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  1. Weeknight dinner. Had two slices.
  2. *kris kobach has entered the game*
  3. right click, open in new tab, learn that bill gates is a vice chair of the maricopa board, and it all starts to make sense
  4. the president of the arizona senate is a karen? no wonder it's fucked
  5. *the ottomans were turks from central asia. first arab state, rather than local tribes, was the ummayyad caliphate under muawiya I, ruling from damascus. syria, at the time, included the modern israeli state. the coastal ports existed then. doesn't really seem like not claiming an interest. saladin retook jerusalem from the crusaders but he was a kurd so the ayubid dynasty isn't properly arab, i suppose.
  6. considering how much the exile to babylon has to do with jewish religious identity and preservation, and that centers for jewish scholarship, even well after the messiah returned them to jerusalem and rebuilt the temple, were in mesopotamia, not much, actually.
  7. well, no, if it's just one thing then it's not inflation.
  8. that livery is sick
  9. the box of morton kosher salt is labeled "NON-GMO" thanks, i wasn't sure
  10. soap doesn't remove seasoning. the stuff that comes off from some soap is grime that shouldn't be in there.
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