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  1. You cannot convince me that the absolute worst of unregulated capitalism would not infect this proposal. The private prisons analogy is unavoidable. I'm sure they didn't start from the "ground up" with a policy that people in prison would be a financial benefit to private shareholders, but here we are, and private police would be the same. The second you throw in profit and loss statements, it's no longer a police force, it's a business. As a practical matter, I think you would have a legal obstacle in delegating the state's police powers to a private corporation (which I believe is a problem with private prisons too but not as clearly as privatizing the active exercise of police powers).
  2. Here's a thought. Defund police, shrink these police forces, reallocate to other areas that can help. We don't need police monitoring traffic and responding to every person in distress. Fund other agencies to try and prevent these things in alternative ways and respond in ways that don't require armed police. Make armed officers smaller more elite for use in limited circumstances that require it, with higher pay, higher prestige, and in return they will be held to a much higher standard for their deadly conduct. Include a much higher payout on death to the family. Being part of this armed force comes with risk that needs to be accepted and acknowledge, not something that you feel you need to use force to protect yourself at all costs. The focus should be on the people you are policing, including those who have acted illegally. https://newrepublic.com/article/157875/pandemic-right-time-defund-police?fbclid=IwAR2uLKdJwwWqZoCubbp7TELGKuBUiACdTCwBUayFICVQqVRDhZajenzc790
  3. So it's a political organization. One would expect at least half of any group of people to be of a different political view. That is concerning. Edited to avoid a CR issue, despite the fact that this statement includes a direct political message
  4. “Protest peacefully and you’ll be heard.” LOL!!! No, you’ll get mocked. There is literally no hope. Burn it all down.
  5. I appreciate Killer Mikes words, but from where I’m sitting, it seems organizing, mobilizing, and voting hasn’t worked. In fact it seems to me that when black people are heard or obtain even an ounce of power, the revolt from the majority whites come down tenfold on their interests. We elected a black man president and their response was to elect a literal racist (among everything else he is) as an immediate replacement. I hope calm prevails but I get the anger and hopelessness that burning shit to the ground is the only outlet to have anger not only heard but seen.
  6. If you value property more than (or equal to) human life, that's pretty fucked up.
  7. I don't think people are saying it verbatim, but when you see people on social media discussing looting but saying nothing about the murder (or some bullshit like "The murder was bad.....but [long rant about looting]), it's placing more importance on the looting than the murder.
  8. Then arrest them for murder. Are you expecting a different response?
  9. Yes. One can believe that stealing is wrong and that "looting" is not productive for the cause, while at the same time acknowledging the underlying rage and the mental state of people who are angry beyond rationality. Some people truly believe that "looting" is the only way to "rage against the system," and while I don't really agree, I am not going to judge their state of mind, which is irrational in the heat of pure rage. I also think that there is much more destroying going on than "looting," again as an expression of rage. In any event, the opportunists who are just stealing for the sake of stealing should not divert attention to the reason for the unrest. And most important of all, I think it should be clear that the "looting" is not worse than the murder that has set the stage for the current conditions that set the stage for the unrest.
  10. If you think the "looting" is worse than the murder, then yeah, we disagree, and my opinion is that people who think this should stfu.
  11. A focus on "looting" is to intentionally avoid the reasons for the underlying rage. And that's exactly what it is, pure rage at this point after years of being ignored in pleas for justice and reform. Even if you think the looting is wrong--and we can debate that in a civil manner--don't let it take precedent over the underlying issue. To do so just goes to show that you don't really care about the issue and should probably just stfu.
  12. "Hey, that guy didn't deserve to be shot. Can we please have some justice? Reform?" "He was a criminal and he resisted, stfu." "Hey, this one is really bad. He didn't resist. Justice? Reform? Please? "You see that furtive motion? Resistance, sorry." "Hey, this one is worse. Hands were up. Justice? Reform? "He was really scary before that and maybe still had a gun. We'll look into it." "Hey this one is even worse. Shot in the back. Justice please? Reform?" "Ok, sowwy. One bad apple. He'll receive a strongly worded letter." "Hey, it happened again. Justice? Reform? "Just another bad apple. Why you keep saying reform?" "I have a very public job and I want reform. That is why I'm kneeling" "OMG TRAITOR STFU I HATE YOU!!!" "Hey, here's another really bad one. Help. PLEASE" "We're still reviewing the facts. Let off it already." "Hey, it happened AGAIN! PLEASE!" "Another bad apple. We'll handle it internally. All is well" "JFC, this one is on video! Everyone agrees this one is fubar! JUSTICE, REFORM, PLEASE!!!" "Yeah, that's bad, but it might not be a crime. We'll let you know." "Fuck this, we're angry, shit's going down." "Hey now, why you so mad tho? Why can't you ask nicely? [facepalm]
  13. They’re lying. They stood by him as he insulted war heroes and everything else. They may see how bad it’s starting to look on the outside but they’ll still vote for him because Biden is a mask wearing pussy. Trump will still get 63 million votes. Biden will get more from the people who stayed home out of hate for Hilary and is his only chance at victory.
  14. Oh, ok. I didn't realize you had the fever (honestly didn't even look at that pic just knew the other broad).
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