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  1. I always thought if you wanted to put Waffle House or Denny's out of business, just require customers to pass a breathalyzer before entering.
  2. I also considered Waffle House, not because of the food but statistically you're more likely to get in a kerfuffle. there.
  3. Stop pretending you give a shit about decorum and respect. "I learned it from YOU, Dad!"
  4. There isn’t anything much closer, aside from those already mentioned Bella’s at the corner of Westgate and Slaughter is good, and there’s actually a decent taqueria in the gas station at Brodie and Davis.
  5. Not to mention living with rats and vermin on the west coast. Good times.
  6. I’m not looking forward to having my boils lanced after a hard day of pulling a boat upstream. I take it you’ve read both Undaunted Courage and the diaries? Amazing stuff. Imagine burning 7000 calories a day.
  7. Btw, I am not drinking, and I should probably just report your shitposting dumb ass. I’m gonna do that, but I’ll also ask them to have mercy on the less mentally fortunate.
  8. Will do, captain. Why don’t you go scout for some more taint to lick.
  9. The only one whining about shit is you, ya gaping pussy.
  10. Fix that aggie tower over there while you're at it.
  11. Camp DuBois, 1803. I'm going on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  12. They have outdoor seating, I drive by there every weekend but haven’t had the occasion to pick something up yet.
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