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  1. has any elected official ever gotten their pants hemmed to the right length?
  2. didn't know EK flew to FLL. guess it's cheaper than MIA
  3. i, for one, am appreciative of the trillions of dollars the US has spent keeping mounties from invading and giving us things like legal weed, healthcare and good governance.
  4. my phone has built in gif search for responding to text messages/signal/discord/tapatalk/whatever built right into the android/google keyboard. i have no idea why the search results it returns aren't at all the same as google image search for a gif with the same phrase. for example, search for "that's a penis" on google images and the first 10 hits you get are all: from the keyboard, that gif doesn't appear at all. really just don't get why.
  5. seems like every little town east of round rock has its own ISD. hutto, taylor, thrall, thorndale, rockdale, etc. is coupland, 3 miles down from taylor, really served by having its own ISD?
  6. marginal cost is a step function. the reduction of any one kid to the variable cost is near $0.
  7. i'm sure we'll have another emaw video about cancel culture castigating dan crenshaw shortly.
  8. ASU co-ed season amirite?
  9. there's 1,247 public school districts in the state of texas. that seems like a lot. edit: that figure includes charter schools counted separately and some specialty schools. looks like the figure is just a bit over 1000 for traditional districts.
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