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  1. Yes, they were. If only every American voter were listening.
  2. They aren't good and never have been good. Practically non-existent. It is known. However this is about doing the right thing and hoping that it exposes the GOP for the corrupt immoral shitbags they've been acting like, so maybe the voting public might also do the right thing in the next few elections.
  3. Maybe, but it feels like arguing about whether the toilet paper roll is hanging the right way, while the kids are shitting all over the bath mat.
  4. If my wife says she wants a farmhouse sink I'll say "OK" and buy her this.
  5. Well regardless, it could all be cleared right up if Parnas were allowed to testify, right?
  6. I think I'll title it "Death of a NanoPuff".
  7. Anything is a dildo if you’re brave stupid enough.
  8. So what happens to the $20K go fund me now? Maybe they can use it for doctor bills.
  9. Yeah not a great product name. Sounds like granny tit porn. "oh yeah, sonny, shoot it all over my nana puffs!"
  10. You do for the Porsche to drop them at the daycare!
  11. Dammit, fellas, stop arguing against the article! It's clearly a plant written to keep people from moving to Houston. Don't ruin it!
  12. Well yes, particularly when one party engages in blatant gerrymandering and other forms of voter suppression, not only allows but encourages and participates in foreign interference in our elections, including illegal campaign funding, has their own propaganda TV network, and then spreads their ass cheeks in our faces and says "nothing you can do about it". So yeah you're partially correct. 1/2 of the two party system is hindering the ability to correct it.
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