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  1. Or, just hear me out, find a friend with a boat.
  2. I ain’t got nothing nice to say about him.
  3. I do want to hear more about this story. Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to pull someone over in an unmarked vehicle? I don’t know if you’re police or not.
  4. Food in Houston fucking rocks.
  5. Men ain't got to worry about her. Now, the lesbians, well enjoy your misery.
  6. How do you fuck up a show about a stoner and his dog who are perpetually high and solving murder mysteries?
  7. Lots of guys cannot afford or get transportation to the camps where these prospects get graded. It’s not that shocking.
  8. Put a one in front and you’ve got a deal. I’ll drink it otherwise. Hell, I’ll sell it to you for an even C note. I’ll give you the cool buddy discount.
  9. So, since TCU has forsaken Christ I think it is now appropriate to change the name of the school to TEXAS CUNT UNIVERSITY. Harumph!
  10. Well, if people want to be retarded and overpay, why not? I also have an unopened bottle of Stagg Jr. Batch 1 if anyone wants to over pay for that shit too.
  11. Longer than that. I have a bottle that’s unopened. You want to buy it?
  12. Weller Antique ceases to be great past the $23 price point. This shit is so stupid.
  13. He also called out Beard’s firing. Guy is probably an IT sock like how “Jabba the cunt” (TM Sydney Carton)* has a few on his board. *this insult is the tits.
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