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  1. Defense has potential to get better but I'm not holding out any real hope. With OL looking mostly like shit too, I'm seeing another 8-8, with a possibility of winning the East because the rest of the teams suck donkeyballs.
  2. Grocery stores are usually very large with high ceilings, people are moving around mostly, not socializing, and just getting what they need and leaving. In bars and restaurants people are usually in smaller areas, they are there to socialize and stay for an hour or sometimes much longer. Also groceries are essential, draft beer and chicken wings aren’t. The part I don’t get is treating bars and restaurants differently. They should be subject to the same rules and limitations.
  3. So Dak is now responsible for RB fumbles that happen long after the handoff or pass? That's a new one, but should be totally predictable with this fanbase. Does he also get credit for Pollard being down before his fumble?
  4. The more I watch it, the more bizarre it is, and might actually have been a brilliant kick and less about luck. It looks like he kicked it in a way that it went sideways 5 yards in and looks almost certain to die or go out of bounds, then with whatever spin he put on it, the ball turns up field to cover the rest of the 5 yards and you can see the moment #81 realizes its going to go 10 yards and dives for it after initially backing away.
  5. I hadn't even thought of it being an illegal kick if it dies short of 10 yards or goes out of bounds. That at least explains Dan Quinn's explanation that they knew the rule. I really don't think the Falcons thought they couldn't touch it within 10 yards. I found an SI article that sort of explains the kick strategy. The slowness of it makes the "hands" team think on their toes and cause confusion whether they should risk recovering it or hope that it dies short of 10 yards. I personally think you should always put it in your own hands by trying to recover. If it pops out, ok that sucks but shit happens. If you do what they did and hope it doesn't go 10 yards its out of your hands really and makes you look stupid or lacking confidence that you can cleanly handle a fucking football sitting right in front of you. I still think it was really dumb on their part but not as bad as it first looks. Watching the replays though, didn't the Cowboys screw up too? Aren't they supposed to be blocking the Atlanta guys to at least put them out of position for a recovery or making it more likely that they don't recover it cleanly? They just ran past Atlanta and let them stand over the ball and any other team would likely just fall on it. Just a really weird play all around. https://sports.yahoo.com/dan-quinn-says-falcons-players-knew-onside-kick-rule-but-video-tells-a-different-story-132927711.html https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/09/21/mmqb-week-2-dallas-cowboys-onside-kick-nfl-injuries
  6. I’ve stood up for him in the past on the qb issue thinking it can’t be that easy, but goddamn it’s a pattern. I couldn’t watch but on the radio they said Illingsworth had like 10 drives all camp because of injury or COVID (they weren’t specific) but he looked good for a true freshman especially if he hasn’t been able to practice much. Again didn’t watch but Bullock sounded like he sucked serious donkey balls. Our own radio guys were pretty much saying he sucked in radio guy phrases.
  7. Longbranch is great for the price imo. I get it for about $35. Saw it once for $45 and passed. Has a uniqueness to it that I like over regular WT.
  8. Not bourbon but Redbreast 12 is delicious. Pricey for 80 proof but yummy. Getting drunk now on Longbranch cause cloakroom. I’m really sad right now. Gonna hit the hay before I get hungover for my daughters soccer game tomorrow morning but goddamn I’m sad.
  9. I'll probably keep a steady supply of Yeungling in my fridge. I'm realizing that after two, maybe three of my more pricey local brews, I should probably switch to something cheaper. I need to save a few bucks here and there during these trying times.
  10. I've been struggling to enjoy marijuana. It just makes me dizzy and difficult to talk. I found some edibles that I kind of like, but smoking it has not been enjoyable.
  11. I found Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel and I like it a lot, but my palette isn't the most sophisticated. What notes should I be searching for that come from the toasted barrel?
  12. Well I was skeptical, but here we go. OSU v. Tulsa tomorrow at 11am. If we were taking it easy in practice, hopefully the Big 12's pathetic effort last weekend against the Sunbelt changed things this last week. Although, Tulsa is probably not nearly as good as Louisiana, and might not be any better than Arky St. or Coastal Carolina. I just hope we play solidly and without any injuries or infections. tl;dr they are terrible, we should win convincingly
  13. 'stache

    Uniform Pron

    That's a cool UNT helmet. They should keep it.
  14. 'stache

    Uniform Pron

    Yeah, the spike collar is lame af.
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