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  1. Searched but can’t find a thread: Anyone have experience installing a putting green in their backyard? Moving back to Houston and have space in the yard behind the pool for one. Nothing huge, but maybe two or three cups and a fringe and green area. Curious to hear about ballpark costs, installation experiences, etc.
  2. Man watching Koepka implode is just glorious
  3. Wtf? This is surly where I thought everyone was pulling down 7 figs per year. On a serious note I don’t necessarily subscribe to fire or fat fire by the book (see: new car thread lol) but I do plan to have enough $$ by 55ish to walk if I want. I love what I do and I’m still 20ish years out from that but I want the flexibility when I get there if I want to walk away.
  4. It’s a series of 4 now with 1 shot at the start of human immunoglobulin (the expensive one). Ask me how I know. They actually aren’t painful - physically anyway. Also that charge was just the immunoglobulin shot.
  5. Fair. For some reason my iPhone always tries to correct its to it’s
  6. Miss the Big 12? Lmao fuck the Big 12, it’s shitty refs, and all the second rate schools and programs that thought they were even in the same hemisphere as us the last 30-odd years.
  7. One of the greatest gifs of all time
  8. Yeah I mean how the fuck does a ref miss that
  9. Fucking loser who needs to get in the motherfucker ASAP
  10. Damn Ewers fucking uncorked that one. Too bad it was meaningless because Worthy sucks dick yet again
  11. What are you even saying? His mechanics have markedly improved. He looks leagues better than he did post Bama. I’m not some Ewers dick rider either - the guy was fucking garbage to end the season but if you can’t see that he’s clearly not the problem tonight I’m not sure what to tell you. Speaking of aggy “yards thru the air”? I’m pretty sure every pass is in the fucking air my guy. Seriously go take a breather
  12. Dude. Ewers is competing 70% for 300 yards 1TD and no INTs. And that’s with worthy dropping back to back TD bombs. You’re either trolling at this point or you need to log off, go outside and think long and hard about where it all went wrong.
  13. Quinn has markedly improved. Anyone saying otherwise is suffering Ewers Derangement Syndrome and needs to take a breather.
  14. Look I’m not bought in on Sark at all but he didn’t drop two fucking perfect downfield bombs in a row
  15. Wouldn’t even care. He fucking sucks for us an he needs to get in the mother fucker
  16. Lol. Two TD bombs dropped in a row and somehow people still shitting on Ewers. Go take a lap brother.
  17. This. Worthy sucks fucking dick and we would be much better off without him
  18. FUCKING EWERS! Seriously everyone shut the fuck up about Ewers. He is not the problem
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