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  1. what if i told you we're already at 4% inflation
  2. sorry, mean a leave in probe. thermo q is on sale, probably just get that.
  3. that seems ok cars cars cars strong dollar isn't going to help exports huh https://www.bea.gov/news/2022/gross-domestic-product-first-quarter-2022-advance-estimate they did this so policy makers could react quicker.
  4. rossi just traded 17th for 21st
  5. They need to have it going the direction the cars exit 12 rather than starting well behind them going into 12 and then making a u turn.
  6. Andretti cars not having a good time this morning. Marco impeded by Sato who was on the track instead of the cool down lane, then having engine problems. Colton has engine trouble on his first lap and aborts. Rinus Veekay nabs 3rd fastest qualy run at Indy ever. Nearly 6 hours left.
  7. Merc isn't porpoising near as hard here. Not sure if that is upgrades or just a track they have a huge book on. The floor on that car is smashed to the ground every time it's on camera
  8. what probe thermometer are y'all using? mine seems to have bit the dust
  9. on top of that it's entirely horseshit for you to complain about how poor poors are after they've had $47,000,000,000,000 taken from them due to conservative economic policies. this is what you @fattyflattie, wanted. you asked for this. every time you went into the voting booth and pulled that lever. every single last goddamn time.
  10. is this where we pretend we don't know what externalities are?
  11. do you think your industry would be economic if it had to pay the costs generated by dumping nearly all of its waste products into the atmosphere?
  12. a man whose entire livelihood depends on free access to sewers complaining about other people getting free stuff. the greatest involuntary transfer of wealth from the public at large to private hands and all fatty can think about is the people who have fuck all have too fucking much.
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