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  1. It got buried on January 6, so almost 3 months. My buddy said he didn’t prep at all, just buried it up to the horns in his fenced backyard and covered around it with rocks so no critters would get it. Post 709 was what it looked like just killed.
  2. Yeah, that was him - after he left our company he moved up to northeast Texas.
  3. Leeroy was a Navy P-3 pilot. And has been a volunteer fireman for a long time.
  4. Dry cleaning aside I think the issue in places like NYC is a lot of people don’t have washers and dryers in apartments. Those panties aren’t going to wash themselves.
  5. Julia Childs should starts. Home Depot of all places has some decent cookware for the price. Got this as a gift and it works great. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Crock-Pot-Artisan-13-in-Rectangle-Enameled-Cast-Iron-Casserole-Dish-985100805M/310938036 They have a lot of enameled cast iron.
  6. My euro mount got dug up out of the dirt today. Ready for the peroxide treatment, if any can be found. This was from that buck with the gimp leg, that my buddy’s son shot for me. I saved the busted leg too.
  7. I heard the same about Matagorda, the county made that decision, partly for the reasons you gave and partly to keep their employees safe. There are private ramps still open that the “public” can use.
  8. Matagorda not only closed the public ramps, they closed off the beach too. For vehicles anyway. LCRA park and everything is shut down.
  9. Do you get paid in dollars or just suck it because you like it?
  10. I look forward to this presidents funeral procession, when millions of Americans line the streets, middle fingers held high in a final salute.
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