s amazing he never got on my nerves during the old hardline.
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