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  1. The Last of Us was the best TV drama I have seen since Game of Thrones, but this may top it. The style of the Fallout world looks perfect, I just hope the writing and characters are on par with the games. Although, I don't see any way Bethesda would let them take any shortcuts with the story.
  2. LeBron is going to win it and MVP so he can claim it as #5 and enhance his argument as GOAT. So that's at least one person that cares.
  3. That was when the Warriors were the darling of the NBA and got all the calls for about 5 years. It shifts around based on who is the most beneficial to the league, and whatever team is playing against Chris Paul.
  4. Maybe dump the Triple Double stat, since it's kinda pointless? 11 stat categories wouldn't be a problem. I'm in another league that doesn't use Double Doubles or Triple Doubles.
  5. I can't believe that's not reviewable. Should have been reviewed and Suns ball, or a jump ball at worst. Oh well, I'm guessing we will get a Lakers/Bucks final, which should be interesting.
  6. Uhhhhh wow... the Suns just got jobbed on a turnover up 2 with 7 seconds left... Lakers lost of the ball, and got a timeout called even though nobody had possession of the ball. Not reviewable.
  7. None of that is sexual assault. Dude is off his rocker. Anyways, this Phoenix/Laker game is pretty good, lots of back and forth. Lebron and KD are both going off.
  8. I'm surprised Dubon wasn't mentioned there. I'm guessing Chas, Dubon and Meyers will platoon CF. Chas should take all the LF starts when Yordan hits DH, which is maybe ~60 games a year. Makes sense if they aren't signing anyone else. Maybe bring back Brantley if he's cheap.
  9. So how many of you put money on Chet to win Rookie of the Year? Cause if things keep going the way they are, I think he's gonna beat Wemby for it.
  10. Interesting tactics from the book banners showed up in Conroe ISD a couple weeks ago. Sending in some lady with an obviously fabricated or extremely exaggerated story about how she got addicted to porn because of a Scholastic brand book she got at a fair, which she attended as an 11 year old homeschooler. It appears the book banning isn't about saving the kids (SURPRISE!), and it's more about replacing Scholastic brand books (1.7 billion annual revenue) with some faith-based brand of books for public schools. Big names in rightwing grift have their kids books published and sold through Brave/Skytree. People like Kirk Cameron, Jack Posobiec, Kevin Sorbo and many more. Some great topics they cover are at the end of the article, and they are just as silly and stupid as you can imagine. So I guess this book banning scheme has come full circle: create drama in school boards > get thousands of books banned > libraries need to fill shelf space > supply books won't be protested by all those crazy people causing the book bannings and stop wasting the school board's time! Sure, the people protesting might have personal interests in stoking the flames and causing distractions from real issues, but it's all about saving the children from leftwing ideology at a young age. Instead we can replace it with rightwing ideology kids of all ages can enjoy! Yay! https://popular.info/p/mysterious-woman-tells-school-board
  11. Probably just clearing salary to sign Ohtani
  12. That's awesome, I hope he does win the award. He was such a a great leader when he was a player, and I was very sad when they traded him. Glad to see him back and turning this team around. Really couldn't ask for a better head coach right now.
  13. Eh, I wish they wouldn't whine about it like that, I know it's a staffer but still. Take the W and forget about the refs. Call it like it is, you knew what you were getting into, and you achieved your goal of embarrassing a guy who is likely to be a 2028 opponent. Newsome also got to reach a whole new audience on Fox that likely wouldn't listen to a word he says otherwise, and he did so with excellent delivery, clearly defined thoughts and eloquent speech. His style with actual substance was obvious in comparison to the Carrot Top props Ron was pulling out of every pocket in his cheap suit. Maybe Gavin's message will get through to a few people on that side and start to break the spell, because god knows what garbage showmen those folks have been listening to for the last decade. And nobody "wins" a debate like this either. It's really dumb for people to go to great lengths to argue something you can't measure. Newsome's not running in 2024, and I don't know what Ron had to gain by debating a person that's not running at all. Maybe he has an uptick in fans after this, but I can't imagine that performance did anything for him.
  14. Turn it into a Christmas thing, and say what gifts each Astro gets! Gym memberships for Chas and Singleton, LASIK surgery for Pena so he can see the ball, therapy sessions for Framber, etc.
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