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  1. I disagree. They should have scrapped this week's makeup games and taken the week to prepare for the tournament.
  2. But corporations pay no taxes, so they'll keep moving there! Yay texas!
  3. I had both Popeyes and Wendy's fish this weekend. Both were really good, Popeyes was a little spicy which I liked, Wendy's was a little crispier and more pickle flavor, which I liked. I'd say they are a tie.
  4. Bewbs!!!! Bigger bewbs, everywhere!! If true, you'll never convince me that some thirsty ass male scientist didn't do this on purpose.
  5. I wasn't really paying attention to their personnel, but I didn't realize that OU's depth sucks. That's going to be a problem for them in tournament play. Our depth has become a strength, especially if we can get Likekele back. From the Daily Oklahoman: "In fact, the Bedlam Series calls into question OU’s depth. The Sooners’ minutes played Monday: Gibson 39 minutes, Manek 38, De’Vion Harmon 36, Reaves 35 and Harkless 33. No one else reached double digits. OU’s three players off the bench combined for 19 minutes, more turnovers than points (3-2), one steal and no baskets, no rebounds, no a
  6. And Ice Likekele didn't play either games. Hope he's back for the Baylor game, cause fuck baylor, i'm pumped, fuck em.
  7. lol of course, i just couldn't keep my goddamned mouth shut
  8. Please o please o please nothing weird here, just close this out, make your free throws.
  9. I really wish I didn't have a rooting interest, otherwise these would have been two great games. But here I sit a fucking mess because ou seriously can't miss from 3 and we keep turning the fucking ball over.
  10. Fucking turnovers. Goddamn fucking turnovers. How can we not figure out how to be more careful on long outlet passes? Every goddamned game we hand the opponent at least 10 points on awful passes and sloppy dribbling.
  11. 7 pts 12 rebounds, I think he contributed to the win Same. He or Avery Anderson have star potential.
  12. We're gonna lose this game on freethrows. Maybe fatigue from the big game just a few days ago? We were a lot better than average last game, so I guess we're back to shooting like shit from the line.
  13. Boynton's biggest problem has been roster turnover. We've been "young" his entire tenure, and not because of one-and-dones. It's been discipline problems and recruiting misses (leading to transfers). That's why I keep saying he needs to keep these non-Cade guys around and add another badass in recruiting.
  14. OU starts 4-5 from 3, so that's great 🙄
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