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  1. Me neither. at first I thought it was totally staged but then after watching it I knew it was real because some random person was filming and wr got lucky on capturing that special moment!
  2. markstanco

    Getting old sucks

    Happy birthday slappy.
  3. Lot going on here. That's a mfg home or a double wide so yea shorts are allowed. Also that tree. I can't unsee a Llama face at the top.
  4. Under the current constitution, you can still move to another country to your liking.
  5. My kiddo was watching cowboy 'errors' tonight and had a great question that I didn't know. Leon Lett. Maybe I could find it online maybe not. What was his sat score and his wonderic? Because got damn he did some dumb shit but the good outweighed the bad.
  6. This topic can be on many levels. Beers available to you. Beers you have drank out of country. Beers in regions you arent in. To me there are two and only two. Alaskan Amber. What a great beer. It's got some hop and very malty. Somewhat fruity as well. Before texas got it, I had my rep from Oregon ship me a 6er that I paid for once a year. My 2nd choice is local. Revolver. Got dang blood and honey is great. This to me is a heavy beer that I can only drink 2 of them. Great burger beer. Not at all a beer you can sit and drink 4 of them at a bar because the alco content is a bit on the high side. Let's hear more suggestions.
  7. Did he get to choose? Yes its understood. Whoever trump chooses, he will be challenged. We all know this.
  8. One of my customers. 3 Safety specialists i know have no complaints but that is of course a very small sample size.
  9. The party of nazi that mslsd told you to call it. But you are fine with the racist joe biden. You see his recent snapshots in the last few months over 7-11 owners and dunkin donut owners, and you are fine, FINE with that because that's your guy.
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