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  1. Oh I thought that was funny how they mentioned Carey Elwes was shooting a pirate movie next.
  2. It got a little too campy in the middle of the season with some scenes with Jane Lynch and the scenes with Tony Shalubs hippy friends. I can't believe the daughter from Californication got another acting job she is awful. Overall good season, but too short. It did make me think at times I was watching a play or old musical, which I guess I liked ok, my parents made me watch a lot of them growing up.
  3. Anyone who gets triggered by someone greeting them how they want and meaning it in a nice way has issues. Jesus Birthday story (I often wonder if this was a dream) I went to my sisters house for Christmas and after lunch, birthday hats, a birthday cake and people singing happy birthday. I couldn't stop laughing. That was a weird year. I think that was a first and last time.
  4. BNB

    Ad Astra

    What a boring movie.
  5. I'll go back to just reading this channel every now and then, so I don't get negged off Surly
  6. I really don't care if he is impeached or not. At this point, I think the GOP and country would be better for it if he were. I like most of his policies and the direction most things are going, but I would not like a socialist in the White House. Haley or Pence would be fine by me.
  7. I think he should have been censured for it, the guy is an idiot, but I don't think he should be impeached for it. I don't think it will happen often that someone running against the president has a possible corruption case with another country because he made statements about getting another countries official fired, and his sons company was being investigated by him. I think I am on the majority side of it. Dems should have just censured him, then moved onto passing bills. All the public sees is Dems constantly attacking him and trying to impeach him, while little else is being done to improve our country.
  8. So you Dems have one or 2 people stating they presumed Trump wanted quid pro quo, nothing evident. Trump had a phone call stating he wanted Ukraine corruption to stop after the new President was elected, and he wanted to know if they had any info on The Russia Investigation into him that was proved false. He had just seen on the news someone showing a video of Biden bragging about getting a Ukraine official fired, so he asked about that also. Behind the scenes he was withholding aid, but that was not uncommon. Good luck with that. This will cost you.
  9. BNB


    I guess I recommended them on the other site, it's been awhile since I have gone. Yes, great food still, and an awesome lunch special. http://www.bombaydhabaaustin.com/lunch-menu/ You get a pita, rice, 2 or 3 different currys, mango pudding, and some coconut cold soup I never eat for 10 or 11 dollars.
  10. I just binged Godfather of Harlem on Epix. Another good epix show. Really good acting and interesting story.
  11. BNB


    Its like an updated/opposite Hummer for people to drive.
  12. I wanted Jeff to say some sjw shit about someone kissing him without asking
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