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  1. I don't know if Hypershock really improved that much, or if their opponents were just really Pain Train levels of inept. Maybe some of both but the Madcatter fight makes me think Hypershock may have finally got their shit together.
  2. Wordle 412 4/6 <whatthefuck.gif> One letter exposed after 3 guesses. Wow. Daily Quordle 193 quordle.com I was so pissed after missing guesses on bottom right that I totally flubbed last guess on top right. F it. Quordle continues it's vexing ways. I probably should have done these this morning while sober instead of now after a few beers. Oops.
  3. Once I saw the bracket, I predicted the winner of every fight to the semifinal. Two fights were very entertaining (extreme destruction), but none were particularly competitive. Looks like Ribbot going to win next week.
  4. That's my expectation as well. They are working hard to enmesh themselves with govco.
  5. Coinbase stock up 35% on news of a partnership with Blackrock to offer crypto trading to Blackrock's institutional clients.
  6. Wordle 411 3/6 Second guess gave me great info. I knew what the first two letters had to be. Really narrowed the possibilities. Daily Quordle 192 quordle.com Quordle still vexing me.
  7. Wordle 410 4/6 Damn. So sure I had it on 3. Daily Quordle 191 quordle.com Top right vexes me. I'm terribly vexed.
  8. Wordle 409 4/6 Damn. I was so sure I had it on 3. Then I was WTF? for a while before I saw it. Daily Quordle 190 quordle.com I thought guess #7 was a coin flip with only 2 words possible. I was very surprised when I realized that the answer was a 3rd possibility I hadn't considered.
  9. It's quite possible that I read the OP and did not understand the intended implied context (not explicitly stated and I'm not watching much cable news or reading a whole lot of CR these days). "Elites" to my understanding of the word generally meant people that purported to do unto others moreso than doing unto themselves: the political class, the rich/oligarchs (pupper masters), ivory tower academia, etc.
  10. Her work (acting on Star Trek) was ground breaking and she seemed like she was all class from what little I have seen of her interviews and such. She seemed really grounded and cool.
  11. It starts Thursday. My DVR is set and I'm looking forward to some new robot fighting times. I just re-read that description and it's not clear if the final episode is a championship tournament bracket or a multi-bot free for all. My mind boggles at the thought of 8 bots in the arena at once going ham.
  12. He's a subpar wizard, there has to be a twist
  13. Maybe. Law is a funny thing. The language has to be precise. Your bullet point beliefs seem reasonable on the surface, but how do you propose to realize them? That's where the rubber meets the road. The balancing of competing interests such as statism vs. liberty is in the details. The founders of our country wanted much for our country too, but they were quite sober about the dangerous nature of governments when trying to mete out a template for our nation.
  14. Wife and I started watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Korean series that seems reminiscent of Atypical and Monk. It's fairly enjoyable for what it is with humor and heart.
  15. I don't know what you and 52-80 are arguing about and I don't really care but 20 going to 80 isn't just "roughly doubled".
  16. Wordle 408 3/6 Back on track. Daily Quordle 189 quordle.com First 3 words were super easy thanks to starter word clues. Last word took me a hot minute.
  17. So apparently the devs have set a tentative date for The Merge (ETH to ETH2) for mid September. Some chatter: https://news.bitcoin.com/the-merge-could-cause-ethereum-chain-split-sparks-pos-delay-discussions/ https://ambcrypto.com/ethereum-eth-all-you-should-know-about-the-full-impact-of-its-merge-reveal/
  18. Benefit of consumers? What are you buying that's cheap?
  19. Wordle 403 4/6 Rats. Missed it (on #3) by *that* much. Daily Quordle 184 quordle.com Top row nearly locked my brain up. Stared at both of them for far too long before seeing the words in my head.
  20. Some are. But kids also like to socialize in party chats while they play different games. YMMV.
  21. Don't know how old the kids are, but they are going to want to play with their friends.
  22. Wordle 402 3/6 Excellent. Clues in the second guess really narrowed the possibilities. Daily Quordle 183 quordle.com Flubbed guess #7. It's OK though. I don't have the pretty bell curve (so far?) like you folks...
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