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  1. Pretty glad we didn’t waste a spot on 4i princely.
  2. Judge is definitely fun to shoot. My buddy had no issues with his until it was stolen.
  3. Well, then let’s get Herbert the fuck up to the Midwest for our 2 and 3 star reaches then.
  4. They probably put a black square up on facebook and circle jerked themselves afterwards. Lot of self-congratulating lately. You want to make a real change then go volunteer. Don't tell me about what you're going to go do; go do it. Be a leader. Not a grandstanding hack!
  5. Bob Bostad is available. He's coaching LB's at Wisconsin now. I mean, his lines always seemed salty at Wisconsin.
  6. Y'all ever had that New Orleans brand ice cream? Shit slams and goes hard. Praline flavor was even better than Adams. They also have this Banana's Foster flavor that whips ass.
  7. It was complete domination against a trash can opponent. I am satisfied. I'll worry about the pass rush when the QB isn't getting the ball out in 2-3 seconds and is getting 4-5 seconds to make decisions.
  8. Oscar Giles is such a great coach that not even a dumbass scheme can stop his guys from being pros. Now that he can sell the four man line the recruiting is going to be killer.
  9. Overshown. Foster will get there once he serves his year long suspension and puts on the necessary weight.
  10. Just recruit linemen and safeties. We’ll feed the safeties and make them linebackers.
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