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  1. Lately, green day = puts on sale with cheaper premiums
  2. Yes, but if they do cut to 0% as Fozz linked above, puts are gonna get smashed, especially close dated ones. I just unloaded most of my 3/20 SPYp right as the repo was announced.
  3. Fed repo https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fed-ramps-up-repo-operations-to-address-disruptions-in-treasury-market-2020-03-12?mod=options
  4. So my SPY 250 3/20 puts have basically doubled since I bought in. Same with 22p 3/20 CCL, I don't want to be greedy...might take some off the table before close today edit: i too have become addicted to options.
  5. I am still about half in the market here. Is it worth getting all the way out at this point or should I just ride the lightning
  6. I mean, it can be - for example if you are selling naked options you could lose many many many times your initial investment. However, if you use them intelligently and responsibly, they can often act as a hedge to protect yourself from wild market swings and capture a defined return during those swings.
  7. hhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggg
  8. Respect for giving us the post mortem. I actually thought of you this weekend when I heard about the deaths in the US from the virus. Thought you had a slam dunk on your hands.
  9. Agreed, I did lots of reading before ever trying to trade options. I will say, you had some good advice above though. If someone wanted to jump in with "limited" risk (i.e. not infinite downside risk) then you could buy near money puts and calls. If the market pops one way or the other Monday, one of your positions is worthless and you lose the investment (but not infinite losses) and your other one should make up for it and then some.
  10. I would add to the above - if you are asking what buy to open etc etc mean, you should absolutely not be trading options.
  11. This is the advice I come here for thanks.
  12. Wife says she looked down for one second and rear-ended a 20-something girl in a parking lot this morning. No damage to my wife's car, only slight dent to the bumper of other girl's car. The girl was late for work so my wife took pics and gave the girl her number. I'd like to probably just pay her to either go away or repair it out of pocket instead of getting raped via insurance. Is there any way I can protect myself from this girl taking cash and getting it fixed and filing an insurance claim at the same time? Also, no pics of wife, sorry.
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