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  1. Motley Crue / Poison at Minute Maid park on August 19. Should be fun.
  2. Sometimes being a tourist is really fun and informative. Hit up a gold mine outside of Denver. Kiddo had a blast.
  3. We got out there early and tailgated till 6 and got in line. Beer lines were also shit.
  4. Wife and I took the kid to Red Rocks with us this weekend. Bucket list item for us and he really enjoyed it. He just started guitar and this was his first big show.
  5. Turnpike at Red Rocks was awesome. That is an amazing concert venue.
  6. Well that was awesome. Red rocks is amazing. The kid before Reckless Kelly and Turnpike.
  7. Being from Houston - I had never had to use public transportation except one time in Munich. So, figuring out the massive amount of options from the airport and Amsterdam Central took a little practice.
  8. Same. Did two separate work trips to Amsterdam and the people were really nice. Had to have a couple locals help me with the trains / trams.
  9. Any articles that neglect record profits across industries is not telling the whole story.
  10. I never said they didn’t work. I said they had a massive leg up on the world. Maybe it sounds better if I say they had a head start over the majority of the world.
  11. Then you’re trying to hard to believe there is anyone with any sense of science or understanding running the republicans. Louisiana has a bill ready to go outlawing miscarriages and IUDs. [emoji2373]
  12. Oh, we’ve been through this? I missed that. Obviously nothing has changed.
  13. You’ve been terribly brain washed. Every single billionaire you worship had a massive leg up on the world.
  14. Equity is more than just a single number. Good god man. How do you not understand that?
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