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  1. He got the baseball equivalent of being Bernarded. Bullies with power like to act this way and be tough guys when they know there are no consequences. It's fucking stupid.
  2. The Cavs have been in control of this game from start to finish. Winning 2 at home is expected, but I'm glad to see them doing it. Hopefully they complete a sweep and get some rest before facing Boston and trying to pull off a massive upset in that series.
  3. They released a Bluray version a couple years back that had about an hour of deleted scenes added to it. If you want to watch through them all, you can see this video, however I didn't see the part where Candy told the whole story about his wife and traveling. There is a lot of time spent on the pizza guy and that motel room.
  4. Wow, maybe Dame is worth 50m+ after all.... Dude is killing the Pacers right now. 6-9 from 3, 33 points in the first half.
  5. Oh wow, Clips up 23 through 3, and that's without Kawhi. Ouch. Nice to see James Harden sticking it to Dallas lol.
  6. Wow, that speech would have added so much weight to that movie, it's a shame they didn't take the opportunity to use it. I get why they kept it lighter, but I think that gut punch of a story could have worked to pull at everyone's heart strings. It would be remembered totally differently if they did it.
  7. Don't worry, they will sign a few more Eric Gordon's this off-season to right the ship.
  8. Maybe we should make the Astros theme song Roxanne. It seems every time I tune into a game late, I miss all the good parts, someone's bleeding on the floor, the pies are burning in the oven, someone's as high as a kite and the whole place is on fire...
  9. If you're NOLA, do you take the late teens pick this year, or punt to 2025? I think I would wait for 2025 and hope the wheels fall off. Lots of health question marks for AD and old LeBron. They had a good year, and a team just above .500 is about what you would expect for them at best. Unless they swing some big trade out of nowhere, they shouldn't do any better in 25.
  10. The Bulls are squandering a great chance at knocking out Miami right now...
  11. So when do we get Speaker Jeffries and get some shit done before losing the Senate in January?
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