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  1. VatoLocoAggie 1:47a, 7/3/20 In reply to BTKAG97 Bunk Moreland said: "The university, head coach and NCAA enforcement staff agreed that the head coach and an assistant coach had impermissible recruiting contact with a prospect at his high school. The conversation was impermissible because it occurred before the completion of the prospect's junior year in high school." BTKAG97 said: Coach: "Hi, How are you doing?" NCAA: "INFRACTION!!!" You're joking but actually it's very similar to this. No kidding. Bama and tu have PI's that watch every move JF makes when he travels. Sad. Very pathetic.
  2. VatoLocoAggie 1:43a, 7/3/20 We have a target because we are poised to be the next Climpson. Before all this crap, we were the team to make a serious push for the SEC title against Bama. So we were getting sniped. It happens. The infractions were minor. No big deal at all. One was Jimbo visiting a coaching friend at a high school and accidentally bumped into a recruit and said "excuse me". The other was when a recruit sneezed and JF said "Bless you" These are blown way out of proportion. Nothing to see here. Move along. We already have. Gig'em and God Bless America "Texas A&M National Champions in Football 1917, 1919, 1927, 1939, and 1940." SEC Proud and Taco Meat Free!
  3. National champs at cheating is the opposite of aggy. Bama players flashing cash and cars on IG and getting no sanctions makes you the NC of cheating.
  4. This look happens after the lake.
  5. Plus their best two seasons in the SEC were the 1st years of new coaches. Once other elite teams adjusted, they went back to their normal spot.
  6. If I have I dont remember. Also, I just noticed her pretty ankle bracelet.
  7. So their best finish was with B12 type of players?
  8. If I have I dont remember. Also, I just noticed her pretty ankle bracelet.
  9. Somebody do their conference record in the sec and b12
  10. What teams have the highest cases? Texas, lsu, bama. Clemson. Hmmm. Get the rona now or get it in October? Tinfoil hat shit I know.
  11. I'm in my late 40s so not as many shots anymore. Beer and wine are my goto drinks. Question of the day is what you would take and which one would make you immediately hurl. And i am talking a straight shot, not tequila with a salt rim and lime chaser or similar. Me: I can still to this day deal with tequila as long as it isn't the shit on the bottom shelf in a plastic bottle. Cabo Wabo and above. I can slam it or sip on it. Whiskey: jack black. I don't like it neat, over rocks with a splash of cola is preferred but I can sip it neat. Vodka: feed me vodka neat and you will see it a second time along with what I ate 3 hours ago. But I do like vodka with carbonated grape juice for a fine summer drink.
  12. Its call harvard extension school. Admission requirements are a heartbeat and a check. She did this sad thing to her mom telling her she had been accepted in to harvard with some letter from the extension school that basically stated her check cleared.
  13. I have a BIG problem with it. If I cant watch or join in.
  14. That was my thought as well, "controlled" falling.
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