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  1. Got my ass kicked. They lied on multiple pages that I was running for the treasurer position and that was not true. The board can move around positions as needed after the vote. Then the president and one of the guys that runs one of the FB pages said I was not qualified to be treasurer. The guy that ran the page had no clue what the treasurer responsibilities were. The old guy that does it just reads a report from the management company. After 5 days of the false info being up, he deletes all posts that have people correcting him. Oh, well, it was a fun run. I hope everyone enjoYs their new tennis court and higher fees.
  2. I need to look around more while I’m driving through the hood. [emoji16][emoji16]
  3. Pretty fucked if you’re concerned about all of those things and looking at a Range Rover Sport. Get a damn good warranty, and good luck.
  4. Yep. I forgot what year I won Beginner men’s. The club is still around and having two events a year. Not a lot of old timers are left though.
  5. Got this for Christmas a few years back. They are on Amazon. It’s fast and fun, but needs flat water.
  6. If it’s the cove I’m thinking of, I used to take folks back there so they could swim and get hammered. I drove one of the ski boats for Lakeway for a summer job.
  7. The smaller ones are crap in rough waters. I’ll get a pic of mine this weekend at my lake house.
  8. I’m running for our board. I was told yesterday if I’m voted on the current President will quit. I’d be replacing the guy that always votes with her to spend money. She’s having another neighbor post all kinds of inaccurate information on the neighborhood FB pages. Those that have been on an HOA - is this normal? There are some folks seriously mad that I pointed out the guy I’m running against voted to raise our dues. One of the other board members is having pictures posted of her home (back yard), that someone copied from her private FB page. People are nuts.
  9. You’re talking to the best Men’s Beginner Wakeboard champ in Houston (2004ish). I’ve landed an flip. I do not flip or spin. I quit trying 12 years ago after I turned 30. Crashes really started hurting. I still love to ride, though.
  10. I remember when the SANTE came out and it was around $70k. As far as wakeboard go, that one stock with 1000 lbs of lead threw one of the best wakes I’ve ever ridden. With all the wakesurfers now, boats have gotten bigger and the tech has gotten insane.
  11. I hope so. I read a snippet somewhere that Norris might be trying to be more serious. I think a big part of his draw is that he’s fun and a really good driver.
  12. They should use the Ponchos method at buffets. Go through the line, get served food and go to your table. Once there, raise your flag and get 12 more enchiladas...
  13. I don’t see Hamilton going to Ferrari until Merc pulls out of F1. He’s set with a winning team and car.
  14. Goofyboy

    Truck Nuts

    I have a 2017 Tundra TRD Pro. I hate the head lights. Any recommendations for a good LED replacement??
  15. Management company has a patrol. It just comes off as heavy handed.
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