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  1. This is the advice I come here for thanks.
  2. Wife says she looked down for one second and rear-ended a 20-something girl in a parking lot this morning. No damage to my wife's car, only slight dent to the bumper of other girl's car. The girl was late for work so my wife took pics and gave the girl her number. I'd like to probably just pay her to either go away or repair it out of pocket instead of getting raped via insurance. Is there any way I can protect myself from this girl taking cash and getting it fixed and filing an insurance claim at the same time? Also, no pics of wife, sorry.
  3. Couldn’t bring myself to watch what did he say? I’m sure it was some Mensa bullshit
  4. 936horn

    Fire Tom Herman

    Yep I’m on board. No more fucking minor league coaches that have a couple good years.
  5. Don’t even bother coming back fucking losers
  6. This right here. Anyone living in Houston for more than the past few years knew this was the default. This game is the epitome of Houston sports fandom.
  7. With an impending move to Denver this winter, I am starting to look at my current ride and whether or not I need to change it. Living in Houston, I drive a 2WD (RWD) Tahoe. From what I can tell, a big ass rwd SUV is basically the worst configuration possible for snowy conditions even with winter tires. I love my Tahoe but would prefer to trade it in here in Houston before I go if I have to get rid of it. I have very little (i.e. none) experience driving in snow, living in the south all my life. So denizens of surly who are experts in snow driving - am I better off keeping the Tahoe and throwing some sandbags in the trunk with winter tires, or am I asking for trouble and I need to bite the bullet and buy something at least FWD if not 4WD?
  8. 936horn

    Sam Ehlinger

    Every time I need a laugh I come back and read the first few pages of this thread.
  9. Any reason I can’t take more than two droppers per “serving?” I bought the 8mg/dropper serving from CBDistillery and haven’t felt much with either 1 dropper or 2 droppers under the tongue. I’d like to try 3 droppers (eventually I’ll just buy a stronger mixture if it works). Any downside other than I’m swallowing more oil? I did notice it gave me a slight stomach ache.
  10. I'd just build that in to you relo package for you company to pay. Good luck. It appears I am in the exact same situation (Houston to Denver)
  11. Thanks - this has taken a bit longer to crystallize than I thought, but looks like we are on for EOY shipping out there. In all likelihood, it'll be a 2 to 3 year deal. Looking at home prices I can't see how its a good idea for me to drop cash on a house in the current market, so we are thinking maybe going rental. Couple more specific questions now that the time approaches - what's the thoughts on the market short term? Rent is better than buy if the horizon is 3 years or less right? If we rent I could see going 4-5k/mo. Looks like enough to get into Cherry Creek, but if we are able to spend that amount, is there another neighborhood that is comparably nice? Keep in mind, I'll have to make it worth my Woodlands housewife's while to uproot and move to Denver, so a "nice" neighborhood is a plus if only so she doesn't bitch. My office is smack in the middle of downtown, and I am used to commuting about 45 mins, so anything that's like 30 mins or less would be great.
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