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  1. There are dozens of us. Dozens!!
  2. Offensive categories only though.
  3. If they are out that might be good. I would like us to expand rosters for the short season. If guys get the covid and are out a few weeks that could kill your team.
  4. legalize gambling and golf ratings will skyrocket.
  5. release radar was stacked today. new pete yorn, toots, kasey chambers, travis, flaming lips, mmj, kathleen edwards, future islands, jayhawks, sufjan, doves. all pretty great.


    can you book karen key largo? or attempt to?
  7. can we get her on the surly podcast?
  8. not necessarily FW proper, but Ocha Thai off rufe snow in richland hills (??) is infuckingcredible. take out only right now but still serving a full menu. ive been hitting them up once a week for lunch. if you like thai curry, this place slams and goes hard.
  9. same draft order or re-draw? same is probably good since we just pushed it back a few months.
  10. So when do we want to draft?
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