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  1. Literally too stupid to live. Yeah, lulz, Oklahoma sucks, but you know goddamned well millions of people all over the country believe this shit, especially in Texas. I expect Cruz and Hot Wheels will be saying this shortly too.
  2. What a dumbass. Doesn’t he know The really real for real “storm” date is [insert future date here]. He just lost his pardon!
  3. I could bitch for hours about this stuff. We built a bunch of highways cutting through neighborhoods (any guess which were overwhelmingly targeted?) so that people could move to the suburbs to buy cheap oversized houses made of toothpicks then drive an hour each way to work, causing pollution, maintenance costs that nobody seemed to be thinking about, and then ugly big box shopping centers with oceans of parking and nothing interesting to walk by or use transit. And here we are, bitching about infrastructure and ignoring that our development patterns over the last 100 years was destined for th
  4. Yes, when "low taxes" became the mantra, limited funds had to be used elsewhere, which is a problem. However, I would not consider "transit, pedestrian, and bicycle projects" as improper diversion. Those programs are designed to lead to less use of vehicles on the roads and hence less wear and tear. My overall problem is with the cult of "low taxes" and then the same people bitching about deficiencies in roads and cops, etc. I'm happy to argue what we should tax and at what rate, but we are at a point where everything has to be a soundbite. One side only wants to lower taxes but does nothing t
  5. Then we lowered taxes drastically and failed to maintain basic infrastructure, and now as someone said before a third of bridges are in disrepair. I have a whole rant about it but this is dt, so my views are considered CR.
  6. Gotta love modern society. Build shit cheap because "low taxes!" and shit falls apart in a matter of decades. Meanwhile, bridges from ancient Rome are still standing and some are even usable if they weren't being preserved.
  7. That's a huge underestimation. I'd wager that at least 3 of them are currently moms or pregnant (or will be immediately after this prom). All five will have multiple kids by age 21, and half will be divorced.
  8. That's just the NFL rule, without the "td on first possession wins" piece. But in that case, the coil flip winner would want to play defense first to know if they need a td or field goal to win. I guess a coin flip is 50-50 so the refs could just assign home team heads away team tails and the teams would hope they lose the flip. All of the current systems provide some advantage based on the coin flip. In college, you want to play defense first to know if you need a td or field goal. I still prefer a 2pt conversion shootout. No advantage in going first or second. Each time you're out ther
  9. Retrials are a pain in the ass, and in this case, it would be more chaos, especially if they somehow got a hung jury the second time around. Some asshole cop locally who killed his daughters boyfriend while off duty was tried 5 times, three hung juries, and two convictions. The last one should be final.
  10. Pretty sure that's from rural Arkansas, unclear of the relevance.
  11. Mosquitos are open about being blood sucking parasites. We pretend that we aren't, which is a lie. Point mosquito.
  12. A tie is a tie, just let it be. If you need a winner, go straight to a 2 pt conversion shootout and get it over with.
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