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  1. Please elaborate on that topic, I'm sure we would all like to hear how a poll they conducted via a third party is wrong. After all, they are just asking questions, and we all know you're an expert in that field.
  2. If there was video of Trump fucking a 13 year old on Epstein Island, his base would explain it away as, "well that's when he was a Democrat/Liberal/Pro-Abortion/etc, he found Jesus and is reformed now!" There is nothing that will sway that 30% of the voting population about Trump, it's the 40% that identify as "Independents" that need to see and hear all about this.
  3. Apparently it only cost $600 an hour to fly this banner!
  4. Season 6 starts September 4th!
  5. I didn't miss it, I only quoted 1 of the 10 questions. You gotta click the link for the rest. The whole thing is hilarious
  6. If you want a sort of sad laugh about how absurdly uneducated people are on the topics related to abortion, reproduction, anatomy, etc, this link is pretty entertaining. Cards Against Humanity did a 10 question poll of 2900 people from states that have banned abortion, and it shows just how shitty some of these people are. Example below. https://abortionpoll.cardsagainsthumanity.com/
  7. Some very early predictions for W/L. Kind of interesting, I can see some good picks for Over/under on this. Boston Celtics 55.5 Milwaukee Bucks 52.5 Phoenix Suns 52.5 Los Angeles Clippers 52.5 Golden State Warriors 51.5 Denver Nuggets 49.5 Philadelphia 76ers 49.5 Memphis Grizzlies 48.5 Dallas Mavericks 48.5 Miami Heat 48.5 Minnesota Timberwolves 47.5 Atlanta Hawks 46.5 Los Angeles Lakers 45.5 Brooklyn Nets 45.5 New Orleans Pelicans 44.5 Toronto Raptors 44.5 Chicago Bulls 43.5 Cleveland Cavaliers 42.5 Portland Trail Blazers 40.5 New York Knicks 39.5 Charlotte Hornets 36.5 Washington Wizards 35.5 Utah Jazz 32.5 Sacramento Kings 32.5 Detroit Pistons 28.5 Oklahoma City Thunder 26.5 Orlando Magic 25.5 Indiana Pacers 24.5 Houston Rockets 23.5 San Antonio Spurs 23.5 https://www.vegasinsider.com/nba/odds/win-totals/
  8. I listened to part of the Eric Trump interview on Hannity from Monday night, you know 8/8 Raid Day. Anyways, he actually said a few interesting things. He claims he was there when the raid happened, he was not shown the warrant (which may be procedural or it could mean the warrant has sensitive info), and he said it was "about 30 agents in about 20 cars.". That's a big fucking group of agents for 15 boxes of evidence. Now I'm sure some of them were there for security purposes, closing off the location and such, ensuring no monkey business from Trump people, watching the cars, but it sounds like they expected to need a lot of help to find everything.
  9. What is with women commenting on baby boy's penises? My wife doesn't do this at least, but her friends who are other people's wives have made some weird comments. Stuff like, "Ohhh he's going to make some girl happy some day!" or commenting on its potential size due to current proportions. I have no idea how big or small it is compared to other baby boys, because I really don't have a frame of reference for this subject, but it's fucking weird. Anyways, if any of you happen to run into this sort of weird shit, the best comment to make IMO is, "Well it runs in the family." and then stare at them. Don't blink, don't smile, completely serious deadpan, and see what they do.
  10. Representative Scott Perry says the F.B.I. seized his cellphone today. It might be related, or it could be related to the 1/6 investigation. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/09/us/scott-perry-cellphone-fbi.html
  11. I really hope some of the boxes pertain to fun conspiracies. What if, as President, he requested all the documents related to the Roswell UFO crash, and he wanted to take them with him to see what the government REALLY knew about it? Maybe he shared them with his dumb friends like Alex Jones. Or the records about the JFK assassination, WTC building 7, the Moon landing, etc. It would be so on brand if some documents about conspiracy theories were the root cause of this.
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