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  1. You took a wrong turn, texags is the other way.
  2. It’s like dead Elvis shit out dead John Wayne.
  3. Cool. I was somewhat sheltered growing up in a small town, but I had 4 older siblings so our house was pretty much a pre-k. We actually homeschooled our kids. Which is kind of a misnomer, they spent a lot of time class settings, 4H academies etc.
  4. Maybe I’m old fashioned but in what world do 3 year olds go to “school”? What does that look like? Serious question, not ragging on you.
  5. Tell America that ivankas hair doesn’t smell terrific, it smells like Jared’s armpit.
  6. Practical talk. I can’t get my employees to Alaska because they have to have a negative test within 72 hours before traveling. They can’t get past Eileson without a 14 day quarantine. End result, Russia wins.
  7. I’m not sad this shitty excuse of a texags thread has died, along with its premise. I won’t wish that you do us the same courtesy, but I’ll damn well think it. You seem like a shitty human being.
  8. I’m more interested in your both sides opinion on what we do when all of the above happens?
  9. People like this is why I’m a huge 2nd amendment supporter.
  10. I deserved it. Shit has me pretty edgy these days. My tolerance level is zero.
  11. Anyway it’s all good. Think we can agree that overkill is worse than the cure.
  12. Apparently. Went out of my way to post it. Not like you.
  13. Sorry if some shit makes you uncomfortable, Karen. Maybe texags is the website for you.
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