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  1. Give 'er hell during that commercial break!
  2. They are proud of those losses, especially this year. Help their brother win a MNC, which is what they will do in short order in year 20__
  3. How did you come up with that? Is it not true that baylor is currently better at the big 3 sports?
  4. Ah, good point and you are correct on CDC. it's just really frustrating watching Baylor win 1 game and then going to the B12 championship game so fast, and also ranked #1 in basketball this week. WTF.
  5. But probably not because they continue to hire excellent leaders who happen to coach. Example: football, basketball, baseball. (And likely other spring sports) Their AD > CDC
  6. About fucking time. What a terrible way to handle the best athlete perspectively in their sport ever. More dominant than Vince or Clemens or Bobby or (slight reach) jordan in her sport.
  7. LOL at Self. He was there and saw what happened. Should have done the right thing and make it where an investigation isnt really needed concerning De Sousa and kicked his dumb ass off the team.
  8. {Me taking the trash out earlier} Her: Dont leave the garage door open too long, I dont want mice or snakes coming in. The current temp is 35 degrees.
  9. Yes, maximum range is what makes a hall of Famer. Dont be a dumbass.
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