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  1. Did Boulware really say that about living in their heads rent free? My new favorite coach. Allsome!
  2. Blake Brockermeyer commented on his tweet. Texas confirmed?
  3. You think Liucci is a terrible person? I think he’s just a typical fuckface aggy, but I don’t know that he’s ever done anything terrible like Ketchum. That guy is a real piece of shit.
  4. @Snacks said we are going to win. Maybe the Brocks didn’t get the memo.
  5. Snickers but that dreamsicle flavor sounds amazing.
  6. I’d love to meet you at the next DFW happy hour to discuss this.
  7. I’ve started returning negs for their echo chamber ass clown opinions. I used to be against cloak room negs, but fuck ‘em. Three days in a row 4 posters have negged me for a post almost a year old. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence so they all got random negs from me.
  8. Sure. But, from what I remember at least, it seemed like a case of regret for doing something disgusting. I could be wrong though. It’s just how I remember it. FWIW, I don’t get the whole sharing girls thing either. It’s pretty gross.
  9. I thought our guys were innocent. That’s the way I remembered it. Was I wrong?
  10. Could be the same case here. Let’s see what happens.
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