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  1. Snyders justice league was good.
  2. I love the trade deadline and that y’all are on board. Looking forward to a no trade season for me.
  3. That whole Bryant Irvin to 20 area has been shit for years. Y’all remember the watermelon incident? they used to launch hot air balloons from mont del over there. Buried my sisters dead hamster over there as a kid. rip holly
  4. Didn’t realize it was a rye until I got to the store today. Bonus points
  5. picked up a huling station store pick too. the GG pick was good, hope this one is as well.
  6. Gotta Venmo the guy. Not pay on the site.
  7. For the squares deal? Or total wine?
  8. i really want to go see tedeschi trucks band, but not sure its worth ticketmaster fees. not sure this one is worth the same amount i paid for my dad to go see springsteen at the drum, 13th row center stage, when he turned 50 in 2000.
  9. Thanks for the rec. Got one for pickup tomorrow.
  10. think it was more the half court trap into the 4th quarter with starters still in while up 40. its private school basketball, coaches excuse was pretty stupid. those kids arent going anywhere. who cares.
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