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  1. I used to have to take Plaquenil. I know that it can fuck up your eyes. I had to see an ophthalmologist monthly while on it.
  2. It's almost like this country is still the best place to live in the world. Almost!
  3. And now, they will profit off of the rest of the world's destruction that they caused by manufacturing and selling medical supplies. Isn't that wonderful?
  4. Isn’t it sort of dumb to compare the U.S. to Italy? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to compare the states to Europe as a whole?
  5. The new Carcass album needs to be released like yesterday. Under the Scalpel Blade whips ass.
  6. Yeah, they’re still way ahead with all the missing telecom customers...by a lot lol.
  7. Hmm just like Epstein. Amazing. Another one involved in the sex cult that will die with many secrets.
  8. Somebody should really tell Dev he can’t catch. I’m pretty sure I read that on this site one time...
  9. I honestly don't know the guy or much about him. I just know when they first shared about it, the outlook was that he's young and not in the at risk group so no one seemed concerned he wouldn't be able to get through it with treatment at the hospital. Yeah, I was reading about a guy on Drudge today that called it hell. Said he runs 5 miles a day, but he also has grandchildren. Not sure how old he is though.
  10. What kind of health was he in though? Was he overweight or did he have pre-existing conditions?
  11. Nope, that’s totally fucked and irresponsible.
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