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  1. I’ll never forget that stupid mother fucker’s shit eating grin coming off the commercial break
  2. Louisville is straight trash how the fuck did they win 10 games this year
  3. I can’t wait to read a novel from derka about how QE actually in fact sucks ass Hell of a day boys
  4. Exactly. No clue why everyone’s all wound up on Oregon. The winner of the PAC title game is in whether it’s Oregon or UW. An FSU loss and MAAAYBE a Bama win are the only scenarios we care about
  5. Look, I think we still win both this game and against TTU, but the goal should be winning the Big 12 and being content there. Anyone who is being honest with themselves knows this team will get absolutely smoked if we make it to the CFP.
  6. A true classic. Fucking goobers
  7. Just brutal for the guy. Likely first RB off the board in the draft. I assume this assures he comes back next year? Selfishly for us fans that’s a good thing.
  8. Dude is insanely clutch. He lives for the clutch play and the big moment.
  9. There’s a lot of general idiots on this site
  10. Fuck you Mar you chubby mother fucker
  11. Not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s a ton of idiots on this board
  12. I go to take a shit and see Quinn walking to the locker room. What happened. Shaken up from the scramble a few drives ago?
  13. Gonna be 21-21 after they get the ball back. Fucking losers
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