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  1. these are big packages of yeast. good find
  2. Stop being a cheapskate. get the nice dish, it will last and the monies you are not spending on dining out will offset the purchase price.
  3. meh, we have had that shit on door knobs for a long time now.
  4. I have managed to shrink mine, used to have two boxes.
  5. that guy made some killer food, such a drag
  6. "Working on a multimillion dollar order or june that will a needle mover so I'm not freaked out yet." and I've just been informed that I will get fucked on this. this deal will be added to my overall Quota. So I will make some nice accelerator $ for the Quarter, it won;t retire a big chunk of my annual number. the Europeans who run my business are socialist fucks.
  7. I work for a large Security company and a portion of our business is Secure Remote Access and IAM. Apparently that business is booming, we wisely prioritized their orders over the Crypto business I'm in. it's the right thing to do. After coming in at damn near 300% of my number last CY/FY I'm gonna post less than a $100k in business this Q. it's not that I'm lazy/bad or the business is off. We changed our SFDC instance, quoting, finance systems, everything as we merged two companies together and integrated into a larger BU in the greater empire we live it. what a fucking mess. I have $ in the bank and as I don't have my comp plan or quota yet...who cares. Getting paid 70% OTE on draw as well. Working on a multimillion dollar order or june that will a needle mover so I'm not freaked out yet.
  8. get a script for whatever "buterol" your doc recommends and buy a Nebulizer, they cost $50
  9. that looks fun except I'd have to listen to your drunk ramblings about the Cowboys being a good football team
  10. You can put off elective procedures anywhere, the staffing issues that rural towns face are the same pandemic or not. thats the risk of living in rural/remote places.
  11. yes and no. In NYC they are asked Hospitals and Patients to defer all elective procedures to free up resources. Elevating some medical students (MD's and RN) to active status along with those who has exited the workforce to take up the sack on some duties (once a Phlebotomist always a Phlebotomist ). It's not impossible or black and white. lots of ins, lot of outs, lots or what have you's.
  12. added some Buckshot and Slugs to the shelf yesterday. I'm well armed but I might add another long Arm for the wife. (pun) I needed to stop by the grocery store and everything there was fine. Sort of same situation it's been for a couple weeks. lack of Paper Towel, shit-tickets, any sort of antibacterial wipes, etc. Overnight there has been a run on groceries on Long Island, I tend to shop on Friday AM and it's great because no one is there. this AM the store was out of all Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork short of some rando cuts and sausages. The checkout line was about an hour. Fortunately they started to restock the meats as I was in line so I could run down the isale and grab some items. All stuff I'd normally shop for. Local Schools are are closed, some just to be deep cleaned and some for the next two to three weeks.
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