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  1. I was going to put in the OP: "investments OTHER than drugs and sugar babies"....
  2. (disclaimer, not a humblebrag, or any brag really...there are many people here far wealthier than I, I just want some advice) In the last two or so years, my income has increased significantly, with a fairly clear (as clear as it could be anyway) path to further significant increases in the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc. I max my 401k, know about backdoor roth-ing, but as of now all the excess I have just gets dumped into my taxable brokerage account. I've got cash set aside for 1 - 2 investment properties, but timing does not feel right for two reasons: 1. I am currently temp
  3. So what do I do if I have a trad IRA I rolled over from a previous job 401k? Reading upthread it seems like I can't open a new IRA and backdoor since it'll be counted along with my trad IRA I already have. Am I just fucked out of backdooring unless I want to take the tax hit on the 6figures already in the rolled over IRA?
  4. Don’t fret. My symptoms didn’t start for about 24 hours
  5. Got my Pfizer 2 on Sunday afternoon. Felt fine Monday, went to work and all. Monday evening felt kinda “blah”. Today, Tuesday, I woke up feeling like absolute dogshit. Low grade fever, exhausted, stomach nauseous and hurting like a bitch (was my only symptom of Pfizer one, albeit much much milder). Hopeful I feel better tomorrow.
  6. The sales guy said they expect it to return by 2022 but unsure about end of year. I obviously told him if it opens back up before my build date I want to do that but I am not hopeful. Between slower vaccine rollout in EU and variants popping up he said Porsche is taking it very cautiously.
  7. Thanks. I have always felt like a sports car that costs 6 figures + has to be a bold color. Agree with yellow though I think it does work on the GT cars. For now I’m sticking with shark with a black interior and chalk stitching. We will see how long before I change my mind... I am going through Porsche north Houston. Are you expecting to pay an ADM for the gt3? Rennlist is reporting some ridiculous asks on the ADMs but I guess that’s the market right now
  8. Well not quite the baller above with the GT3 (although the more time I spend on the configurator the closer I get to the gt3 MSRP) but I snagged a MY2022 allocation for a C2S. Now I get to fuck around with configs for a while. Likely a Nov delivery is what I’m being told. I’ve waited my whole life to own a 911 and my one regret is not being able to do Euro delivery right now but oh well. Here’s my current spec that will no doubt change 20 times before the build locks. I’m between gentian and shark blue. Shark looks awesome but I’m not sure if it’s too poser on a non-gt car
  9. Don't want to watch it, but is this the one where the guy is clearly trying to comply with the psychopath officer's commands (which keep contradicting themselves) and ends up getting capped anyway by the tiny dick cop that had some inscription on his rifle or whatever? If it's that one, yeah it's one of the worst. Special place in Hell for that cop.
  10. No shit, polo shirt under a sport coat is absolute bush league. Are those sweatpants styled like slacks? The fuck?
  11. All I know is the first thing I'd recommend new option traders do is sell options. In all seriousness though, I appreciate this thread. Over the last couple years I have played more options to great success and great loss as well. Keeps it interesting for sure.
  12. What happens when GameStop offers more shares to the market?
  13. Oh yeah almost forgot 🚀🚀🚀🚀
  14. Ok you convinced me I’m all in holding over the weekend baby fuck it Steve Cohen and Gabe Plotkin can pry these shares from my cold dead hands
  15. With all the fuckery that has already occurred and potential more on the horizon I am quite puckered at the thought of holding over the weekend. I know, I am a pussy
  16. RH and other brokers saying they'll allow trading tomorrow (now that they let their hedge fund buddies cover their positions at more reasonable prices). It's about to touch 300 AH and I am right back in it. Tomorrow is gonna be absolutely wild. No doubt the institutional guys will be on the long side now as well. I expect them to ride it up then drive it right back down and profit on both sides. Will have to be careful to not get caught holding the bag tomorrow.
  17. Exactly what I am doing now. Going to swing trade whatever I can until merrill locks me out again I guess.
  18. I would imagine he got margin called since every broker doubled (or more) the margin reqs for GME and a few others. They for sure dicked him by covering at the very bottom.
  19. Merrill is letting me buy in AH. Fuck em tossing a few K back on it.
  20. Who knows if it's real but if it is buckle up buckaroos https://www.reddit.com/r/ClassActionRobinHood/comments/l723kf/robinhood_insider_information/
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