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  1. Merc coming out with their new steering setup has everyone up in arms. The bitching is starting already.
  2. Bought new jeans yesterday. I’m solidly in a size 34, which I know changes from brand to brand, but damn it’s nice to be back down to a reasonable size.
  3. Nice neighborhood. Bellaire or Rice?
  4. Alpha is testing livery only. Not sure what they are going with for the year
  5. Depends on if your doctor thinks they may be allergic. It’s all fun and games until your 2 year old says his mouth is hot and begins throwing up profusely after 1/2 a peanut. Trip to the ER and luckily no epi pen needed. We’ve been epi pen carriers ever since and start OIT Monday. So, maybe she / they should consult their doctor. My apologies for the hi-jack
  6. Renault current car launch:
  7. Goofyboy

    Shit My Kid Says

    Got this from my kids main teacher this evening: Today in class: Son - *throws ball across class out of nowhere * Female Teacher - "see this is why I don't have balls!" *immediate internal groan * Son - "well that's not true. You don't have balls because..." Teacher - “STOP! I get it. Anyway..." He’s 8.
  8. 3 is like two, but with intent. At two, they are just throwing a fit and most of the time don’t know why.... at three, they become little assholes.
  9. My wife’s BMW has all of that stuff and all of it except the blind spot notification on the side mirrors is shut off.
  10. I played the micro stocks... made some money... gave it all back. It’s fun while it lasts. To the youngster... if you’re in mutual funds / index funds, buy more. Blood in the streets and all.
  11. Wife is going to some construction show in March for work. I’m flying out that Friday afternoon. I was thinking for Saturday to go and shoot guns. Which place has the best deal / coolest shit? Wife wants to shoot a .50. Thanks!
  12. Aggy Corp does not = ROTC. You can be in the aggy Corp and not go to the military after. It’s a fraternity that plays dress up. http://aggypedia.com/wiki/The_Corps_of_Cadets
  13. Goofyboy

    Truck Nuts

    It doesn’t look to be a bubble like the Blazer. It has potential.
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