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  1. do you really need the CA? there's other letters out there too
  2. basically it says that what people save on their housing they spend on cars here. i figured that out a long time ago when people in shoddy tract houses in katy had big mercedes and ferraris in their garages.
  3. and lets not forget the whole purpose of giving electoral votes to states based on population (+2), rather than just counting individual votes, was that the south had a turnout problem.
  4. that route is 90 or 100 extra miles than going up 87 through NE new mexico or 287 through eastern colorado, so it's an hour slower despite some construction east of amarillo and south of denver. i'd go up 87 out of amarillo just to avoid spending any time in oklahoma.
  5. https://www.heb.com/product-detail/folios-cheddar-cheese-wraps/2118615
  6. i need a turkish dude deepfaking himself for food videos anymore
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