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  1. What is the target for TSNP? All of the GME talk and I can’t find the consensus on TSNP. Thanks for the help!!
  2. The only thing I had to replace on mine is the wheels on the seat. The rest of the thing is solid.
  3. Same. Get on the water, flip switches, drink a beer, then ride.
  4. Same for me. I watched with my son, who is 9. He watched the whole speech by Biden. He saw the differences. It was a great moment.
  5. Dry suit with sweats underneath. Other than feet, hand and head, the rest of your body stays warm. I’ve ridden in 50 degree water and 48 air temp and was fine. It was worth the glassy water back then.
  6. I have a water rower. I have only had to replace the seat wheels once. It is quiet and stores upright. I’ll take a pic of it in my gym tomorrow. https://www.waterrower.com/us/shop/natural-rowing-machine.html
  7. Welcome to the club. I’ve had mine for 54,000 miles and still love it.
  8. I was looking at used sports cars. When I was looking, I was in love with the R8. However, the transmission repair that most sites said would need to be done at some point is north of $10k and is probably more now. You can get some used R8’s for $100k or so. Keeping them running is a whole other expense.
  9. Looks like a hacktivist snatched a whole bunch of information from Parler. https://gizmodo.com/every-deleted-parler-post-many-with-users-location-dat-1846032466
  10. Wouldn’t you think that after the first 30 - 40 get shot, the rest would run? I’m talking about the rest of the traitors staring down the real military. How many would stay?
  11. Can some one repost the link to that moderate GOP or new middle right political platform?? It was a long post, but, being on tapa, it’s a pain to hunt down.
  12. This is a lot of people I know. Maybe the GOP primaries becomes really important. All incumbents must go... new folks better not be insane fascists?
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