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  1. Wife went to bed an hour ago. I just turned of 12 GD lamps.
  2. The wing T is greatness. Not for cfb though.
  3. He said in his presser that he would always make himself available for coaching bowl games.
  4. You also think Eli manning is a better qb than Dan Marino too because of SB wins. Because, you know, qbs win games.
  5. Change the oil. It's $75 if you don't want to do it or 20 minutes of your time if so. Or Just keep the original oil in there for a few years because fuck the police.
  6. I dont know, but maybe the proper way with oil, flour, a cast iron skillet, and a wooden spoon?
  7. There is truth in this. I pay my guys a bonus when a metal container comes in during hot days.
  8. Are you using @aol? If not, blacklist them. Replying will let them know your email is good, and they can sell it.
  9. This pleases me. Even if that trash person is hurt.
  10. markstanco

    Getting old sucks

    Oh, adding, this was bought in 87 by me with mowing money for around 3500.
  11. markstanco

    Getting old sucks

    You must have been rich. Signed, 1982 gmc S-15 with the 2.5 4 cylinder Holla.
  12. On top of the world right now. As some of you know I wrecked my left shoulder back in May. Rotator, some bonus tendons and muscles reattached. 50 physical therapies and still doing band exercises. Went to play today at my club for the first time in a year. I can only take it back about 75% but managed a 84 and only hit a rescue off the tee the front 9 until I felt comfortable to hit 3w and finally a few drivers later. I did hit a short par 5 in 2, made a 4. Putting somehow was really good, chipping I looked like a monkey fucking a football (understandable). By the middle of the round I w
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