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  1. Was Bottas pushing Hamilton during the race? If so, he might have cost the team an easy 1 - 2.
  2. Wow. Hamilton survived!!!
  3. You still had 20 minutes to ride. I never got tired of that view when I worked there.
  4. Goofyboy

    Shit My Kid Says

    My son comes down after being in bed for a little bit (reading National Geographic - How Things Work) and he’s crying. He proceeds to tell us the sun is going to explode one day and that while he won’t be around, what’s the point of life and that everything is meaningless. Seriously... my 9 year old had an existential crisis. He asked why are we here. He wants to know the meaning of life.... at 9. Lots of fun at 9:45 at night.
  5. Lando is awesome. This is his helmet this weekend, designed by a 6 year old named Eva. She won a contest.
  6. Subway was my choice of food. Subway and a 12 pack.
  7. No. He’s the greatest Of this era. Schumacher was the best at his time. Technology changes, as well as the cars. GOAT arguments are impossible.
  8. What happened to Lando? I thought I heard he got stuck on Pit Lane and that was sorta it for his race today. Hamilton lapping the whole field is awesome. He left Max in the dust. Love watching him drive.
  9. We are going with the flow of Fort Bend ISD. As long as the district says home school, my company will let me be remote. My son and school do not get along, so being home is awesome for us.
  10. Norris with 5th!!! That was a great drive by him all the way to the end. [emoji122][emoji122]
  11. Ferrari retiring is awesome!! They cannot keep from fucking up
  12. Lewis a full 1.2 seconds faster in the rain. That was awesome. HAAS has Ferrari power and a guy that loves to crash. That’s not a good combo
  13. That’s them. I messed up the spelling. I have a few friends that got picked up over there.
  14. Barnett on Spring Mountain is a great place to go. It’s reservation only. The tasting is in front of their cellar and over looks the valley. The wine is damn good.
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