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  1. I think for every snake ID request, there should just be an assumption that it’s a rat snake until one of us with more snake knowledge says otherwise.
  2. How does it take the length? That guy won’t need to eat for months.
  3. Careful not to step on any human feces when you’re out and about. Enjoy the weather.
  4. The Jimbo plaque is a nice touch.
  5. Lerka Lerka

    Austin FC

    Is AFC +298 simply because it’s in Frisco and the 0-3-1 record there? Something feels off here.
  6. Where’s the 0-12 option? /6th Street
  7. Am I in the Cloak Room? Some of y’all MF’ers talk too much. If this upsets you, then I was probably referring to you.
  8. Thread title needs to be updated
  9. No way we can keep this scoring up and we already lost the lead.
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