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  1. It passed the senate 96-0. Just assume your congressman approved unless they say otherwise. If you truly care, ask them and if they ignore you or give a wishy washy answer, assume they approve.
  2. I'm legitimately curious, was there a quorum in the House chamber, or did they find some other means? With overwhelming support, it should have passed, and congressmen should not have been required to fly back for the vote, but I'm curious if they had enough people still in Washington or if there was a rule for an emergency like this when the House is not in session.
  3. It really doesn't matter. His supporters will either ignore it, or actively support it. "tHAt BITcH NEEDs TO shoW Some resPect!!!!"
  4. Relief bill passes. Everyone now to their congressperson.
  5. For you surly dickswingers between $75K and $99K (or married $150K to 198K). https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/business/coronavirus-stimulus-check-calculator/?fbclid=IwAR358uaplj3HR1XXmiWBJEgnw0A2l4GtBo2a3NlhWEfvSNv2U7J8r5e6oxs
  6. My blood lacks something that most have which makes it better for babies. They used to ask me to give blood all the time. But when I give blood I turn white as a ghost and get sick as shit, so I don't give anymore. Doctor recommends against it. Hope I don't get the 'rona and have people bugging me again when I recover.
  7. Also a new coaching staff, so the tape from last year won't help opposing teams as much, and won't be as predictable as ginger. It'll be enough for probably a few extra wins. I'm still hoping the new coaching can get us over the hump to some real playoff success, but we'll just have to wait and see (assuming there is an NFL season at all).
  8. No, but most are admitting that its due to lack of testing. Even the okie redass governor admitted that our actual cases are probably at least double the confirmed cases. And while the trumpsters (i.e. the entirety of the gop) are blaming china in ways that are meant to deflect criticism, I do think that China likely has some intentional lying in their numbers.
  9. Not that it lessens the seriousness, but weren't we expected to pass most countries in overall cases based on our population? Isn't the more relevant stat the rate of infection and where we might see a flattening of the curve? Also assuming that China is fudging their numbers significantly. I might be wrong, maths is not my strong suit.
  10. I saw $5 off per $100 in income until the $99K cutoff. I haven't done the maths but I think it works out. There's a similar phase out on student loan deductions that I've seen worked out in my taxes for years.
  11. They may not like empty stadiums, but if it comes down to it, I guarantee they'll do it, because TV is where a bulk of the money is. I would hope by then if we're not back to some sort of normalcy, that there will at least be enough testing that players, staff, and media crews can be regularly checked to keep them safe, and by then if we've flattened the curve enough, we'll be less worried about overwhelming the hospitals. It's much easier to do this for a few hundred per game than 60K-100K.
  12. I'd think that a state agency like Parks and Wildlife using info isn't the same as a public university using info. Just because it's owned and funded by the state doesn't make it "government". State universities are arms of state government. I'm pretty sure that's how Tech got out of paying Leach the remainder of his contract when they took CJK5H's story over his. The bigger question in my mind is how it works for colleges like Colorado which I've read is 75% private at this point. How much state funding is needed to make it an arm of the state? A single dollar?
  13. When 11 more aggy die from it?
  14. Just get it done already. $35 per is what Russell Wilson got last year. The next man up will get more, and Mahomes will reset the market when his monster deal comes through. That's how it goes. If he regresses, you can dump him after 2 or 3 years having paid most of his guarateed money. Just get it done before Mahomes gets paid, and before some no-name chump resets the market. https://sports.yahoo.com/contract-negotiations-between-dak-prescott-cowboys-heating-up-044224321.html
  15. Fuck blake bell. But I guess if he's a better blocker, fine. Jarwin should get more passing situations next year.
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