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  1. 1997 rutgers. didn't get tickets to route 66. game wasn't even on dorm tv. we had no fucking clue what was going on in the stadium at our tailgate in the courtyard behind roberts and prather.
  2. people who've been conned refuse to acknowledge they've been conned, even when they know they've been conned. so they need help to do so. a 32 tweet thread:
  3. "tigers won 17-14, good thing they got that late field goal" love me some robert ford
  4. good: better opponents (but see texum sec university's 2020 schedule) bad: the billionty threads this is generating on here the ugly: ou
  5. TIL that running interference for wealthy fucks makes one a "dissident"
  6. and science doesn't provide answers to ethical questions involving two opposing interests.
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