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  1. K (4) Morten Andersen 1982-2007 George Blanda (Also QB) 1949-1958, 1960-1975 Lou Groza (Also T) 1946-1959, 1961-1967 Jan Stenerud 1967-1985
  2. I take it you meant Dickson?
  3. Those were unique circumstances with both coaches retiring but technically youre correct. My point was coaches who got fired.
  4. The Spanish version is awesome on that kick. Somewhat difficult to find on YT but worth it.
  5. He probably doesn’t remember but ask Joel klatt.
  6. I also think Florida state would rather be 0-3 than what their real record is.
  7. That sounds awesome. 12-1 with a new coaching staff is a pipe dream. Show me where this has ever happened. Be happy with 9 wins and anything above it is icing on the cake. These are Herman’s players.
  8. Thank you for your service on the ramp at the airport protecting jimbo aggy.
  9. It’s the AP, who cares. Do a Vertigo Top 25, it has the exact same bearing on CFB as the AP.
  10. That’s called Alabama
  11. 100%. Gonna lose a few more games, because that is what happens with a new coach. He’s new because the last one sucked. But this board will lose their shit because that is what we do. It’s shocking here when tom Herman or sark or strong comes in here and doesn’t win 11 games in year one. However, sark seems to be on the right track. No dumbass coin flip issues (Jesus that was embarrassing) or mocking a college kid with a backpack.
  12. #teamdallas is bringing it.
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