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  1. Last night about 24 hours after my 2nd I started running a slight fever (99.8) but didn’t really feel bad. Went to sleep and it’s gone this morning. My arm wasn’t as sore as the first either, although it swelled a little bit.
  2. Yeah, if I had a ton of non-income cash and no commute, I would definitely like to live some places in California.
  3. And also way less population density than some other states. But we aren’t interested in comparing apples to apples, are we?
  4. I like how they keep comparing Florida as a model against California. Except Florida actually has a higher per capita death rate than California. Ok. I wouldn’t want to live either place myself.
  5. Here’s the censored transcript, hopefully I don’t go to jail for posting it. Btw it’s political. https://www.aier.org/article/great-barrington-declaration-scientists-with-gov-desantis-in-florida/
  6. Ok. I just think it’s funny when people cry on a private message board on the internet that they’re being silenced and censored by another private platform on the internet, just because they can’t spout off whatever bullshit they please without consequences. Party of personal responsibility and all.
  7. Thing is, only one of these things listed has consistently lied and cried about a fire in a crowded theater, which led to an attempted insurrection of our government. The other thing is, 60 to 70 percent of us are really fucking tired of you snowflakes whining about your victimhood and how everyone else gets special treatment. Just shut the fuck up and hug your bootstraps.
  8. Stop whining and crying about my whining and crying! MOM! Jesus this gets ridiculous sometimes.
  9. Here's a similar image of PINS - you can see at about the 20 to 40 mile marker between the larger red lines, where the big change is. Little Shell and Big Shell. On either side of that is the same. The smaller red marks are the entrance to PINS and the end at Mansfield Cut.
  10. In regard to reading the surf, on Matagorda where @fattyflattie and I were talking about earlier, having google earth images helps a lot. You can see on this image, in between the red marks, which are at about 7 miles from the beach entrance, down to about 13, the barrier island is about 1/4 mile thicker than the area on either side. That means it's either higher in elevation, or a harder composition that hasn't eroded as much. That's why the wade guts are deeper there. I've found the same thing on PINS, if you look at images and find variances where the barrier island changes, or where ol
  11. 2nd Pfizer shot yesterday afternoon. 16 hours later, no effects so far. My arm isn’t nearly as sore as the first shot either.
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