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  1. As long as we're in the discussion of milk: https://www.wsaw.com/content/news/Wis-dairy-cooperative-encourages-dairy-farmers-to-quit-industry-569374571.html Ellsworth Creamery is getting their ass kicked due to the crash in demand for butter, cheese, and solid dairy.
  2. Full Minnesota numbers are released daily at 11AM, and can be found at health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/situation.html Maybe things are working around here, in that the number of confirmed cases has consistently been between 50 and 75 daily since March 26, with no exponential surge. Recoveries at about half of the positive cases.
  3. The fact that Michigan keeps hitting above .400 daily on successful tests leads me to think that community transmission has been a thing for a lot longer than mid-March. In case you have forgotten what leadership looks like (many in this country have), here is Tim Walz's State of the State address from last night.
  4. A clear explanation of where things are in the state, using actual facts and figures. Didn't sugarcoat things. Acknowledged how unpleasant things are and how bad things could get, but also noted what's been done, why it's been done, and what future contingency plans look like. Several friends of mine who are unrepentant Republicans have been duly impressed with how he's handling it.
  5. Minnesota Gov. Walz is addressing the state now.
  6. From Kentucky. Not a good sign. https://www.kentucky.com/news/coronavirus/article241741256.html
  7. From Monday's Minneapolis Star Tribune, this is an article about how tiny Martin County, on the MN-IA border, became such a COVID-19 hotspot. https://m.startribune.com/2-residents-of-rural-martin-county-die-of-covid-19/569239942/
  8. Mayo Clinic getting shit done, round 4: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2020/04/01/mayo-clinic-expects-covid19-antibody-test-to-be-ready-monday not sure if this is the test that ChiTownDoc took, but it's tests like this that need to be scaled.
  9. Mayo Clinic getting shit done, part 3: https://www.startribune.com/u-mayo-ready-covid-19-antibody-tests-in-minnesota/569233992/ First, Mayo has been cranking through something like 4,000+ tests per day and has helped clear the state's testing backlog. Now, the U of M/Mayo joint researchers have trials out for the antibody tests. They've got work yet to do, and need more testing, but the process and early results are quite promising.
  10. It's clear that those whining about excessive unemployment have never actually had to draw it
  11. If the occupant of the Oval Office won't lead, blue state governors will. Walz did a damn fine job on his address earlier this afternoon.
  12. Press conference at 2PM CDT in Minnesota. Governor Walz's office expected to produce a shelter-in-place order. 287 confirmed cases here on 6365 tests ran, but everyone thinks the true number is at least 10 times that. Mayo doing their part by clearing 3000 tests per day.
  13. Per the Seattle Times, they're suspending operations at all their Puget Sound facilities.
  14. So does a member of Gov. Tim Walz's security detail. He's holing up for two weeks. I'm expecting the Shelter-in-place order in Minnesota later today.
  15. The American taxpayer did just fine by TARP, even if it was a universally despised idea at the time.
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