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  1. The Nets aren't willing to give him a 4 year max, so he's requested a trade. That's not their fault, and I don't blame Kyrie either. his best shot at max money is to be traded to someone willing to sign him to it. Teams with space in free agency won't be looking to sign him for 50m a year, nor do they have the space.
  2. Ok ok,.I think I have a solution everyone can get behind: Step 1: sign Profar for about 2 years 20m Step 2: sign Yuli for 1 year 2.5m Step 3: send Maton to KC, Pittsburgh or Miami for a bag of chips to free up a roster spot. Everybody wins!
  3. The altering Right/Left hitters for the first 6 batters is nice. Not sure if Brantley will make a good DH, but I hope he returns to form. Brantley also has some bonus money in his contract based on plate appearances, so I could see him in the 7 spot, swapped with Pena, to save a little cash. He gets an extra 750k for every 25 PAs from 450-525.
  4. KD, Kawhi and Simmons would be a stout 2-3-4. If it was a straight swap, I would do that if I'm the Nets. Hell even PG may be worth it, just so they get something out of Kyries contract.
  5. 3m is pretty cheap, but yeah, there isn't a roster spot for him at this point. Shame, I'd like to have him around for one last season, he's a good dude.
  6. Mike Trout has a 22 cWPA, double that of Judge's, yet they both have one less championship (0) than Yordan Alvarez (1) and zero World Series appearances. Can you explain why? Show your work.
  7. The Raptors drive a hard bargain, so I would guess they say No, despite that being an overpay, because they are greedy. OG has a player option next year, so trading for him is a half year rental, then he's going to get 20-25m per year from some treadmill team this off-season. 3 FRPs for a rental like that is insane, plus he's just a defensive wing and not much more. 4th option on a championship team? maybe, but that's not worth 3 FRPs. Toronto seems to produce some good players, but they can't ever get it together for a championship run, except that 1 Kawhi year. Siakam is really good, but not a guy that will lead a team to a ring. They are going to be stuck maxing him out and looking for someone to complement him, but won't likely find that player and continue to be a 5-9 team in the East. They need to trade what they can and acquire more assets until they can make another Kawhi type trade to get that superstar.
  8. That was a fairly lackluster draft though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_Major_League_Baseball_draft Jeter went 6th, and none of the 5 guys ahead of him were outstanding.
  9. Are the signs they stole in the room with you right now?
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