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  1. like this new Hamilton song too.
  2. self induced penile regurgitation. makin stomach pancakes. adjusting the antenna. firing off some knuckle children. shoot a lil putty at the moon.
  3. why dont we do a draft for fun. see what happens. run some simulations of the season. something. anything.
  4. why do you say that? by all accounts dan is a pretty big family man.
  5. imagine a snowy world series in minnesota.
  6. 81 game (or less) season will be interesting for fantasy.
  7. man corby static needs to be fixed or they will lose listeners and fall behind the fan in the ratings. this is hard to listen to.
  8. here you go. http://www.theunticket.com/rant-audio-2003-to-2005/
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