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  1. That's why I asked. Aside from the Afghanistan discussion above, I don't know of any his policies that were malicious enough to garner "hate".
  2. Not sure where you got those GDP numbers but they appear wrong. https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/FRA/france/gdp-gross-domestic-product Not that you care. Oh and fuck the French.
  3. Yeah, like that one lady said, if they’re so worried about their finances they should get a second job or just work harder.
  4. That's a healthy looking buck. Doe could use a sammich or two.
  5. So basically pulverized deviled eggs. Just wrap the damned deviled egg in the bread.
  6. He’s only got that one antler. Deformed on the other side due to some injury. I may go ahead and take him if he lets me, and have him mounted. Been following him for three years now since he’s been like that. His shed from 3 years ago is posted earlier on this thread. Cool old boy.
  7. Neither are any of the other things that republicans are screaming about. “Socialism” means total state or collective ownership of the means of production, as opposed to private ownership. “Welfare” or “entitlements” for the olds, poor and sick and needy? Not socialist. Fire departments, cops, EMTs, public roads? Not socialist. Voter education efforts, public research funding, public television and radio? Not socialist. Subsidizing agriculture or industry, “bailouts” in times of trouble, even? Nope, not socialist. Emergency disaster funding and management? Not socialist. Public schools? Not socialist. State protection of banks and financial infrastructure? Not socialist. Regulations that don’t involve government owning the means of production? Nope, nope and nope! You can argue that any of these functions are not the proper role of government but if you put those arguments in terms of “capitalist” vs. “socialist” terms, you don’t know what any of the words you just said actually mean.
  8. Especially when California’s law is more strict than Texas. Parliament, why don’t you tell us what the law is in Ohio? Give you a hint, it’s more liberal than California.
  9. Not really. I just think it funny they’re so triggered by Nancy and Adam.
  10. Johnny Gs meat market on manchaca does but I’ve never had one done there.
  11. Also some interesting stuff happens. Here a fight broke out over a chicken sandwich.
  12. A couple of nice bucks on my place out west of town here.
  13. Curious why this proposition from five years ago is suddenly “news” in right-wing circles.
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