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  1. I saw him a week ago, we spent an hr. talking about by blood results. There was no time for my first Chiropractic session, Stool DNA Sample test still wasn't back (300 dollar test), but I see him again in a week. Besides the main stuff, I needed Vitamin D, So I have another supplement. Vitamin D/K(Supposedly K helps you absorb D) I have been sleeping 6-8 hrs continuously for the first time in a year. So, I give high marks so far. I think the combination of supplements and diet are working. My Cholesterol was high, but hopefully that will get better with the diet and supplements. I lost 10 lbs the first week. I'm still about 20 lbs from average weight for me. I am finding more energy and have started doing some exercise. Motivation is hard, but my IBS issues are down 90%, so I feel like I can do some stuff now. I plan on trying out a Hypnotherapist this week to see what they can do for me. I was telling a family member about it, and they did it for the first time (they did 3 sessions) and they said it helped them sleep. (worked) This has been my grocery list/menu the last few weeks, just having it delivered, so I don't have to be tempted at the store. (Souve/Grilled/Pan fried in Coconut Oil) Chicken breasts 2 lbs Sirloin Steak 2 lbs (Roasted) Broccoli Cauliflower Zucchini Yellow squash Onion (Steamed) Artichokes 2 Asparagus (salads) Spring Mix Romaine lettuce Cucumber 4 Canned Black Olives 3 Canned Artichoke Hearts 2 Avocados 5 Limes/Lemons 5 Chicken breasts 2 lbs Sirloin Steak 2 lbs Carrots(Pickle) 4 lbs ground beef (beef jerky) (sweets) Grapes Plums I get a breakfast juice from Juiceland or SoupPeddler: Cucumber/Kale/Spinach/Celery/Parsley. After another week or 2, I can start adding a food item back, like eggs, try it for 3 days, then add something else. It is going to be a long process.
  2. I have it on my Insignia tv. It seems to work the same as my firetv stick, but my stick is an older gen, so it is slower. Wish the TV remote had more buttons though. I don't understand the minimal remote trend.
  3. I find it interesting when Mass shootings at schools, etc.. happens, it is all over the news for weeks, but this goes on all the time and there is hardly any talk of it and how to fix it.
  4. https://troypoint.com/xanax-kodi-build/ This is a nice Kodi build with lots of free streaming options if you are into that type of stuff.
  5. So, he seems like he is ok with mail in voting as long as people have to fill something out to get a ballot.
  6. Yeah, I just learned about it this week. Crazy stuff. Someone posted this on reddit 7 years ago:
  7. https://nypost.com/2020/06/23/oregon-county-issues-face-mask-order-exempting-non-white-people/ Oregon county issues face mask order that exempts non-white people I don't understand this. I can pretty much tell if someone is white or of color even wearing a mask. Health officials announced last week residents must wear face coverings in public settings where they may come within six feet of another individual who is not from the same household. But people of color do not have to follow the new rule if they have “heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment” over wearing the masks, officials said. “No person shall intimidate or harass people who do not comply,” health officials said.
  8. I've been to about 20 places in S. Central Austin the last few days and everyone is wearing a mask in Austin. proud of us.
  9. BNB

    Cobra Kai

    +rep, damn, I didn't realize about the google play, I signed up a few month ago when Bloomberg was running ads after every video(No CR), so I signed up for a free 2 month trial and I never looked back. I watch a lot of youtube now a days, more than regular tv. My MP3 HDD on my media server(15k+ songs?) went down last year, and I never got around to working on fixing it. I signed on to google play music, and they are all there! I forgot I uploaded them there. Awesome, I've been wanting to listen to some Garth after watching his documentary, and I think he is only on Amazon streaming! Discovering my eclectic music collection again. Fun stuff. Thanks again!
  10. I did have a hip replaced when I was 35 due to Avascular Necrosis and I remember the Dr. couldn't believe it took me that long to come in. So, I think I have a high thresh hold for physical pain. After I had the surgery I walked into the Dr's office with a cane a week later(and I didn't even feel I needed that) and everyone in the office couldn't believe it. He got mad and said I needed to stay on the crutches. My back and other hip don't feel great at 47 now. I have probably needed it for awhile.
  11. Yeah, I guess thats what I like about this place, is it is a total "Wellness" center. I will see how often he wants me to come for Chiro treatment. I am just learning about Chiro, I remember my roommate in college going whenever he had sinus issues, and I was like wtf, but after reading more up on it, it is very interesting, how they say your spinal column is connected to your brain and can affect so many parts of the body. I've only had a massage once in my life. I used to stand up and twist and be able to crack my back when I was in my youth, remembering how good that felt. We will see. I am optimistic, and willing to do/try anything to cure my ailments.
  12. BNB


    Finally watched the season, I enjoyed it. Glad it's over as well, but it was a good season and ending I thought.
  13. Why not Mike Tyson as Mike Tyson?
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