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  1. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    I’m loving eliminating the MLS players. Hopefully Bradley & Altidore don’t get a pass from being excluded because they are in Canada and a short flight to the UK. 🤮 Sebastian Lletget and maybe a Central Defender are the only two MLS players who should be included at the moment anyway. You could also argue Jordan Morris, but keep Roldan STATESIDE!! The USA is currently a clusterfuck of historic preparations, no country would want to send their team here, nor let a team of domestic players go to their country.
  2. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    Dest reportedly going to Barcelona rather than Bayern. Would rather see him at Bayern.
  3. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    Man City has to tell you that it is a city?
  4. There is Russian (who plays for Kazakhstan 🇰🇿), Alexander Bublik, who just spanked the Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime. The announcers kept talking about how Bublik is usually an unexplainable erratic player, but was super focused and didn’t do stupid shit for no reason whatsoever and was able to handle Felix in about 75 minutes.
  5. They're on TV again this Friday night in the PAC 12 Friday Night time slot. They are doing their damndest to let it be known that they have a program.
  6. Well Paul is Jewish, so... ACOUSTIC: Get her an Orangewood Dana Mahogany or Spruce. It's 23.5 inch scale and a 43mm nut and her fingers will be able to play it. It also can take a beating. I have the Mahogany and really like it. (DO NOT BUY ANY GUITAR WITH A NUT LARGER THAN 43MM! Acoustic or Electric) It sounds good and if you use the code DARRELLSFRIENDS10 or MARYSFRIENDS10, you get 10% off of a $125 guitar that comes with free shipping. https://orangewoodguitars.com/collections/playa-collection She would probably like the wings on the Oliver Jr's 12th fret, but they're never in stock, so forget it. It's a better sounding guitar, but the Dana is fine.. Step 1: Put 10 gauge strings on it so that it won't kill her fingers. Step 2: If there is a lot of space between the strings and the frets, adjust the neck so that the action is low. This will also protect her fingers. Step 3: If you are in over your head, take it to someone to do this for you. ELECTRIC: Get something with a 24 inch scale AT MOST! Fender Mustangs, Duo-Sonic, or Jaguars if you like blowing money. Squier Mustangs, Jaguars, or Mini Strats/ Mini-Teles if you're smart. Take the strings off and put on 8s. These are extremely light, but again, they will protect her fingers. Lower the action and yada-yada-yada, but start with LOW-LOW-LOW gauge strings and then let her move up once she thinks that they are too light. NOTE: The electric guitar will be MUCH MUCH easier on her fingers than an acoustic guitar. This will increase her chances of sticking with it. People who play completely forget about the pain that strings inflict on beginning fingers. Lastly, the suggestion of letting her pick the guitar is a good one. The issue is that people who work at guitar stores that do NOT teach lessons don't give a shit or not if your daughter sticks to the guitar, so they don't care about what is best for her. They just want to make the sale. I would talk to a teacher BEFORE you go buy a guitar, especially if you are going to bring her along, and find out a good location for small-sized beginner guitars. And again, change those strings immediately!
  7. First half of this article focuses on the arrests, but the second part is straight up Floyd Landis-esque. "STUNNING PERFORMANCE [STRIKE THREE??*] This year's Tour was won by Slovenian Tadej Pogacar, who produced one of the most stunning performances in recent history in the final time trial last Saturday. [STRIKE ONE*] The 22-year-old is with Team UAE Emirates, which is managed by Mauro Gianetti and Matxin Fernandez, sports directors at Saunier Duval in 2008 when the team left the Tour in the wake of Ricardo Ricco's failed doping test. [STRIKE TWO*] The duo were also managing the Geox-TMC team when Spaniard Juan Jose Cobo won the Vuelta in 2011, only to be stripped of the title because of a "violation of the anti-doping rules (use of a banned substance) based on irregularities found in his Athlete Biological Passport in 2009 and 2011". 'I am too young to remember that era,' said Pogacar when asked about his entourage at UAE Emirates. 🤥 'I was 10 in 2008 and it's weird to be talking about this because it goes against everything I believe in.' 🤥 The last notable rider to fail a doping test on the Tour was Luxembourg's Frank Schleck in 2012." https://sports.yahoo.com/cycling-thrown-fresh-turmoil-tour-090329996.html * "STRIKE"s added by me.
  8. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    “Meteoplex” should have been typed as "Metroplex". I'm now kind of wishing that I had accidentally typed "METEORPLEX".
  9. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    😱 Sadly they don’t use “Meteoplex” nearly as much as they used to. It has been replaced with the much more civilized, yet geographically ignorant “North Texas”.
  10. Napoleon

    USMNT 2020

    Hip grapevine? Knee grapevine? which one do you get your rumors from?
  11. Watching a replay of Sloane Stephens vs ???? Hibino and I don’t know if Sloane is hungover or donated blood right before the match, but she won’t even move for a ball that looks to be headed to 10 feet away from her. She just had 10th & 11th double faults to get broken for the 9th time in 11 service games. My guess is that her sponsors are requiring her to enter this tournaments, but she hasn’t even moved for the two returns in this latest game. Because she’s American, the announcers aren’t criticizing her too much, but she is basically throwing the match. She should be investigated for possible betting connections.
  12. Vamos Argentina!! 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 !!
  13. Yes she did. It was a Jekyll & Hyde match. Svitlolina has the neck chains, but her head isn’t in this. Maybe Gael went on to the next tour stop and she’s lost her rudder.
  14. My boy, Dominik Koepfer is taking Novak to a 3rd. Vamos Green Wave Kraut!! PS- In no surprise, Vika has a stronger will than Garbine.
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