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  1. If you want to kill corporate personhood, you have to go all the way back to Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific.
  2. Add Alaska to that list. A dollar literally goes a lot further in Alaska than in Iowa. That said, if the field expands and the GOP suddenly has to play even more defense, where does it go? The next tier of races is a hard lift even with Biden at the top of the ticket (Kansas, Mississippi, Bama, Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky), and I'm sick of counting on the former Confederacy to turn blue.
  3. Wasn't Murkowski the other one who already said no to a pre-election confirmation? Speaking of Alaska, that's a seat that could be a surprise flip. Al Gross has a hell of a resume.
  4. Woman elected VP at 59 cents seems pretty undervalued. If you're looking for an underdog at a nice price, you can get No Republican (i.e. Jamie Harrison) in South Carolina Senate for 25 cents.
  5. Lester Holt tried to fact-check him in 2016 during the debate, and he blew through it like a line of Adderall.
  6. The MAGAs on my time line are too concerned with dunking on Nancy Pelosi to worry about such petty things.
  7. All four officers are in court this morning for pre-trial motions, in a heavily barricaded Hennepin County Court House in downtown Minneapolis. Full docket of things, including separations of the trials, change of venue, and other things. Just getting under way, follow the thread for updates.
  8. I think it only got the Court back to 4-3, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Breaking this afternoon out of Planet Cheese:
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