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  1. Fuck ou those fucking fucks
  2. Probably should have consulted with an analyst/therapist before committing to that plate. Here's a suggestion.
  3. Can everyone else play a post season “bowl” game? Then everyone’s a winner!
  4. Sorry to report, I did none of those things. Although, the follow-up is quite bizarre. I had one more spell of liquid poo, then I suddenly became constipated. Didn't shit for about the next 36 hours, and when I did, I basically had to push out a petrified baseball. My body clearly over-corrected. Has anyone else had this?
  5. Like every other QB with a pulse. But we're supposed to be "smart" and just go back to a rotating door of Drew Hensons and Vinny Testaverdes until we magically find the next Pat Mahomes. So smart.
  6. If you think he's worse than Icono, well then, we know where your CR leanings are, including overt racism.
  7. It's also not crazy considering today's CR climate that he can just say whatever he wants and a lot of people will believe it regardless of evidence, or lack thereof. In this case, a gaggle of aggy and dawg pound mouth breathers believe it because they want to believe it, and that's good enough. Objective truth no longer exists.
  8. We're heading to St. Louis for spring break, primarily to take the kids to City Museum. This thread is already helpful. I will try some St. Louis style pizza to form my own opinion. Was going to try and catch a Cards game but it looks like the season doesn't start until late March. I did the AB tour years ago, will try for a craft brewery. A few questions: 1. To give St. Louis style pizza a fair chance, what is the best place to get it? 2. If I can only stop at one brewery, which one? Urban Chestnut seems to be the one based on my google machine. 3. If anyone has driven through Missouri on I-44, is there anything worth pulling off to see?
  9. It's not so much "disagreeing" but the memes that are circulating amongst that crowd go much, much further, in a quite offensive manner. There was other stuff too. Google it if you care that much, it's way too CR for this thread. It doesn't translate to anything other than Garrett if a fat fuck lying aggy piece of human garbage.
  10. I think he tweeted anti-Kaepernic stuff and liked a bunch of other right wing CR bs. I was not a fan of all that, but I am also in the camp that "just play football" is ridiculous and condescending. I don't think any of it translates to saying the n-word on the field surrounded by a bunch of black players and being in a locker room with predominantly black players for as long as he's been playing football. A majority of any jury these days would probably agree with him anyway. Garrett is a lying fuck, that's all that matters, and I hope he gets taken to task for it.
  11. There are tons of mouth breathers in Cleveland and Steelers haters elsewhere who believe him. There can be a piles of social media posts as evidence. And damages don’t need to be exact in this type of case. An expert of some sort can estimate a dollar figure for reputations damages. The jury can award it, or more, or less. And I doubt Garrett’s attorney would argue “but nobody really believes my client” because it would just support the plaintiff if anything. It’s not an easy case but fuck that fat fuck, drag him through the process, and I think it can be won.
  12. There are microphones all over the field. The NFL listened and said there was no proof. There were several people on the field near them at the time. Nobody else heard it. The accusation came days later in the face of a suspension. Rudolph's lawyer says he Garrett apologized (statement against interest?) and is now doubling down again. I think a jury can find by a preponderance of the evidence that Garrett is lying, even with the heightened "public figure" standard. Yeah, it's not open and shut, mostly because of the heightened standard, but fuck Garrett. I hope a big time lawyer takes the case on contingency and refuses to settle.
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