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  1. They could probably sell more if instead of true action figures, they had Pez design them as Ivermectin suppository dispensers.
  2. That was partly my point, even if it weren't funded by a sinister group, the disinformation could have been planted/spread by a bad actor. I'm bringing this up, because the "crisis" has been front and center not only on the Fox national shows, but also every single day on the local Fox affiliates. Almost like it was planned.
  3. In this timeline, I'd be interested to find out if the right-wing (GOP or Rupert Murdoch) financed this latest run to the border by Haitian refugees. Certainly curious that it has come to a head during the first year of the Biden admin.
  4. Until I zoomed in, it looked like the KKK had taken over construction.
  5. The beautiful thing about this juxtaposition is, I bet your farts would smell about the same after eating either of those.
  6. In all fairness I like these murder threads too. They make me and my lampshades feel a little more normal.
  7. So are most republicans and antivaxxers. You aren’t vaccinated against being a complete shitheap though. I don’t think the FDA has approved that.
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