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  1. utter bullshit flag to bail out the steelers and net 30+ yards
  2. Breakfast (well, lunch, and I swear my goddamn superpower is getting lunch on the table right at the start of halftime)
  3. nice throw and catch at the end of the half there to go back up
  4. did you need a "gil banged" in there somewhere?
  5. verstappen on the front row on yellows
  6. it's fucking gil bang. but broad-stroke the rest of the board in your quest for intellectual honesty.
  7. from politicians all they had to do was fucking lead, and they didn't fucking do that. 200,000+ dead but pRo LiFe!!!
  8. it means she's pro-life from a long-standing and deeper tradition, not from being whipsawed by a bunch of racists upset they had to let black kids into their schools back in the 70s.
  9. imagine if republicans put as much effort into stopping covid-19 as they're about to put into making sure ACB gets seated on the Court.
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