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  1. It might be a blur because, as one of the announcers said in the 2nd half: "Shaka Smart is one of the great motivators in college basketball." 🙄
  2. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    He is significantly better than Pulisic was at this point. You really can't even compare the two. At this age, Pulisic was still wallowing away in the reserves/U-19 depths.
  3. Not anymore. That's ESD. Though even they are getting away from that and it might be Parish now.
  4. Acho went to St. Mark's. I bet that you're wrong.
  5. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    Since no one else got around to starting a 2020 thread, here it is: Camp Cupcake "Newbies": https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2020/01/usmnts-2020-january-camp-newbies Some FC Dallas Shmo Added Late to Camp: https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2020/01/usmnt-adds-fc-dallas-midfielder-brandon-servania-to-january-camp-roster Brian McBride is hired to a powerless job so he'll stop criticizing US Soccer: https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2020/01/brian-mcbride-named-general-manager-of-us-mens-national-team First USMNT match of the year: February 1st @ 2:55 CST vs Costa Rica in Carson, CA (Galaxy's stadium) US Olympic Men's Qualifying: https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2020/01/u23-usmnt-face-costa-rica-dominican-republic-and-mexico-at-2020-concacaf-mens-olympic-qualifying -March 20th- vs Costa Rica -March 23rd- vs Dominican Republic -March 26th- vs Mexico The women will qualify for the Olympics and yada-yada-yada... lobster bisque.
  6. Didn’t watch the game, because I was in another hemisphere and was arriving late back home from returning from another country, but... I’m guessing that we didn’t get any INTs.
  7. Dear NCAA: These players made the NCAA tens of millions of dollars tonight and millions of dollars for Louisiana State University. A thousand dollars per kid to go out and enjoy their night in New Orleans isn't shit Kindly fuck off or each of you will receive a horse head in your beds. Sincerely, The LSU Football Players Union and their anti-trust lawyers
  8. As a QB/FB hybrid? Or do you think that he'll actually get a shot at QB in the NFL? I don't think that his upper body is connected with ligaments/cartilage that will allow for a career as a Special Teams/FB/H-Back. Oh, and Joe Burrow is dripping with throwing touch. I don't think that he's a Johnny Football head case, but I have no idea why anyone would think that, so who knows?
  9. They were practically begging for it by enrolling there 1, 2, and 3 fall semesters ago. They had to have know what they were getting into. Perhaps the athletic department needs to do an investigation to determine whether those young ladies’ enrollment status is in the best interest of the university.
  10. Bathroom in the Penn State locker room.
  11. Clemson has one of the two or three highest paid rosters in college football. Players get paid. I bet OBJ wishes that Cleveland was the Ohio team with the #1 pick, not Cincinnati.
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