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  1. I like the cut of your jib OP. Well done.
  2. That would be something. Is that white kid for Georgetown who is all over YT playing well? Seems like he sucked a few weeks ago.
  3. Yea Maryland was better than advertised. WV and OSU too.
  4. Florida state or Illinois or app state type of game since 1-1 to finish the season at best. I hope not app state though. Decline that invitation in a hurry. They would crush this herman team.
  5. So you are cool with it. Washington state and Indiana football agree with you.
  6. Likely posted, but for the first time texas has lost 4 or more games in the same decade. Congrats to herman on keeping the tradition. I'm sure he will fight to keep his staff so the streak can continue.
  7. They do win championships when it comes to polls.
  8. It's the middle of November. The lolz and hobbies threads are more entertaining.
  9. My 11 year old and I went out to target shoot at the lease today. We took the 22lr with a can and shot the 22-250 from 400 yards at an AR500 16 inch target. We had his Remington 1187 20, but didnt shoot it. No people were killed.
  10. Again, taking away my 7 mag, 223, 12 ga., and pistols wont stop these shootings. It's not the tool, it's the user. Taking away my guns will only be taking away my guns. A mentally ill person will find a way to get attention and do what they plan on doing. But yes, take my guns away if it stops just one killing? No it wont. Taking MY guns away will solve nothing. They wont be killing anybody.
  11. No seasoned assistant will want to work for a coach who has to fire everyone to keep his job. Probably wouldn't want to work for that guy anyway.
  12. Super competitive pricing for double wides.
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