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  1. We need a few Lattimers and Macks on this team for sure.
  2. Who could forget that upstanding gentleman? A true pillar of society!
  3. I’d just like to remind you all that Jimbo is indeed a cuck.
  4. Well, this is year 2 for Odom and he got buttfucked a few times in year 1. We’ve been skullfucked a few times this year, but not as badly as Arkansas last year. I think the best course is to cleanse this program of the malcontents. I also would not let Casey start another game if any of the shit that has been said so far this year is true.
  5. We are not a physical defense. That is one problem. Even though Bama was toasting Arkansas through the air Arkansas never stopped laying the wood. We don’t fucking do that because our players are pussies.
  6. Motherfucker, if you can recruit you will always have a job. Texas has more prestige than SMU/TCU will ever have. I don’t give a fiddler’s fuck how down we are right now. Coming to Texas to coach receivers will most certainly put his career on an upward trajectory. Sark gets fired in 3 years, but Samples makes it rain while he is here and the next coach will either keep him or Saban will come and collect him. Either way, there isn’t a downside to coming to Texas if he is offered. Are you smoking crack, serious question? I don’t mean to be rude, but you really seem to have your head firmly up your ass.
  7. The new SuidAkrA and Carcass albums from 2021 are the tits. Gonna check the new Exodus tomorrow.
  8. Doesn’t have much connection to Texas? If this were a soccer league we’d be taking back our “loan” from a lower division team. You really are a proven imbecile.
  9. Lol Nate Liucci is a fitting pejorative for that cunt whisker.
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