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  1. Well, there you go. Stop drilling.
  2. QFMFT. The grilled chicken sandwich with fresh jalapenos and guacamole is outstanding. Now I know what I am getting for lunch.
  3. Its called a disappointing sandwich with a side of shitty beer.
  4. Haha...he is fucked up and missed it?
  5. Looks like each lot is .4 acres. Not 1%
  6. Did you truckers recently have a conference on being left lane campers on the interstate? Good lord it is getting worse.
  7. It looks like they took off the spare from the trunk.
  8. So when a kid puts on a Texas jersey or Florida or Alabama and goes to auburn they are trolling the previous schools?
  9. And without an efficient pipeline for transportation purposes, midstream goes up in cost. So, back to rail for the main transportation. Some guy who owns a bunch of railroads and trains that transport this will benefit big time. Weird how under 8 hours the pipeline lost their permits. We know who daddy is.
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