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  1. keep in mind that cash is only after contribution limits are hit for the RNC and trump's new pac. straight grift, homey
  2. *spend all summer sowing doubt about the election* nO oNe CaN TrUsT tHiS pRoCeSs! It NeEdS tO bE iNvEsTiGaTeD! *rubes lap it up*
  3. shhhhhhhhhhh edit: i see biff has covered this
  4. "we need to pick on people who aren't going to hand us our ass on a platter" https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/gop-s-getting-scared-ocasio-cortez-swipes-back-after-republican-n995501
  5. is that the part where he fucks his cousin? @Francisco 2.0 really missed an opportunity with that thread title
  6. iowa had basically nothing for lock down and it's in as much shit as anyone. this lock down narrative is bullshit. turns out when people are scared of a deadly virus they don't go outside. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/22/business/economy/economy-coronavirus-lockdown-iowa.html
  7. https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus/passenger-throughput millions of americans were travelling already. last weekend was 3,052,139. the prior weekend was 2,557,236. a bit under 500,000 increase. the three day weekend from 10/16-18 (the first time since march a million pax in a day went through TSA) was 2,793,294 pax. a bit more than 9% increase. only 43% of last year's travel. i guess we'll see what today through wednesday look like.
  8. kinda plasticky to eat right out of the bag.
  9. ACL, MCL, and structural damage. I doubt he plays next year.
  10. also if you're in houston, dallas, or some other town with a microcenter, you can get your CPU, motherboard, ram, and even SSD there (house brand inland premium 1TB uses the same phison E12 chip as everyone else, and though it may measure slower than the sk hynix drive i linked, if that sk hynix drive weren't on sale i'd go with the inland). they also stock a lot of cases tho not sure how competitive pricing is and obviously they don't have everything. power supply pricing has never seemed particularly competitive, though iirc they do price match if it won't go below their cost. story is pretty similar with graphics cards, but i've gotten a few open box cards there just fine.
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