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  1. Went to my daughters Christmas concert and come back to this shit? Wtf happened? So ginger gets a new lifetime contract?
  2. I’ve read good things about Lone Elm Straight Wheat Whiskey. It might be a good gift for someone who likes wheated bourbon.
  3. No votes for Steamin’ Willie Beaman and Any Given Sunday?
  4. Necessary Roughness for sure. I watched Varsity Blues a million times because I was in high school at the time and we watched it a ton. The Replacements was so bad it’s become thoroughly enjoyable.
  5. Looks like the chick who made the worlds worst old fashioned got a redo. Still not how I make mine, but better than whatever the fuck she was instructed to do last time. She looks completely different though, still bangable. https://www.esquire.com/food-drink/drinks/a30172952/viral-old-fashioned-cocktail-video-jim-beam-redo/
  6. A lot of people died in that war. The taste is cringeworthy and makes one nauseous. Conclusion...
  7. Yes, I was still genuinely surprised. That's on me, I guess.
  8. I got this from cowboysrideforfree.com, it says the stat is from pro football focus. I visited the site but can't find an easy way to find individual college stats.
  9. I don't even know why I fucking care anymore. The only stats Taylor had on Chuba was .1 in YPC, and a some receiving TDs. And Taylor had an extra game. If the award requires that your team be a CCG participant, put it in the fucking criteria. And I complained about it already, but Chuba's best game was 296 against KSU, which nobody saw because it was on ESPN+, which I understand was glitchy anyway. Fucking Big 12 money grab, FUCK YOU!! Rushing Yards Per Game 1. Chuba Hubbard 161.3 2. Jonathan Taylor 146.8 3. J.K. Dobbins 138.1 Rushing Touchdowns 1. Chuba Hubbard 21 2. Jonathan Taylor 20 3. J.K. Dobbins 19 Rushing Yards after Contact (via Pro Football Focus) 1. Chuba Hubbard 1,191 2. Jonathan Taylor 1,076 3. J.K. Dobbins 959 All-Purpose Yards 1. Chuba Hubbard 2,161 2. Jonathan Taylor 1,962 3. J.K. Dobbins 1,857 All-Purpose Yards Per Game 1. Chuba Hubbard 180.1 2. Jonathan Taylor 163.5 3. J.K. Dobbins 154.8
  10. Chuba deserves it, so it'll probably go to Dobbins.
  11. Mr. Phlegm is about to rake your ass for capitalizing aggy, prepare your anus.
  12. Don't think you need to be "discovered" for that last one.
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