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  1. Getting older sucks…everyone dies. I don’t care much for it.
  2. This is the best genre of movies and shows ever made.
  3. @Neikea you may be able to do business in this thread.
  4. Shit, that South African bimbo shows her cooter for free.
  5. Good to know. The lady that tweeted it is in Los Angeles and looks like a fucking lunatic.
  6. I watched Hombre for the 10th time. This film is great! ”well, now, what do you suppose hell is gonna look like?”
  7. I had a Tipperary last night and I think it helped. At least that’s what I told myself.
  8. 3 is good. 3 is the number of QB1. 3 is the number of the Trinity. Time to punish the evildoers. The crimson harlot has been slayed; Cerberus is next. After that, we will be the millstone to kill the pedo Day.
  9. Conroe is Houston, but FW and Arlington aren't Dallas. LOL
  10. Can you smell it? The fear? Doesn’t it smell oh so sweet!?
  11. To be fair even the corndog didn’t believe that bullshit.
  12. Ok, relax, there's a lot of revisionist history in this post. Worthy sold out with his body a little too much for my liking.
  13. You can argue JJ was better in college, but not by much especially when you consider the level of talent both guys were playing with.
  14. CTE kicking in or was he born a dumbass?
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