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  1. The chart was specific to nat gas in Europe. It's just this war and that lying son of a bitch Putin.
  2. If their replacement offer of the cheaper model is functionally equivalent, then it appears to me that they are fulfulling their obligation under the warranty. If the cheaper model isn't functionally equivalent, you should be able to press them on that issue. Did the model you bought have any special features (functionality)?
  3. That's fine. I was just pointing out that there is a difference between a monetary phenomenon ([hyper/]inflation) and a market phenomenon (supply shock). The first is a deep rooted issue. The latter could/should be transitory (relatively).
  4. You might try searching the borg mind (internet) for the model number and "warranty" to find the details. I would think you will need that if you want to turn the screws on them.
  5. Hamlin being executed in front of her because of Jimmy's cartel connections was her come to Jesus moment about the path she was on. She was delusional about a lot of things before that wake up call.
  6. It's not really hyperinflation so much as geopolitical imposed supply shock.
  7. Remember back to when Kim first broke things off with Saul. Kim was done with the lying and scamming. In her heart, she wanted to help people, not hurt them. Hamlin dying set her over the edge. She told Jimmy that she couldn't be with him anymore because he was what he was. When he heard what Kim had done (confession), he realized the game was over. He had been harboring delusions that he could work things out with Kim within the parameters of the game up to that point. He loves Kim and realized there was only one path to redemption in her eyes. To become the honest man that she yearned for. He sacrificed his frredom to win her love and respect. *** That finally was awesome. Excellent use of flashbacks with cameos to round out the story. Nothing gratuitous.
  8. What does the warranty say? What terms does it declare?
  9. In a sane and rational world, the calculus seems like a no brainer. But then you look at the insanity of the Russians shelling a nuke plant in Ukraine with intent to unleash a nuclear disaster and consider the hostory of Europe and the long game calculus isn't so cut and dried. The world got very, very lucky with Chernobyl.
  10. Watch Bahubali (parts 1 & 2) if you liked RRR. Thank me later.
  11. Is that because people are buying more, or because buying less shit costs more?
  12. Been almost a week since I did some word puzzles... Wordle 422 6/6 Well, that sucked. How embarrassing. Daily Quordle 203 quordle.com Much better.
  13. page 7: https://battlebots.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/BattleBots-Design-Rules-Rev.2020.0.pdf
  14. I was shocked, surprised and impressed that Pain Train lasted the full 3 minutes. Ribbot still looking very strong. The final round is going to be some fun fights I think.
  15. Only two, huh? Bastard. Wordle 417 6/6 Fuck you, wordle. Daily Quordle 198 quordle.com meh. missed guess #4.
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