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  1. those "surgical" masks don't do anything to stop a virus
  2. Your Privileged uSer Access Controls suck. You should have tools in place that deny access based on policy and your SAP data should be backed to a secure site and encrypted so even if they exfil your data...who cares.
  3. Hatch: we have been using the "Rest" as a white noise machine and have been unimpressed with the light feature, well the wife is not happy with it an d this is her department so no fucks given by me.
  4. way ahead of you. All door knobs are traditional knobs and everyone they have access to has one of those spinning do-hickeys on it. She did stick her fingers into the opening and manage to lock herself into her brothers room last night. As it happened I had my impact driver out and simply took the knob apart to free her.
  5. little girl is in her Big Kids bed and loving it, waiting her twin brother BKB to arrive. not sure he really cares or is completely ready.
  6. Bill Murray, at SXSW Black Angles show. Ann Richards: Eagles at Texas Memorial Stadium back in the day. we in the same row and she gave me the stink eye, I was also wigging out on E.
  7. next2naus

    Huey Lewis

    I think he's done just fine
  8. it's not cheap because Jacks is nice and prefers the thin margins, it's cheap because the goods are usually not meant for this market, or are expired, or are counterfeit.
  9. My kids will get my fathers firearms from his youth. An old breakdown 22 that he taught me to shoot on and I will teach them. No real cash value, just sentimental. His old "Skybuster" 12 gauge too. His Navy uniform and dog tags, funny thing...we lot of items from his time in the Navy but you when you search on his dog tag #, nothing returns and his name is spelled incorrect on it, adds the myth that my dad may have also worked for a certain 3 letter agency. they will get my Bronco thats it otherwise besides some stones that the wife will pass on
  10. that kitchen is tiny as is that bathroom, I mean small.
  11. Like Filthadelphia? or that little college town to the north? I don't disagree that Manhattan today takes money but I know many people that live well and do it opn far less than the min $10m you suggest.
  12. Five minutes from the kids school, no car time. I work from home and wife doesn't work. Grow sack and stop acting out.
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