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  1. Browse around that accessories 4less site. You can find comparable replacement units at very reasonable prices.
  2. Got Moderna #2 yesterday. Slept 2 hours last before fever brain prevented further sleep. Went back to bed around 5am and got maybe 2 more hours of sleep. Fever symptoms have abated, but I feel slightly light headed and dizzy if I move around to quickly. Shoulder is sore but doesn't really bother me. I can deal with pain.
  3. Extra Ordinary. Made in Ireland. Accents weren't too bad. I could follow the dialogue without subtitles. Stars Will Forte and a bunch of Irish actors. It at times charming, quaint, gross, rude, bizarre and hilarious. I give it a solid 3 stars. Don't expect cinematic brilliance. The plot is also fairly predictable. Doesn't matter though because it's a fun ride. Also, perhaps one of the best endings to a movie I've seen in a very long time. I was entertained. The less you know about the plot the more you will enjoy it.
  4. FWIW, I got a blood pressure reading around lunch time today and I'm back to normal (122/70 vs. the ~140/88 I was getting). I'll be checking it every other day or so in the near term to key an eye on it.
  5. @troph - thanks for sharing your experience. I got Moderna shot #1 early March. Wife had appt with a doctor a week or so later and while I was waiting for her, I got a blood pressure reading from one of those do it yourself machines where you sit down and put the arm in the cuff. Reading showed high. First time in my life I've ever had a high blood pressure reading. A week later I'm at HEB pharmacy picking up a Rx for my wife. I use their blood pressure machine to get another reading. Roughly the same as the prior one. Still high. Damn. So now I start noticing tightness in my chest h
  6. I just got Moderna #2 this morning (2 hours ago). About two weeks ago I finally convinced the holdouts in my orbit to get on the waitlist for vaccinations. I felt like I had performed a Biblical miracle in getting my 83 y/o (w/high blood pressure) stubborn as hell father to agree. He should be in the high priority category, but he hasn't been contacted yet for dose #1. So I asked the nurse as I was getting my shot this morning about his status on the list. My nurse went to talk to the head nurse at the mass vaccination site and I could hear bits of their conversation. Head nurse
  7. Say an author publishes some poems and then a rock group takes one of his published poems and incorporates it into a song (without permission). I assume this would be a clear infringement of the author's original copyright. Say an author publishes a declaration header for an API in a book or trade journal and then a software company incorporates that header into a software package. Is this analogous to the poem appropriation example?
  8. My links to the original source materials are all expired/dead, but back in 2016, The Blaze claimed Gaddafi was rolled because he was planning on (re)establishing the gold dinar: https://www.pmbug.com/threads/intervention-in-libya-was-largely-about-gold-rickards-tells-future-money-trends.464/post-31813 They reference one of Hillary's emails from Sidney Blumenthal sent April 2, 2011.
  9. I had to re-read (skimming) this thread to remember all the legal issues at play. Sorry 2x, but I had to laugh when reading post #246 on page 5.
  10. Nice to see Polka Dot jumping a bit. As someone who doesn't really follow crypto news, it all seems so random why one shitcoin outperforms others on a given day.
  11. I said F it a while ago and invested my PS5 budget in bitcoin.
  12. You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat.
  13. Correct. I installed the app, but I don't get any menu option for it. From what I read, only some Paypal customers were granted access.
  14. Supposedly Paypal had launched some facility for Paypal users to buy bitcoin a few months ago, but it doesn't seem like they opened that facility up to all PayPal users. I couldn't figure out how to access it anyway.
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