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  1. as long as you're doing two chicks at the same time, does location matter? (not a anal pun either)
  2. fat ass Ribeye tonight and Wings in the Airfryer tomorrow. simple
  3. what's your fav/best recipe and use for that thing? i just got one
  4. political rant.....I wonder is a better system of health care would help? It probably would but that would all people paying (being taxed) for it and mot Americans are selfish fucks and fear "free loaders"....end scene.
  5. "Why didn't they tase him? Why didn't they shoot him with a rubber bullet?" Barton told the station. "He's a small child. Why don't you just tackle him? You are big police officers with massive amounts of resources." Cops used to be tough, mentally and physically. Now they are by and large just strong guys who like to look tacticool and shoot people rather that get hurt while de-escalating a situation. it's all about getting home w/out a scratch and telling the story.
  6. this why I will keep my '76 Bronco as DD option. Even I can fix it. this is more than a Farmer and Consumer issue...the Military is fucked by this as well. the old "Motor Pool" is mostly contractors and not the actual MIL fixing their own equipment. So we are paying double for the same work and it comes with limitations, like not being in theater. https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/even-the-american-military-is-struggling-with-right-to-1841531517
  7. We have the girl potty trained but the boy refuses and won't give up the diapers. I think we will simply put him in undies over the weekend and deal with it. School starts in a week
  8. We are on an acre so we have yard and the basement is a finished room that's about 900 sq ft of kids crap. it's still not easy. Need pre-School to start up and run for as long as it can
  9. You fucking pussies. try having twin toddlers (3YO) in the time of Covid and taking the shirt seriously as we are in NY. there is no where to take them on a rainy day. wife is a clean freak germaphobe. good times. video watching has increased.
  10. there will be a correction, and there has been on the higher end units. As example, inventory in the Hamptons is flying off the shelf if its under $3m, the larger props in the $10m range plus and minus are stagnant as thats still a lot of money. I rented a house in EH for June and July, the owner put in on the market for $1.8m, which was an ambitious price and got $2.2m within a month and one showing. He has been trying to sell it for years. it needs at least $500k in work (needs a new pool badly). the market is weird. where we live the market is up around 50-60%. I've dumped/invested money into upgrading my house and uts money I would not normally expect to get out of it but right now I bet I could.
  11. The "Rich" are not really leaving, they are merely relocating to other residences. An issue for NYC will be people working remote from their CT, Westchester, Yacht, Hamptons residences and the city losing that 6% tax. Burt you never know, I moved to the burbs two years ago and still pay that tax, it ends up being a wash for me as I deduct it on my Fed Tax and it's a non issue for me cash flow wise. There is a huge exodus w.r.t. to upper middle class (which probably 3%'ers to 1%'ers) moving to the 'burbs. real estate sales are up 50-70% in in neighborhoods that are close to NYC commute wise, DIx Hills (an hour by Car/LIRR), CT (places like Westport, Stamford area, etc) Maplewood NJ, Westchester. This is more driven by Covid getting folks to throw in the towel on the city for more space. We pulled the trigger two years ago knowing it was going to happen at some point so why not do it then.
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