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  1. The fact that you took it in the ass and paid for it, isn’t my problem. The fact that you’re stupid enough to tout that as a benefit, is.
  2. I don’t blame anybody except the dickheads that trade our retirement accounts and reap capital gains at way less than regular income. Thanks Reagan.
  3. Lower the Medicare benefits to 55, increase the pay in to $1 million, see how many new jobs are created.
  4. Being in a “frat” just means you can’t make it on your own., you need questionable connections and queer initiation things. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  5. But, but, but….my pillow!
  6. You can’t supercharge a tiny penis. It just doesn’t work.
  7. Exactly. Create distrust in everything, sow discontent, profit. Fucking carpetbaggers even 120 years later.
  8. Here’s the other rub. All the people that say big government is evil and can’t be trusted? Well in 1929 that may have been the case, but I’ve lived through 3 “potential depressions” and come out OK. I still have a job, and my kids are eating and doing ok, so all the “socialist” stuff you cry about that has been put in place seems to be working ok. Can we do better? Sure. But not by tearing everything down.
  9. The timing of all these crashes is just exquisite. I started college in 1984, crash in 1987, job market sucked when I graduated. The 1990s were good (thanks a lot, Clinton), had kids in ‘96 and ‘98 and started my good earning years, crash in 2000. Wiped out half of my retirement savings. Repeat in 2008. Now, I was magically close to the number I needed to retire and bam! I’m gonna have to work until I die, unless we get some quality nationalized healthcare.
  10. Bitcoin and gold, and my pillow.
  11. Sometimes dragging a bit of the Big Texan with you to Clayton NM. makes NM suck a little less. But not much less. Still sucks.
  12. Strippers should just have a QR code tag hanging off their g strings so you can Venmo.
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